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I too have been a grumblie about the lack of results on the diet.  I have neither gained nor lost weight, but at 35%+ fat percentile, exact same height and similar build to Freelee, I need and want to!

So I read Dr Graham's book again after 3 years.  Reading it is something we agree to in joining as a member...remember?  Most of it I am well versed in, but this passage jumped out at me -  p239 (slightly abbreviated))

Why didn't the 80/10/10 work for me?

I   Less than 2% of your calories come from vegetables and leafy greens.  eg on a 2000 calorie diet, 1lb greens minimum.

2)  Caloric intake is insufficient to maintain desired bodyweight.


4)  Habitual sleep pattern is insufficient.  (You can fail to gain muscle, or fail to lose fat, if underslept).

5)  You eat all day long, rather tha 1-4 meals per day.

6)  You lack emotional poise (your adrenals are overexerted, which causes the body to hold on to fat stores).

7)  You expose your unclothed skin to sunlight less than 30 mins a day.

This was something I had forgotten since first reading.  Although I work out 2 hrs/day, I am then sedentary at work.  I clearly need to work out more intensely, or be more active outside workout hours.  The minimum recommendation here is 2500 - which means1100+ burned, every day we eat.

Do you need to re-read The 18/10/10 Diet, or read for the first time?

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Well, I don't think we can "only assume" that she may have an underlying health problem, but I appreciate your explaining where you are coming from.  Peace.

Yes, I agree. Assuming is pointless considering that we aren't Kate's body and there is only so much that can be known given the small amount of details that we are given through the medium of an internet discussion board. My assumptions have only been made by what I believe could be the logical explanation to helping fix her issue.

However, one thing is for certain: Whether or not you; forever have 35% fat on your frame; cannot lose what you consider is additional fat; cannot feel good eating a certain way (regardless of what that way is); cannot heal anything you deem as a bodily problem: There is only one way to properly place matter into our bodies internal fuel processing mechanism, and that's to put fruit and vegetable matter into it.

If you live your life carrying the same overweight frame whilst eating fruits and vegetables, there is no point in being disappointed in the fruits and vegetables dietary regimen. Fruits and vegetables are proven to be the best for your body and the best for the Earth and the health of the Earth is bigger than all human egos combined. In my opinion, it is better to 'suffer' whilst helping to reverse the overall problem that the human species have caused through the agricultural revolution, then 'suffer' whilst adding more to the problem.

The exact chemistry that occurs in each individual body is a process that may be beyond what we've come to observe and figure out through clinical observation or mathematics. In the miniscule time that we walk across this planet in these fleshy vessels, some things may be left unknown. But one thing that is known; fruits and vegetables will, in time, repair the damage that the agricultural revolution has caused.

I wish Kate luck in remedying the issues that she has run into and I hope that she can find happiness in at least knowing that her dietary choices are the right choices when it comes to helping save this planet from the pain that it does not deserve; regardless of how much these right choices will impact her internally.

Interesting points Universal Mind, you got me thinking I should get checked again after a year since.  Last time only my sodium was low, don't know what that was about, and I was not given the correct test for B12.  She was so negative about my being vegan (didn't tell her raw!) I was not inclined to visit again.

I use B12 drops and a VitD lamp, plus allowing myself extra sleep makes a vast difference.  btw, it's 50 years dietary abuse; prior to age 15 I ate standard-uk, after that a dairy-free version of the same.  I only went vegan 3 years back.

In truth, I have just begun consults with Dr D; the fasting with him has appealed to me for a long time, but consultations were the best I could do.

Thank you for your thorough and detailed answer.

I would really recommend reading the book Could It Be B-12? You can find it on Amazon for less than $6. The book is not only an eye opening read, but it also tells you what you need to instruct medical professionals on what exactly to test (as there are different types of B-12 tests, and the blood test can sometimes not reveal a true deficiency).

Unless I'm wrong with this, I have not read anywhere that B-12 drops or other B-12 related supplements (other than the shot), will raise a seriously low B-12 deficiency. By seriously low, I mean below the 600 level.

Your drops may have helped maintain your level, but your level could have been low or borderline low to begin with. You may be surprised at the difference you will feel if you discover your level is low and get on a shot regimen to fix that problem.

At your age, I would recommend having your B-12 and D levels checked every 6 months, even if your levels are fine from the initial check. Also at older age, the Vitamin D and B-12 factor can be a life changer if they are to drop too low.

Also, another suggestion, find a doctor of naturopathic medicine over a conventional doctor. Not only are they able to do the same vitamin D and B-12 checks (make sure you get both the urinary B-12 and blood B-12 tests, the book "Could It Be B-12?" explains further), but they will be much more supportive of your lifestyle.

With 50 years of abuse and no real, recent, B-12 and vitamin D analysis, I would seriously recommend getting these done as soon as you can. You may be surprised at what you find. Also, if you do not want to buy the $6 book, "Could It Be B-12?", I've found it at several public libraries and it may be at one near you. It's really a book that cannot be missed.

Thanks again, will get the book.  I was not aware that drops could be insufficient.  It is true that of the posts I have seen here, no-one really claims energy increase from oral supplementation; shots seem to get rave reviews however.

Very helpful post ! Thank you !

Thanks for this...and to everyone's replies on my other comment (as a reply to http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/i-ve-gained-20lbs-i-can-t...).

I am sure that I'm still not eating enough, as I often go to bed hungry. But I get tired of eating and can't fit anymore into my body! Because of this, I really haven't gotten enough sleep over the past year or so. (however, for about the past 2 months, I've been sleeping great for the most part!) And coming from a background of digestive disease and adrenal exhaustion, yes, I know I have a lot of healing to do. (I was told in the mid-90's I'd probably NEVER fully recover. If I'd only known about 80/10/10 then!) Even though I made a lot of mistakes along the way, starting to try to figure things out myself when the Internet was barely going yet, I feel that I have been on a healing path for many years, so put into perspective the frustration that I feel that I'm not seeing results yet in terms of lowering my body fat percentage. Undereating - not as an eating disorder or because I was dieting - but genuinely not knowing HOW to eat enough/how to get enough food in the house or plan ahead when socializing - for really many years, is not going to be forgiven by my body very quickly. But there is a perfectionist inside me that says "hey, I'm finally doing everything right - where are the results?"

When I look at the list above, I see that I don't get enough sunlight part of the year (I may make up for it when I do get enough, though). And when I don't eat enough, I also don't sleep enough (but not because I didn't try!) I've made lots of progress and feel that all of the other areas are coming along pretty well. I don't know how many calories I burn through activity (and frankly, don't really care), but I'm sweating buckets, so I feel that the time, intensity, and frequency are there.

Also, I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one who's been doing this awhile (however imperfectly) and still holding on to unwanted inches. I'm going to go to the thrift store and pick up some comfortable clothes. And if they only fit a few weeks, I guess I need to stop being cheap and take care of my appearance at least partly as well as I'm trying to take care of the rest.

I eat cooked food rather than under-eating.  I have extra weight to lose but it's feeling good to let go of my thoughts on that and enjoy my exercise and my life and helping others.  And it feels good to sleep deeply.  Eventually I will increase my income and access to good quality fruit, and be fully raw and fully healed.

I have noticed a huge difference taking Vitamin D in the winter.  Depending how far north you are, you  probably cannot make up for it in the other months even if you were outside all day.  You could get tested to confirm that.  There is a vegan d3 supplement available now.

Have fun getting some clothes.  HUGS!  

True Michele, taking care of our appearance is a big confidence boost for us gals.  It also inspires us to look after ourselves well generally, to feel we are worth it :).

It does read like you are not eating enough if you go to bed hungry.

But your major medical concerns improving has to be your primary focus.  I too started with the diet from dissatisfaction with health, tho nothing medically diagnosed.  Whatever you do, focus on healing over inch loss.  Best wishes for success! xx


For example, today, I've had 4000+ calories of dates, bananas, mangos, celery and other greens. I am stuffed, but I suspect that feeling in the back of my throat is telling me I probably needed more. That's what I mean when I am sometimes going to bed hungry. I just can't fit anymore food in, though.

I'm not  clear about  the "hunger in the throat" sensation, I have  never noticed it strongly enough, tho there have certainly been times I was very undercarbed when I was teaching 5-6 fitness classes/day.  I'd feel if my stomach was stuffed, that's me sorted!  just eat enough so you have loads of energy to burn.

I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself no matter what your weight. For every weight I am I have bought a nice pair of jeans, maybe a nicer pair of dressier pants and a skirt that fits well (just an example...depends on your lifestyle). Usually my top half doesn't expand and shrink the way my bottom half does! I get rid of all crappy clothes. If I don't feel decent in it, it goes. I refuse to wear sweat pants in public. I would rather wear the same thing each day if needed, then have variety and wear clothes that make me feel frumpy or uncomfortable. I don't dye my hair or spend a lot on it, but I try to keep up a nice cut. If I'm feeling like I look tired, or need a refresher, sometimes a trim does the trick. this is not about vanity. It's about self respect and self love. Most people can't deny that they feel better all the way around when they feel good about their appearance. It moves us to feed our bodies and minds in a more healthful way and we project a positive energy that comes back to us. Studies have shown that babies are more inclined to respond to women who take care of themselves. Kind of a rant here huh? I have friends who've wanted to lose weight for years so they won't buy themselves anything and don't go anywhere cause they have nothing to wear and they feel self loathing so they eat donuts all day...it's an awful cycle! So go girl:)



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