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Hello to all of you runners, walkers and whoever else may wear these. I am wanting to order a pair however I am unsure which ones to go for. Out of the classic, sprint and KSO which would you recommend for all-of-the-time use but also for running. Also, which are the easiest to break-in? I tend to turn my back to shoes that rub too much and cause blisters...

In regards to the classics, do they ever fall off? Do the straps on the sprint irritate? Are the KSO's hot and claustrophobic? 

Do I need to wear socks? If so, which are the best to get?


Thanks :)

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Hey Marianna :0)


I have a pair of the classic's and a pair of the KSO trek sport.


I had some rubbing when I first got my classic's, this no longer happens. It lasted a period of time.


I enjoy the classic's and no they do not fall off

I enjoy the Trek's and no they're not claustrophobic and I don't find them to be hot.


I have two pairs of socks for them, a summer pair and winter pair. I wear my Vibrams with and without socks

I do prefer my trek's without socks thou occassionally I do wear them with them.


I hope this has been of some help :0)

Thanks Stephen! Can you tell me which you prefer? 

It's hard to say Marianna :0)

I guess it depends on the day and the choice of activity.

Umm, I'm gonna go with the KSO as the better allrounder :0)

I have a 2 pairs of KSO's and one pair of sprints. I enjoy both types, but I have to say I prefer KSO's to the sprint in terms of comfort. In the summer, I wore my sprints more because of the open top and the ease of slipping them on and off (if you don't tighten up the strap they are pretty much like classics). I have noticed that if I don't have the strap tightened on the sprints, my foot gets pushed forward and there's a bit of extra heel. Whether this was my fault in sizing or just how my feet fit them, I'm not sure. 


Both probably require the same break-in time. It can take a few days for your foot to get used to wherever it may rub you, while the seam is new and all, but after that it's fine. I have noticed that my new pair of KSO's don't have this problem because either my feet are used to wearing vibrams or the manufacturing has improved; I'm going with the latter, because they just feel snugglier and more glove-like overall. 


The strap on the sprint irritates me if I have it semi-loose. If it's cinched down well, no problem; if it is so loose that it's not touching my foot, no problem. It depends on how you wear the strap. I've never really had a problem with heat or foot-claustrophobia in any vibrams. 


Socks aren't necessary, but may help to keep them from smelling in the long run. I am not an expert on socks, since I only got one pair to try them out, but the one pair of injinji socks I have are nice. 

Hey Marianna, I have the sprint, KSO, and treksport models and out of all of them the treksport get my thumbs up as the best all round vibram!  

The sprints are great and bit cooler than the other too but sand and stones get in easily which would be the same for the classic.  I haven't had any problems with the strap irritating.  

The treksport has a similar top to the KSO but with extra padding around the back of the ankle and it has the trek sole which is thicker and has grip on the sole.  This sole gives you better grip and feels more substantial and comfortable than the standard vibram sole.  I don't wear my KSO's anymore as the treksports are just so much better!  

My sprints wore out recently and I may get another pair as they are a bit easier to slip on and off for general use and my feet don't heat up in them as much as the others.

Whatever pair you decide on get them in a light colour as this makes a huge difference in how much they heat up.  I have a light grey pair and a black pair of treksports and the black ones get a bit hot for really hot days in the tropics.

Hope this helps!


Definitely the treksport in my opinion.  

I only run on trails but I wear them as everyday shoes on any surface.

Vibrams are the only shoes I've worn for the last two years.

I would suggest that you don't buy vibrams without trying them on first.  I tried several models of vibrams a while back and they all fit horribly because the slant of my toes is different than that of the shoes.  Only after they came out with the Komodo model, did I end up buying a pair.  That one fit differently than other models.


Or at least make sure there's a good return policy.

If you can get to a store to try them on, I highly recommend that.  I had to get 3 or 4 sizes up from what was recommended and am now on my second pair of Sprints which I have worn constantly for 2 years now.  The sprint never caused any rubbing for me, I wear mostly barefoot and sometimes with socks.  I did not like the other models at all.  They are too cold for winter outside though, so I am about to get some vivo barefoot shoes.


I tried on my KSOs first and found an amazing fit. My friend at work measured his foot and ordered online - now his little brother has Komodo's as a hand-me-down.

Thanks so much for the info guys..I think I will have to find somewhere that sells them so I can try them on before I buy.



Otherwise expect some slow times and/or extra injuries.


I use my vibrams for cleaning my bike, doing yoga etc. When I want to run, I use proper shoes and dominate.


Funny thing is that the Treksports have the most cushioning but then you defeat the purpose of wearing a barefoot style shoe. I use the sprints as they have virtually no cushioning and are great for grass, sand and other soft surfaces.


Vibrams are great for people that just want to amble along. They are fun to wear but you seriously need some years of running behind you. Ive got friends that I can out run but if I wore vibrams like them, they would out run me.

Fortunately running is not always about going as fast as possible.



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