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I am considering either getting a Champion masticating juicer or the Breville centrifugal juicer.  Which do you guys recommend?  Are they about the same as far as difficulty to clean?  Is the masticating worth ti as far as nutrients and extra juice it gets?

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I can't believe nobody has an opinion on this!  Thanks for nothing.

haha very rude. nobody owes you anything. 

Don't get a juicer. Eat your fruit or blend it. Drink water. 

Juicing gets rid of fiber. blending doesn't. juicers take more time, cleaning and the juicing process. More nutrients if you eat it or blend it. 

I use an Angel Juicer .pricey but easy to clean and sturdy.  We juice greens every a.m I love how it sets the "tone" for the day.

I looked up the Angel...GIRL I could not afford that, especially right now while I'm trying to get through nursing school.  Perhaps in the future though.  I'll keep an eye on that brand.

Save yourself the money and counter space by eating your food whole. If you want something more liquid then blend it.


If you can afford it, the Champion juicer (commercial version, extra $30) is the best, in my opinion.  Note that if you want to do wheatgrass, that is a separate machine because it is a different process to juice greens (don't buy the Champion attachment, not good, surprisingly).

The added benefit of the Champion is that it makes amazing banana ice cream - it masticates the frozen banana into a soft-serve that tastes great! (also works with frozen mangos, berries, etc.).  WAY better than a food processor does!  I bought my Champion a number of years ago when I incorporated fresh juice into my diet & it lived in a box for years after I moved because I stopped juicing for a long time; that ice cream is what brought it back to life in my kitchen.

Side note, if you are planning on doing HCRV for yourself, I recommend primarily using a blender for whole-fruit juices so that you're getting the fiber from the fruit as well as the juice.  I still use mine once in awhile for juicing, like for apple juice/cider or carrot-apple juice as a treat, but it mostly just makes ice cream for me (pretty much every day).

For cleaning, I would recommend using it near a sink if possible.  There is a lot to clean, but it goes quickly if you set it up right.  Definitely get a vegetable scrubber bristle brush so that you can clean the major parts under the tap quickly (blade, plunger, and shell).   I use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe off the motor piece (the base).  Keep in mind that you have to oil the motor shaft before each use or the blade will get SUPER stuck on (Pam spray or any kind of veggie oil that you can spray or wipe on with a napkin works).

The Champion juicer is an investment (around $300 USD for the black commercial version, which is a bit heavier-duty; I recommend the black version so you don't see any staining over time), like a good blender (Vitamix or Blendtec).  It's a serious machine that will last you a long, long time.  There is some cleanup involved & it is somewhat heavy, so keep that in mind if you're looking to store it after use every time.  I've had mine for years & years and it's never let me down, it's awesome!

Very good information.  I've used a breville for a while but it was my friend's and she wants it back.  I'm aware of the cleaning involved in that model, is it easier or about the same as far a cleaning the champion?  I want more out of greens which is why I am considering a juicer.  I love starting my day with a juice.  I have a ninja blender, which sucks!  I told my husband I want a blendtec for my birthday (which is tomorrow) so hopefully I'll get what I want and can make more smoothies and dressings with it.  Juices are easier to bring with when I'm at school and clinicals.  I know I get plenty of fiber from all the bananas, dates and greens and cabbage I eat so that's not an issue.  I love banana ice cream so that may motivate me to get the champion.  How long does it take to juice say...32 ounces?

Yes, there's a lot of misinformation out there.  A Ninja is not really a good serious blender, despite the marketing.  Vitamix or Blendtec is the way to go.  I've used my Blendtec pretty much daily (sometimes multiple times a day) for the past 5+ years without a hiccup; it was $400 USD (which for me is a huge investment), but I don't regret it a single bit thanks to the power & reliability it's brought into my kitchen.

I recommend bringing smoothies with you instead of juices.  Or rather, whole-fruit juices (which I also call smoothies) such as watermelon, orange, and datorade.  Bananas oxidize (turn brown & smelly) quickly, so you pretty much have to drink them right after you make them, making them unsuitable for travel.  If you only drink juice from a juicer, then you're missing out on all of the fiber, which balances out the high sugar content.  Just my two cents.

My Blendtec actually has a "Whole Juice" option, which is the best cycle to run anyway (I use it for everything).  Keep in mind that the blender is ear-splittingly LOUD.  I believe the longest cycle is only 90 seconds, although sometimes I run it twice (like for datorade).

As far as the juicer goes, it does take longer.  The fruit juices as soon as you pushes down with the blender, but it can take an awful long time (and a LOT of fruit) to get 32 ounces of liquid out.  You need a lot more fruit for just juice than you would if you made whole juice.  One nice thing with the blender is that you can optionally strain out what you don't want (I have a small mesh bowl strainer with a handle for when the OJ has a lot of white skin on it, or if I forget to pit a date & need to strain it out first).  I think fresh juices are good, but I consider juice a drink & smoothies/whole-juices from a blender a "meal", if that makes sense.

imo, the Champion is totally worth it for the ice cream alone, at least if (1) you are serious about following this diet long-term, and (2) like banana ice cream.  It makes a good companion to a high-quality blender (of course, then you're looking at $700 worth of appliances right off the bat).

Also, the Champion is not a greens juicer.  They have an attachment, but it's not very good.  Keep in mind that the process for doing greens & wheatgrass is different than other fruits & vegetables, so if you want a really good wheatgrass/greens juicer, it should be a separate machine from an all-around juicer.  The Omega 8005/8006 series seems to be a pretty good combo, but the Champion makes better ice cream.  My advice would be to read a bunch of reviews & watch Youtube videos to see what would work best for you.  I like my Champion because then I can have ice cream for breakfast, hahaha.

Champion's and centrifugals seem to get middling reviews now that auger juicers have improved so much. Champion does apparently make great ice cream and is definitely built like a brick so will last forever. Centrifugals like the Breville are ok for hard things like carrot and apple but terrible for greens. Vertical augers like the Omega, Hurom, Kuvings etc. are the most efficient all-round performers. I've got a Breville and the juice I've tried from an Omega single auger was much less frothy.

Yeah, I've been seeing good things about the vertical ones.  I bought my Champion many years ago & centrifugals were the only real competitor at the time.  Fortunately the ice cream feature rescued it from my storage bin in the garage ;)

I'd get a vitamix if i did not already have one then a juicer. But what juicer? I dunno i got a breville its ok and i'm happy with it But i hear the masticating ones are way better. I like mine mainly for juicing beets. every now adn then I want the liquid from something and not all the fiber. or I might juice something and pour the juice into a smoothie. 



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