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Anyone up for doing a February raw vegan challenge with me? I thought we could use this discussion for support, motivation, and raw vibes :) I'll post here daily with calories, exercise, sleep, how I'm feeling, etc, and anyone else who wants to join this challenge can feel free to post here daily also! 

What are your goals for this upcoming February?

For me, I want to focus on

  • eating 100% raw, maintaining the 80/10/10 ratios
  • getting enough sleep every night & making sleep a priority
  • really making sure I eat enough calories. At school I find I don't get a lot of time to eat, and this usually leads to me unintentionally under-eating during the day.
  • finding time to exercise/have fun every day
  • being more at peace with myself and my life :)

Here's to a new month filled with new opportunities!

Peace & fruit,

Michelle :)


30BaD note:

Hello fellow fruity friends! :)

Please note that this raw vegan challenge is on the main forum which is for raw food discussion.  Feel free to say if you fell off the raw vegan wagon but please do not list what you ate as those details are not necessary nor helpful for trying to unlearn our cooked ways. ;) 

For those who are in transition or just eating HCCV please feel free to start a discussion and/or challenge in the group: High Carb Cooked Vegan Discussions

Also please note the 30BaD unsupported ingredients list: http://www.30bananasaday.com/notes/Ingredients_and_photos_not_suppo...

Thanks for your consideration,

The 30BaD Crew

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Have you considered joining the Banana Girls on Facebook? :)

Yes :) I'm actually a member! I just thought it would be fun to log on here instead, especially since I don't go on facebook too often

For someone like me (who HATES bananas most of the time unless blended,) this sounds way more doable and fun!  I am in.  RAW 80-10-10, Sleep, Move and breath Peace!  Definitely in :-)

Great idea to log your progress here Michelle! I'm sure it'll be an awesome month for you :)

thanks!! & yes I'm hoping so :)

Do you go to UCSD? I go there. I just eat during class when I feel like it...

woot woot SD!

Thats crazy! I'm from UCR..never thought I find a raw vegan "near" me =D

I'd love to join you! The longest I've gone 100% raw is 15 days but I'm trying to keep going and eventually never go back to cooked food :) where are you going to log everything?

Hey!  IDEA- I just started eating 1/2 an avocado in a big green salad for dinner and it is pretty cheap here ($0.75 per avocado, $1 per bag of lettuce, $1 per 10oz serving of cherry tomatoes.)  I was on a really tight budget for the last few weeks and I had to make certain concessions.  Don't feel bad, just explore your options and do what you can.  There are a lot of resources on this site with ideas for eating raw on the cheep.  Good luck to you~

Love and hugs!


A Raw Food EMT

I was thinking of just logging it on this thread. This could be the motivation you need to go past 30 days! :)

February challenge with michelle and kelsey? I'm down. :-D



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