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I'd like to preface this by saying I WON'T quit because I'm too stubborn and I KNOW that this is the right lifestyle, but it doesn't mean it's all totally sunshine and rainbows.  I'm on banana island and I LOVE how I feel and I love how easy it is not to wonder what my next meal will be.  It's fabulous.  But every day at some point I think about how nice it would be to be normal.  I look at chocolatecoveredkatie.com and think about her delicious vegan desserts.  I've even gone on food gawker and gawked for a while lol.  So yea, I think about it.  I've been doing this for a little over 70 days, and I can't imagine ever going back to eating "normal" again and sometimes that makes me sad.  I really do love going to restaurants and cooking.  Maybe because I'm on BI i miss experimenting with recipes, and I can't even get a salad at restaurants which is what I did the first month being LFRV. 

I'm also bummed because my skin isn't getting better even though I've been on BI for 2 weeks now, my plan is to stay on bananas for a month.  Megan Elizabeth is mentoring me right now and suggested I add in papaya to help with my skin, so I've been blending that into my dinner banana smoothies, so maybe that will help.  If my skin doesn't improve by the end of my month on banana island, should I keep going?  What's the longest you can stay?  Like I said, I think about quitting every day, but I know without a doubt that I won't.  It's just tough sometimes. 

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hahah you're hilarious about CCK.  I tend you agree with you on the old fat dude lol...

Shelby, yes a prolonged mono diet, can result in imbalance.

But for a month or two (or shorter if Mandy is feeling ready to depart the isle), it shouldn't be an issue.  The body is used to meeting different nutrient profiles seasonally (as different plants would produce at different times), not necessarily on a clockwork basis.  What with recipes and such, we're so used to multiple ingredients each meal, much less each day, week, or month that it takes some getting used to eating one thing. 



One thought I just had, Mandy, about your love of cooking.  I'm a foodie myself, and do enjoy puttering in the kitch on occasion.  In fact, my job often incorporates this skill.  But there's a difference between making food, and tasting it yourself. 

Don't do it if it's just too big a temptation, but you might consider graciously making healthy food for someone you love.  Maybe your creations would be better than anything else they might consume, so it would be doing them a great favor.  Or you could volunteer in a rescue or church kitchen for the needy.  Just some ways to get your foodie fix!

That's a great idea, I might do that!  I used to cook for my bf all the time, even when I didn't eat what I was making him.  Maybe I'll give that a go!  It's not too tempting, I usually don't taste food while I'm making it anyway :)

I have nothing to quit from because I don't have any restricted foods. I allow myself to eat whatever I want. I still eat fruit but it's a different mindset.

If you treat this as a diet then it's not going to work anyway, counting days and all, willpower can only last for so long until eventually you run out of it. Or something. It's simply not sustainable.
It doesn't have to be like that though. I will probably write more about this, but in short you need to change the mindset and don't treat this as a diet.

I'm following this lifestyle since 2005 and the longest I stayed 100% raw at a time was 3 years until I fall off, I generally stay 100% raw 1-2 years at a time. I don't treat this as a diet anymore. I mean I don't even consider this as falling off of some wagon either. I also never counted days, 3 years is about 1100 days btw. Sounds like a prison sentence this way. LOL!
If I would want cooked food I would eat it. As long as it's a conscious choice and not an emotional choice based on lack of sleep, low blood sugar or whatever. (Delaying is a very helpful trick when all else fails.)

There are no lines and artificial boundaries so whenever I do actually eat cooked - I eat very little and eat fruit at my next meal without any drama and "all or nothing" mindset. I don't keep eating more cooked food or quit raw food because I've already "failed".
My goal is not stay 100% raw just to be 100% raw anyway. It is important to remember that my goal is to stay healthy and feel good.

The problem with restricting something and treating this as diet is
As Mark Twain put it in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: “To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.” 
This is simply how the brain works. The only way to easily avoid all cooked food for the rest of your life is to not consider anything cooked as a food at all,so cooked food is not even an option at all. Then it's really easy. This may work for some people for some period but for most people it obviosly won't work. So it gets trickier because simply relying on willpower will not work and might also create more problems in the long run in my opinion.

Ive got a friend that water fasted for 21 days and her skin got WORSE. She still wore make up though.

Could last another 5 years. Could last another 5 days. Doesnt matter, what matters is you do the right things by your body and enjoy life.

Its a bit like exercising vs using your body by living with passion. BIG difference. One changes your life for the better, one makes you a boring drone. 

You can sit in the gym watching the clock on the stationary bike and go no where.

You can hit the road and trails and feel life full on.

Guess whats more fun? LOL!

'when is my skin gonna get better? doesnt 20 years of bodily abuse go in a few weeks?' ;)



But every day at some point I think about how nice it would be to be normal

Ehhhh, sorry. I grew up thinking everyone was crazy, and everyone thought I was crazy too! I prefer my crazy, I'm sad to hear you want to be normal crazy. Do you have hobbies and interests outside of food? You should get some, or some more. Wanna know what I've been contemplating on a daily basis recently? My mantra has been "thank you I love you thank you I love you" to the earth, or the galaxy, I switch back and forth, its joyous. Maybe contemplate that instead? 

Also: 'when is my skin gonna get better? doesnt 20 years of bodily abuse go in a few weeks?' ;)

I think this is the number one problem newcomers have, unrealistic expectations. 

Exactly, there is no room for normal people anymore nowadays. Large corporations with the help of Mass media wants you to be normal so you will buy mass marketed products. This whole system is dying out now though anyway. It's a long topic and I won't go in detail. There are great books on this topic by Seth Godin like "we are all weird" and so on...

No one is normal when you look really close anyway. Normal people don't exist

Plus, aren't THEY the weird ones for eating and doing things that are not our biological makeup?

No, this makes them insane and dysfunctional. 

"Plus, aren't THEY the weird ones for eating and doing things that are not our biological makeup?  How is doing what nature intended is to be/do "odd?"  Our society is sooooo  messed up!"

they are not weird, according to an image of "normal" which mass media has been projecting for quite a while. This image and mass media itself is becoming more and more irrelevant now though.

With internet there is no reason for existence of a centralized mass media anymore. It still exists yet but it is dying out.

You can't really please everyone. So mass media had to create an image of "normal" one size fits all community to sell all those "normal" mass marketed products like coca-cola, heinz ketchup, drugs, clean and clear acne treatments and etc. etc.
It's kind of a long topic...

The times when everybody watched exactly the same tv shows/whatever and then everybody discussed exactly the same thing later are becoming a thing of the past now.

We don't have to do this anymore because there are a lot more options.
You can still try to fit in and pretend to be "normal" but it doesn't really work anymore when people are getting more and more options and are getting weird and at the same time lots of different communities like this are formed.
It's less clear what is "normal".
Where do those "normal" folks hang out on internet anyway? Yahoo answers or something? LOL!

Can you imagine a successful online community for "normal" people which would please everyone?
Would it be fun to be a part of such community? Would you relate to it? It's as hard to create such one size fits all community/society in real life but this is how we used to live with all those mass systems, mass media, mass education, mass production. Oh and most people actually still live like that yet.
I will, there is a lot to be said about this topic,
I think it'll be more of an article than a comment so it'll take some time to write though :)



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