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Which step led to YOUR biggest health improvement? Leaving out dairy, meat, wheat, gluten ...?

I have the biggest health improvement from leaving out:

1.) caffeeine (in softdrinks, I was cola light addicted, and coffee) - I sleep SO MUCH better!

2.) wheat - since I try to eat no more bread, I feel like having a lot more energy!! Yesterday I slipped of and ate a slice of toast - and guess who fell asleep on the couch an hour later :-/

I still don't have made the experience to leave out all the cooked foods, but from tomorrow on I will be joining the banana girl challenge.
I am curious about your experience with health improvement!

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Well the first thing I cut out was flesh and the chronic low back pain I had for 10 years disappeared within a week.  That was one of the most noticeable improvements.

Before I tried 811 I had been vegetarian for over 20 years so the best health improvement for me was definitely cutting out dairy - I am assuming it was cutting out cheese as I used to eat a lot of cheese. I used to get throat and chest infections a lot and after going vegan I have not had any infections.

Also I stopped drinking alcohol completely 3 years ago at the same time as I started 811 so it has probably been the next greatest health improvement for me - no more horrific hangovers!

Not much, ever since i dropped my weight and cut out all processed foods, before raw vegan, i had a clean diet anyway. No processed foods whatsoever. Thankfully i was raised healthy and even though i gained over 150 pounds in a short period of time (3 years, when i went from a village to the city, i had quite the cultural shock and just ate and tried everything and "bathing" myself in the luxury of having food brought to your door) my health didn't really get damaged by the junk food, besides my mobility and as easy as it came, the faster it left (162 pounds in 14 months loss).

Now i'm just enjoying eating loads of sweet stuff, and not counting calories or carbs or fats or protein or anything.

Maybe the biggest health improvement, was the peace of mind.

It was the animal products for sure. I would still eat vegan wheat pizzas with no real ill affect. Still, switching to low/no gluten carbs like rice, fruit etc gave me a higher level aerobic capacity on the bike. Switching from starch to fruit made it even higher.

It looks to me like people feel better every time they cut out any of the unnatural foods from their diet. LFRV is unique in that it cuts out all the unnatural foods, so people thrive on it.

I suppose humans could eventually adapt to eating at MaccaDees, it just might take a 100,000 years or so.


Salt is the most noticeable for me recently.  No more puffy face/water retention whatsoever.  Before that, cutting back on overt fats made the biggest difference - whether animal or vegetable - too much fat would make me feel extremely queasy and generally the most unhealthy person around. 

Oh, finally, I don't know why, but 811 has kick started my appetite - but I'm not sure exactly why.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (nodules in the thyroid) and reconciled myself to have a slightly lower metabolism and no appetite.  I can't believe my thyroid has been healed this quickly or if it is something else - all I know is that I'm back to actually wanting to eat - what a relief. 



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