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Anyone up for doing a February raw vegan challenge with me? I thought we could use this discussion for support, motivation, and raw vibes :) I'll post here daily with calories, exercise, sleep, how I'm feeling, etc, and anyone else who wants to join this challenge can feel free to post here daily also! 

What are your goals for this upcoming February?

For me, I want to focus on

  • eating 100% raw, maintaining the 80/10/10 ratios
  • getting enough sleep every night & making sleep a priority
  • really making sure I eat enough calories. At school I find I don't get a lot of time to eat, and this usually leads to me unintentionally under-eating during the day.
  • finding time to exercise/have fun every day
  • being more at peace with myself and my life :)

Here's to a new month filled with new opportunities!

Peace & fruit,

Michelle :)


30BaD note:

Hello fellow fruity friends! :)

Please note that this raw vegan challenge is on the main forum which is for raw food discussion.  Feel free to say if you fell off the raw vegan wagon but please do not list what you ate as those details are not necessary nor helpful for trying to unlearn our cooked ways. ;) 

For those who are in transition or just eating HCCV please feel free to start a discussion and/or challenge in the group: High Carb Cooked Vegan Discussions

Also please note the 30BaD unsupported ingredients list: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

Thanks for your consideration,

The 30BaD Crew

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I only eat dates as a snack and not as a main calorie source in part because of digestive issues and or being too sweet.  

Next time you go shopping, stock up on oranges.  They are always ripe and ready to go.  

Peace, PK

DAY 11!

Calories: 2700

Exercise: none

Sleep: 9hrs

Food: tangerines, orange juice, grapes, bananas, salad (butterleaf lettuce with tomatoes & orange-avocado-basil dressing)

Feelin' good :)

oops, I mean day 12.

Feb 12!

Calories: 4000

Exercise: 4 mile run (tempo - 6:21 pace)

Sleep: 7.5hrs

Food: peaches, bananas, strawberries, avocados, pistachios, and some cooked food, total fruit = 2215

DAY 13!

Calories: 3100

Exercise: none

Sleep: 9hrs

Food: tangerines, orange juice, grapes, orange-mango smoothie

DAY 14!

Calories: 2500

Exercise: 45 minute run-walk

Sleep: 8.5 hrs

Food: tangerines, bananas, banana-orange juice-baby spinach smoothie, carrots & guacamole

Day 15!!!

I am still in, only 13 days until end of february.

Sleep: 6 or 7 hours

Calories: 2400

Exercise: None

Food: Apple, Pears, Kiwis and Oranges

For tomorrow only apple and pears, but get fast stomach pain through pears and get very fast digestion right after eating it. I am not sure if i can eat this often tomorrow.

I really want to go in town tomorrow and eat some cooked stuff and enjoy the day. Its not that i in general dont like to eat raw. I often like it very much, but often i dont feel free with eating only this way and cant eat sometimes vegan. I have some problems, feeling depressed and things. Maybe if you feel well with your environemnt, have many friends and relationship than it works forever. but sometimes i have the point not feeling anymore better. Theres a peak where i feel very good with lot of fruit, very good mood and than its going down even with eating almost enough.

Day 16:

Calories: 3535

Exercise: none

Sleep: 8 hrs - could be better my neighbour annoyes me with his loud music and I hear the Bass sound all the time, and asked him to hear it more quitly for 2 more hours, because he started his party at 8 am on Saturday morning. After it I heared his Bass from the music (and sometimes the music self and the ppl) since 11 am until now still 12 pm, I hate it

Food: most Calories came from Pears (1850) and 1680 from apple

DAY 16!

Calories: 2200

Exercise: A few miles of walking

Sleep: 10.5 hrs

Food: tangerines, orange juice, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, avocado, spinach, kale

DAY 17!

Calories: 3600

Exercise: an hour of hiking

Sleep: 10.5 hrs

Food: strawberries, orange juice, khadrawy dates, a young coconut, kale, carrots

Hey all - i went to myrtle beach for the weekend and didn't end up keeping track of what i ate and the calorie count.  I paced one of my friends for her first marathon and she ended up qualifying for buston by just over 7 minutes :)  i know i ate a mango each day, several bananas and other fruit that i brought along and probably too many avocados.  I haven't been feeling all that swell after i got back though.  Too much cooked food too.  :(  I think i pulled a goin muscle too by sitting in an uncormfortable position in the backseat of the car yesterday as it was hurting terribly when i slept last night.  I have a big race i would like to do well in that's just less than 2 weeks ago, so i am going to assume that diet and training are key factors and i hope to stick with it.  Thinking about doing a daily weight too.



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