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I am confused. I have been on 811 for 2 months now and am really enjoying the benefits (more energy, happiness, skin improvements etc). I recently started seeing a dietitian  (who has experience with a raw vegan diet but not specifically 811) to help with my transition and also b/c I have a history of ED.
She did a breakdown of my daily nutrition and found that my fat was ranging from 0-4%. She advised I increase it at least to meet the 10% mark, but even advised going as high as 15-20% in the future. I told her that from my research, I learned that when you have too much fat with a high carb meal, the fat slows down the movement of glucose into the blood stream which (from my understanding) can cause weight gain. Is this correct? SHE told me that it was actually the opposite: when we eat fat along with fruit, the fat slows down the rush of glucose entering the blood which then limits the amount of insulin that is released. She said that when there is TOO much insulin hanging around (ie, when no fat is ingested), this can stimulate weight gain specifically from fat accumulating around the mid section.
Can you help clear up this confusion for me!!
I have started adding in a small amount of overt fats to my evening meal...a small tbsp of tahini, 1/4 avocado or a tbsp of hemp seeds.

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It sounds impossible to have 0% of fat. Most (All?) fruit and vegetables have some fat.

A lot of people do not count fat or protein nutrients from fruit or vegetables. I have seen several food labels recently that obviously seem to be following that. I guess they figure its too small to count and noone is ever going to eat or drink enough for it to matter. 

yeah that's what they say... I know so little about this issue all I can say is at least this is thought to be true.

one of the first results when i googled "lack of dietary fat insulin"


Not sure if that is really a counter argument but her argument doesn't make sense anyway. Time has nothing to do with what actually happens, right?

Let's pretend for a moment that you didn't have a dietician you were seeing, and that you were in the Amazon Rain Forest.... alone and with absolutely nothing but plants and animals around you. You see TONS of Bananas trees... and we will pretend there is a date tree there, too, LOADED with dates! you see some green things on the ground you may or may not know if they are safe to eat. ... In any case.... you manage to climb and grab a banana and some dates, and you pick up some of the greens for the hell of it and you eat them all. You REALLY liked the sweet taste of the banana.... so you go and get more... and since they digest fast, you get hungry a little later and eat MORE.... before you know it you have eaten 30 bananas! and so you begin finding more sweet fruits, you run across an avocado tree, but truly the sweet taste of the bananas and dates got you hooked. happily ever after... yata yata etc..

Now... do you honestly think someone in this situation is going to get fat from just eating what they naturally find appealing when there is no corruption of food sources around? NO.

I am not sure if what I am getting at actually got across to readers, but my overall point is.... Look at Freelee and Durianrider. Look at all the other long-term fruitarians. They have videos of their blood tests. They are some of the healthiest people I know! Your dietician may be right.... she might not. At the end of the day, you need to do what you know makes you feel good on the inside and the outside. FRUIT. I have been doing this for just over half a year now, and I eat lots of fruit, lots of coconut sugar (like 2 pounds a week or so), some veggies, and I eat a cooked high carb vegan dinner at night. I have had great results so far. Trust your body, trust your tongue and listen to your mind when you are eating the fruit and you feel good. If you say you feel great, and say you are looking better... then this should be a no brainer.  Just do it..

Keep it simple... Keep it high carb... and keep it coming!


It's pretty bold of you to work with a nutrtitionist that has no experience with 80/10/10. Why are you doing that, if you don't mind me asking?

Sounds like your run of the mill dietician that believes there is zero protein and fat in fruits and veggies.  :P

Read books from M.D.s that are the premier researchers in the field of nutrition and are promoting a vegan diet...Dean Ornish, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstein, Neal Bernard, John McDougall.  Libraries will have many of them.

And Dr. McGreger has a great site with videos on many topics.


Thanks! Any specific titles that you would recommend?

Your most welcome! :)  This one is excellent:

As for books, The China Study, The Starch Solution, Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  These are some good ones for sure.



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