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Hi everyone! I was diagnosed having bipolar disorder at age 14 after taking anti-depressants at age 13. I've been hospitalized many times and court ordered to take medication, forced to take medication by injection and eventually taken to a board and care facility where I was required to take medication in order to live there. Now, luckily I live on my own and I would like to someday get off of these medications and detox and get better. I've been stable the last couple years. I don't eat HFRV right now although I do make green smoothies and eat a lot of fruit and salad. Any suggestions and support would be appreciated. Personal testimonials, tips on getting enough rest and staying centered. If anyone can relate to the phenomenon of many many syncronicities at one time, psychic feelings, visual hallucinations, insomnia, sexual urges or anything that you might categorize as a symptom of bipolar disorder aka manic depression. Many thanks!

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Meditate, A LOT. Stay hydrated. Keep busy, preferably with creativity. Stay away from toxic people. Stay carbed up. Be your own therapist. 

yes!! i was about to write pretty mmuch the same reply. Great advice. meditate has helped me a LOT. x

Meditation is something I definitely could do more of.  Exercising is a form of meditation for me, although I could definitely use some stillness.  Toxic people.. that's a good one.  I'm working on that too.  And although I am pretty self-motivated and I am my own therapist at times, I do love my therapist/psychologist.  She actually supports the possibility of me getting off medications.  Which is UNHEARD of by the way.  I think I am pretty lucky to have met her through my yoga instructor who witnessed my episodes.  I will look into more meditation.  Thanks MIC.

there is a lot out there that says it can be beat with nutrition. My brother suffers from it as well and I dont doubt he could beat it with nutrition but he doesnt seem to want to put in the effort. He did go off his meds for a year and did just fine but then he had an episode and they put him back on them now he's like a zombie again sadly for that year he was the person we always new in good spirits etc.. Now he's back on the meds and is all zombie again. Its sad they put people on the meds they do for it.

Well, if it can be beat with nutrition that's great, but the problem is that committing to the diet is hard for anyone, but especially for someone suffering from depression. See, that's the catch. I think we need mental health and healing facilities for HFRVs where one can check in and have the diet prescribed and monitored by others who are more experienced.

yes, that would be awesome - the healing facilities you're talking about. i would go.

i have had issues in the past with bi polar and have been hospitalized, forced to take zombie drugs or fattening drugs or drugs that ruined my physical and emotional health in some way.

eventually i decided that it would be best to do something about my issue rather than just living life waiting for the next episode to just hit me, unawares.

so i started taking risperdal, which has only one side effect really and that is weight gain. i was on it for a lil less than a year and gained about 10 or 15 pounds.

then i switched doctors and my new doctor recommended a newer drug called latuda. i have been on that since about last August. there's been no new weight gain and no other horrifying side effects like a zombie attitude or constant nausea... or slurred speech (all of which i had experienced in the past from other meds i was forced to take)

so, yeah. if nothing else, i would recommend you check out latuda. (at least until something with diet becomes more accessible, which is my plan.)

Look into the effects of Niacin and Depression.

I second that! One thing to keep in mind is bananas have tryptophan and B6 both go hand in hand in creation of serotonin it is technically IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed if you got enough serotonin going on. that being said too much leads to serotonin syndrome ( a bad thing) but i dont think you could eat enough bananas to ever have that issue. theres some other herbal remedies out there tho that could cause that if taken in too large of a dose etc..

I don't really get depressed to be honest.  I get manic, which is very different than being depressed, suicidal, etc.  Being manic is something that happens when I am not getting enough sleep.  They go hand in hand.. I can't explain exactly how it gets out of control.  It can progress into full blown incoherent madness, where I am seeing things, feeling psychic, crying a lot when I think about the destruction in the world, yet feeling overly optimistic that the answer is simple- we stop thinking linearly and start thinking with love and acceptance.  I also delve into conspiracies and I start feeling extremely isolated from the mainstream.  Thinking people are out to save me or kill me.  That there's a secret dimension where unbelievable things really happen.  But the main thing that I can pinpoint is that no sleep = mania.  However... being on medications has dwindled my manic episodes to basically non existent.

So, you need more sleep. The best way that I know how to make that happen....is to slam back carbs and get active active active. Go play so hard that you NEED to sleep. =)

I agree 100%!!!  I have a friend who is a Marine-- and we know military folks can't take psych meds-- so he will workout at 3am if he can't sleep.  I know there's a way.  

Thank you!  It is hard.  I have been on 72 hour holds many a time.. it's very challenging to stay hopeful.  Great people take on great problems.  Or great souls take on greater searches.  Somebody has to process all of the evil energy in the world and make it positive.  I think that's why these mental challenges exist.  & of course fruit makes you feel happy and positive... :D  



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