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I'd like to preface this by saying I WON'T quit because I'm too stubborn and I KNOW that this is the right lifestyle, but it doesn't mean it's all totally sunshine and rainbows.  I'm on banana island and I LOVE how I feel and I love how easy it is not to wonder what my next meal will be.  It's fabulous.  But every day at some point I think about how nice it would be to be normal.  I look at chocolatecoveredkatie.com and think about her delicious vegan desserts.  I've even gone on food gawker and gawked for a while lol.  So yea, I think about it.  I've been doing this for a little over 70 days, and I can't imagine ever going back to eating "normal" again and sometimes that makes me sad.  I really do love going to restaurants and cooking.  Maybe because I'm on BI i miss experimenting with recipes, and I can't even get a salad at restaurants which is what I did the first month being LFRV. 

I'm also bummed because my skin isn't getting better even though I've been on BI for 2 weeks now, my plan is to stay on bananas for a month.  Megan Elizabeth is mentoring me right now and suggested I add in papaya to help with my skin, so I've been blending that into my dinner banana smoothies, so maybe that will help.  If my skin doesn't improve by the end of my month on banana island, should I keep going?  What's the longest you can stay?  Like I said, I think about quitting every day, but I know without a doubt that I won't.  It's just tough sometimes. 

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What would I quit and switch to?

Good choice getting Megan in your corner.  She's a loving soul, with quite a transformation of her own of which to be proud.  and yours is on the way, Mandy!

I'm on banana island for a month too right now for the same reason you are, wanting to heal my skin up once and for all. I remember reading that Freelee healed her skin on BI and it wasn't till week 3 or 4 that she saw any results. I'm personally only 3 days into this, but I am seeing signs of improvement. Bear in mind though, that I've been HCRV for about 7 months now and had been a fairly clean living vegan for a few years before that, so I'm guessing I'll have less internal cleaning and rebalancing to do. I actually stopped eating bananas a while back as they made me break out, but eating them alone is a whole other story so it seems.

 Doing this definitely has it's pro's and con's. I too am loving the simplicity, the total lack of washing up or having to decide what to eat. Even shopping is now just a question of 1 case or 2. On the other hand, when my  partner makes herself a fat free, vegan rissotto, I have to admit that it smells amazing. Food is sometimes more than food in our minds.

 I'm not too torn though, I am doing this for a definite purpose, and so far it seems to be working. I believe in it and think it's just a matter of time till we get the results we want.

thanks for the support, I'm glad you're doing this too for the same reason :)  Maybe we can keep in touch and support each other?  :)  Also, I didn't know it took Freelee until week 3 or 4, that's good to know :) 

That'd be really cool Mandy! I'll friend you!

Hey Shelby,

It's mainly cause the more watery fruits make it harder to get enough calories in if you are monoing them. It's also cause Banana Island has worked for a LOT of people ;-D


also bananas are easy and cheap to buy in bulk.

I love bananas...but I tend to agree ALL fruits should be in the mix.....I think as long as I am putting good wholesome fruits and veggies into my body, and treating it well ( I love to run and exercise, it releases my stress, anxiety, etc)......There is something to be said for eating all bananas and then eating all fruits.....as long as we do hurt or contribute to the innocent slaughter of animals, the destruction of our environment (from air pollution to building new factories to process the junk they do), help our own selves, and in the process helping others....I think we will ALL be better off ALL around!!

I have healed to many things and feel to good to quit. 

However, I do get bored on occasion.  When that happens, I try to mix up my routine a little.  It is easy to get stuck in a routine because I am on a budget and I buy a lot of what is on sale and the cheapest things, and or seasonal local things. 

So I might try making the salad a different way.  There are a lot of things that can be done to dress up a salad with avocado and mixing and matching the fruits n veggies one adds in. 

Or I might change the order I eat things.  Some weeks it is oranges for breakfast and bananas for lunch, and some weeks, it is the other way around.


You have already done two weeks of banana island, and maybe the reason you are having these thoughts and feelings are because of boredom.  It could also be a nutritional deficiency and your body is driving you to look for those things it craves. 

I highly recommend you go off banana island now and start adding lots of leafy greens into your diet, and eat the rainbow of fruits n veggies over the course of time.  I still recommend mono and or simple meals for easy digestion.  So you could eat 1 -2 mono meals of bananas a day if that is what you like. 

Also, if looking at certain images on certain websites is triggering mental unrest, then I recommend do not go there for a while. 

For now, I only follow 80 10 10 lfrv and or HCRV, and keep my socializing here at 30BaD.  If one keeps looking around, it only creates more confusion and or desires.  If one tries to follow two or more diets, they are only doing a mix, and not a diet.  One should also try something 100% for a while and see if that works for them, and then if it does not, try something else. 

For me this works, and it seems it is making you feel better too:)


As far as skin problems go.  If you ate a SAD diet for years, expect it to take months and even a year or two to achieve your health goals whatever they are. (Sorry I do not know your past, I am only speculating and commenting for others who might be reading this as well.)

The best thing I have found for skin is to eat one mono meal of oranges a day.  These are high in vitamin C and promote the building of healthy tissues and collagen.  In my personal experience, even in winter, I have baby soft skin that is almost oily, and I have no need of lotions and cosmetics. 

I hope you find your peace soon, and well, Peace, PK

What I contemplating all the time is to go to a tropical place, wait, I am going this january, hehehe.

On the other hand just now I am not 100% raw, I think 90%+, but I cannot conceive eating less raw than maybe 80%, and that it seem too much for me. Anyway it is certainly not easy, but neither too tough, mainly for getting enough quality raw produce. The other points I don't miss them at all.

I was already on BI when I started with her!

yep, they just didn't agree with her in the past.  She might give em a try again someday, but right now is thriving on everything else.

She's fine with them for everyone else who's fine with them.

She doesn't necessarily. Megan doesn't eat bananas because she can't eat them...However, when she's working with someone, she suggests that they choose any fruit of their choice that is calorie dense to do an "island" on. :)



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