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 Why we cant have a fruit festival in Australia - see harleys youtube below.


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how about getting sponsorship from the Banana Board? and any other board for promoting fruit sales in Australia. I'm sure if we ask questions like who do we know that .... ? we'll come up with a few solutions.

We are all used to expensive fruit anyway, so all we need is a location to support the large number of fruit munchers coming to one location.

Also, even tho I like the idea of a fruit festival in Australia, how about having it in Thailand? The cost overall would possibly be even cheaper and we would have heaps more fruit choice. Perhaps this could be a starting point and we can plan for the Austalian event when we have some excellent fruit abundant locations to choose from. As each of our fruit munching groups in each city grow we will all be furthering our knowledge on suppliers. Who is up for going to Thailand as a possible first event? Or would you prefer to wait to have it just in Oz.

I guess in Oz we would want Mangos, Bananas, rockmelons, watermelons, Dates, Tomatos, oranges, spinach, lettuce as our basics. Where is the best wholesaler to supply us all these? I think a figure of up to 50 to 100 people would attend the first event at a guess.
I would agree with Harley on the lack of competition, we think grow good fruit for our population and 250yr agriculture timeline but we actually don't, I'd disagree when to take into account that wwoofing & personally endorsed organic subsities( ie willing doll endorsed Aussies on organic farms WDEAOOs) make the price dif minimal it just means that it will mainly be Aussies at the event, like the US one, not many Mexicans can afford $900 for 7-9days at Woodstock, where I think there is crazy overhead, the location here in Oz would have to b Fruitopia, I don't know the cost in 09 but with a small overhead to Clinton, u could get the cost down to $50 per person per day NFP, easy i reckon, it's about who u know not what u know even more in this country, and there is no doubt the festival would have to be in the Tablelands, if it was on this week I reckon we could supply 100kg of organic mangoes for free just from nearby trees + durian & organic cavendish for starters, like Woodstock I'd pay extra for the experience of everybody coming together & the chance to meet all familiar online and YouTube faces..

Nice one now we're rolling in the right direction. Anyone else have anything to ad about great fruit supply locations?


I think whoever changed this topic is correct that it would be harder to organise a Fruit Festival in Australia right now. 

For those just looking at this discussion .... The whole content and headline changed.... it was originally something like ..... Who wants a Woodstock Fruit Festival in Australia?

What and who we don't know and have resources for abundant properly ripe fruit supply ..... we could have ANY time in the future and knocking this conversation out completely I think is not going to create what we really want, it just stops us. I understand the intention was good and yeah from my experience of living in Perth and trying to supply just myself with ripe fruit is a big challenge at times (often). 

Here's what could happen and the only way to know is to keep this conversation and have all the Australian members and any international members with Australian contacts all out looking for .... a ripe fruit abundant location, farm and group of farms or co-op that are preferably organic or spray free.

There could very well be a small uncertified/certified organic or spray free farm co-op that none of us have come across yet. So lets keep looking and sharing our contacts as we come across them on this discussion. This may take a few months, a year or even several years. It's not going to hurt trying and at the least we will all be more informed of the best fruit supply places in Australia.

So far Darc Fruitman Sapote seems to have provided the best location in terms of fruit supply. How many people do you think that Fruitopia and local suppliers could cater to? Can the event be before the storm season, just to avoid a Festival cancellation if it damages the fruit crops? Also what sort of accomodation would be available? Tents? Maybe to get close to the best fruit action we need to organise a tent version of the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

As far as organising an event like this it will need to be run as a Not for Profit or a Business so to ensure the organisers time is paid. Does anyone have any ideas and who here has a passion and skills (or willing to develop the skills or put a team/mentor etc together that has the skills) to run such an event? Perhaps the organisers of the Woodstock Fruit Festival may share their planning and how to organise an event of this scale? 

hi james - i am the OP and yes,  your right, it did say who wants a woodstock fruit festival in australia but then i saw harleys youtube explaining why it cant happen so i changed the topic and inserted harleys youtube explaining why.

it would be wonderful to have a woodstock FF here but that requires an organising body and some serious names behind its organisation.

i dont know if there is a organic fruit/veggie authority in austtralia who would back up a WFF here.

There was a retreat at Fruitopia in 2009, in the most tropical part of Australia ..... during the full fruit season ..... DR and Freelea were the organisers ...... 25 people came ..... which is a huge success when you consider that the population of Australia is 10 % of the U.S.A. so its the equivalent of 250 people going to Woodstock ..... make sense ??????? And just to let you all know Fruitopia is the farm with the community vision so instead of a 1 week retreat and everyone goes home ..... the potential is there for people to stay on afterwards and be part of the evolving treescape there .....  last time I heard Harley saying "we can;t have a Woodstock style retreat in OZ because it would be too expensive to fly all the keynote speakers out" ...... I say f@$%^k that, all those corporate network marketing raw food gurus can stay in Lotus land ...... just a good crew of down to Earth people who enjoy connecting up with the trees ....  this time of year would be perfect ........  near endless quantities of free, tree-ripened mangoes ..... coconuts everywhere, jakfruits free for the taking ..... lotsa  fruit in the markets ....... so anyway ...... while you are dreaming of a group retreat ....... lots of people in North Queensland living this lifestyle 24/7/365 ....... so yeah come check it out ....... it will still be fun without the guru

agree so hard. no need for gurus, we'll have our own in years to come..not to mentions free lea and the DR!
I'm planning on moving north, a good friend of mine has family and friends in mackay in the fruit business. not sure what the fruit quality is like up there yet

If you have the Aussie retreat at Fruitopia then you have some awesome speakers right there ...... the couple who caretake the place Adrian and Judith ...... aka "the coconut family" ....... who have been on raw/fruit for 30 + years and raised 7 kids on that diet ........  then you could get Clinton the owner of Fruitopia who can give a great talk on how to grow and manage 3000 fruit trees ......... after 15 ++ years on the diet ...... then call in Eddie who used to own the other half share ...... 25 +++ years on the routine ........ yeah so many locally based really awesome motivational people most would have never heard of ...... because they are too busy doing real fruit lifestyle activities in the real world ....... not just the celebrity network marketing trail ........ or the repetitive You Tube rants so they can get their followers to fund the next box of dates ......

   @ James - I guess in Oz we would want Mangos, Bananas, rockmelons, watermelons, Dates, Tomatos, oranges, spinach, lettuce as our basics. Where is the best wholesaler to supply us all these? I think a figure of up to 50 to 100 people would attend the first event at a guess.

Dude there was loads of most of this stuff at FRuitopia for the retreat ...... we could go into Mareeba a 5 minute drive away and find 100kg of mangos on the ground for free ...... this time of year Banana could be got for $1 ...... Ummm  not the best time of year but if you showed up 6 weeks before and tried going under shadecloth you could be the one who grew the lettuce and spinach .......... ummm its not that hard .......  Oranges ..... well no local at that time of year but you ever tried one after a mango ........ haha ...... plain ...... Dates .... ??????  TAlk to your organic wholesaler ......  

SO a big question - where is the evidence of the retreat at Fruitopia of 2009 ....... proof of the successful Aussie gig  ????? Sadly I couldn't provide it cos Freelea borrowed my camera and then drained the Lithium batteries with a 15 minute video-taping of someone grating a coconut ....... hmmmm ......  I suggest we start a new group ...... with a positive outlook ........ Aussie Retreat 2013 ...... but yeah we are living the high life 365 days a year up here ...... 16 deg latitiude ..... what not to like ???????

I would 100% go, would be amazing!

i would rather live in america, australia is soooo boring and so expensive




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