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I have a very persistent whitish coating on my tongue. I was on banana and date island for seven days and now I'm on orange and black sapote island for three days. Could it be detox symptoms? Or candida? I'm not experiencing any bad tastes in my mouth, which is a bonus I guess. 

Any one in the know please speak up! ;)

Thanks heaps,

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Its common when people switch over to a HIGHLY cleansing low fat, vegan diet based on fruits aka 811.
I've had it before quite badly and come to think of it it's always been when I've fasted or been going well on a HCRV diet. Did you get it?
I always thought the white tongue during detox is a massive yeast die off. Any day, you should wake up with a nice pink tongue.
I will dance in excitement
haha, as will I when yeast and stuff is gone! Hate that darn stuff!!
same. After a meal of bananas I get a light white coating again...but goes away fast.
This white coating is not related to bananas, cannot be scrubbed off, causes foul breath and a general feeling of unwellness. Usually seems to show up during transition between sad and raw. Goes away by itself, leaving very sweet breath, pink tongue and great taste buds.

Hm, I get this too and have digestive issues, dandruff, etc etc. I put it all down to candida. But perhaps there are multiple potential causes although to be honest that sounds unlikely >.br/>
Thankfully high fruit and greens and lots of mineral water is my main chosen approach for Candida too so... you're probably along the right lines for fixing it anyway!


Have you had it for a long time? Long before starting 811? I would recommend cutting fat very low or nothing (no overts anyway) for a few weeks and see if it clears up or things improve! :) 

I am juicy, no overts at all. I'm guessing it's detox like DR said I'm detoxing HIGHLY. 
I have it too.  I have heard it's common for detox.  I'm not too worried about it but I do hope it doesn't last too long.
It's annoying huh!
I have very coated tongue in my first month of 811. Now it's OK, sometimes is just a little white.



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