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Hello! I am saving up for a long (at least 3 month) visit to Thailand  June, 2016. I have very little experience traveling and have to admit I am a bit directionally challenged. I would really really really appreciate a helping hand! Crashing at a friend's place once I reach Thailand (for no more than 2 days) would help me a lot. This way I can collect myself, get food, and feel a little bit more secure. If anyone is living in Chiang Mai (or anywhere in Thailand at that) at this moment and will be there next year, or will be visiting next June, please let me know if you are willing to take me under your wing for a few days! 

Also if anyone will be visiting Thailand next year and you currently live in the Chicago area,please  message me! :) I assume a good amount of people will be in Thailand  around this time next year because of the Thai Fruit Fest. 

p.s if anyone has any useful tips about preparing for Thailand, I would love to hear them! 

Thank you!!

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It's really easier than it seems... I went last year, and did have a few difficulties on the way, but they were awesome learning experiences! 

If I were you I'd catch a taxi from the chiang mai airport. Print out a map ahead of time, with the Marina Inn circled, so you can show the driver where you want to go. Some drivers last year didn't know where the marina was. (Unless you plan to stay somewhere else, either way I'd bring a map to show the taxi driver exactly where you want to go!)

Once you get to the marina, there will be TONS of other vegans, so if you need help with ANYTHING, just ask! 

I'll see you there next year!!!!! :D 

Oh and if you plan to stay at the marina, you'll need to book a room at least a month ahead of time, or earlier, by phone. Most rooms have 2 beds I think, so it would be even cheaper if you find a roommate. 

Hi Nicole, 

Thanks for replying! Those are comforting words, doesn't sound TOO challenging :) I tried searching for Marina Inn online, but couldn't find any price. Do you recall how much it cost to stay per night? Thanks for the useful tips, you're a lifesaver! :D

No problem! They don't have a website or anything - seems like no one knows about it except us vegans lol! It's about 400-600baht/night depending on which room you get... can't remember exactly! Some people also stayed at the royal paneraii (sp?) which is a little bit more expensive

Ha that is so cool, practically a vegan hotel during June ;) 400-600 baht is wonderfully cheap! I really don't mind the condition, as long as I have a place to stay overnight. Have you ever stayed for more than a month? I would love to hear the pros and cons about your stay (:

Hi! I live in Chicago and plan to travel to Thailand next year! Lets talk

Fantastic! I sent you a message. 

Im currently i the stages of planning to go for 3 weeks next year, last week of May first 2 weeks of June. I'll' be a lonesome ranger for the duration as it currently stands.

Where do you reside? I am from michigan and also will be a long ranger as it seems! 

Hey! My connecting flight will most likely be in Chicago, and I am also looking for a travel buddy to the fruit festival! I sent you a friend request so we can talk! 

I am hoping to go next year... i live like 2 hours from sydney, so if anyone else is in the area and wants to go, we should chat ;)

Sounds like fun! I am sure you'll have a good time!

My best tips for Thailand would be: 

*Travel light! Ideally less than 7 kg! 

*Relax - it's very safe there and VERY easy to get around

*If you want the best Durian, get there in May and go to Chanthaburi and/or Koh Chang. Then go to the Thai fruit fest afterwards! 

We have an ebook for sale about traveling to the tropics as a fruit eater, traveling light etc, there are some tips and tricks about Thailand in there as well. Like how to find and transport the best fruit! You can check it out here if you're interested! http://sweetnaturalliving.com/travel-ebook/

Have fun :)


I'm interested to know this as well! This is the first fruit fest I intend on attending this year (I hope to stay the full duration -I think that's three weeks?). More info about exact dates would be helpful. Advice on hotel selections, booking, and maybe even finding a travel partner would all be really helpful as well! 



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