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Who do you blame for all the animal suffering you've caused in your life? Here's mine...

Personal responsibility, shmersonal responsibility!

I blame you!
Happy Healthy Harold from the life education caravan in primary (elementary) school,
Who else was brainwashed with this song?


I blame you!
so called "laughing cow" cheese. Brainwasher and predator of childhood innocence
I blame you!
Beef and Lamb NZ after school advertising featuring N Olympic athletes

 I blame you!
The incredible edible egg!, I cannot find the version of this ad we had, but you can imagine the crap "if you're in good health eggs have little to no cholesterol" um no how were you allowed to lie like that on national television at the same time that society told me one can sue for false advertising, that's why you can trust them because they don't want to be sued and they definitively would be if they lied.

I blame you!
Liars by omission like Anchor, giving the impression that calcium is only found in dairy, with no mention of how dairy consumption simultaneously leeches calcium from bones while you glug it in and is linked to poor bone health.

You all have another thing in common, you all target kids, before they've developed critical thinking faculties and have no defense against propaganda.
Why not adults huh? Clearly you know you're spreading untruths and that adults upon hearing it have the capabilities to figure out you're all shit. You knowingly harm children's bodies and minds not even to mention the other species, you're evil already if it were just this *spits on all y'all* You should be held accountable.

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you make good point .  

tobacco finally  got sued after helping so many  people kill themselves

I hope it happens .  It is well deserved

 sugar ,you say many wise things  

Perhaps, but I'm not a lawyer, not who we need.
Know any?
I know one, Professor Gary L Francione, and by "know" I mean I've spoken with him via internet a couple of times after reading his books, so not exactly "know" at all lol, but I can get in contact with him to discuss activism issues.

 Well I only blame myself even though I was just a kid. I have been vegetarian/vegan  28 years now. First few years I felt so bad I ate meat but since I was a child I had to eat what they fed me until one day I said no more.

I agree with you on not judging anyone who is not aware of the consequences of their actions.
I believe these corporations knowingly and purposefully spread these lies, know the consequences and have decided their bank account is more important than morality - which may be understandable if their bank account hovered below the poverty line but that couldn't be further from the mark.

I also agree that blame can be similar to jealousy and resentment in it's negative expressions if you hold onto it, however I don't want to hold onto it, I want to do what it urges me to, correct the injustice. I don't seek revenge on any of these deceivers, I simply want legal action to be taken which prevents this propaganda being pedaled in future.

Unfortunately ignorance is no excuse for ignorant actions(Karmic law-have to PAY LATER ANYWAY)although we LIKE to think otherwise.Not that 'one does not go to heaven etc for one's punishment but it OBVIOUSLY influences one's FUTURE actions constantly to the worse.

Thus the only reasonable state for human being is to be fully realized, (without ignorance) or else be 'punished by no-one else but oneself for ever and ever,and suffer all the consequences.

Ignorance is definitely not bliss,ask me,I should know!

Thus are we not responsible also to teach others not to kill and eat meat,even if they want to,and thus repeat their bad karma forever.Especially since we KNOW that there is something about vegan diet that eases out the path to compassion in itself vs eating meat,being conductive to more violent thought patterns.

Are we responsible to stop people (and ESPECIALLY small children) from walking into fire or any danger, even if they were ignorant about the danger.Or should we let them get burnt?

I have no one to blame but myself, as ill-informed or brainwashed I might have been before I discovered the road to compassion to all of livingkind. I take full responsibility to myself for my actions, and I am now (hopefuly) working to fixing them through better and more ethical actions. 

For sure big money, the NWO, the powers that be, they have had by far the biggest influence on what we eat.  If we were ruled by morality we would be living a lot differently.  But it's up to the small minority of moral people to influence the rest. And law suits are a very effective way to do that! 

I remember an interview with a lady who was on the original panel of scientists to make the original U.S. food pyramid and nutritional recommendations.  She said they were not going to have meat or dairy or eggs on there at all!  She was offered a bribe to add them on and refused.  Next thing she knew the whole panel was dismissed and they were told the FDA already had their recommendations made up.

If you read Healthy at 100, the society's there ate meat rarely, a few times a year.  My grandparents ate it once a week or less growing up as members of the elite U.S.  This does not compare to the rate of consumption the west eats corpses and animal secretions now.  That is a direct result of big money, NWO, the rich and powerful, influencing us through school, advertising etc.

yes and the ONLY right thing to do is to go vegan.

And the best thing is that vegan food is so much tastier than sad cardboard food.

If only people would realize THE TRUE TASTE all would be well.

But as everyone has a need to eat, the big advertisers and corporations have a field day of playing with impoverished mentalities of VERY undernourished public.




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