30 Bananas a Day!

Hi there fruit lovers!! 

I need your help!! 

I'm moving to the US (I'm from Italy) for work, starting next week.. Destination Houston :) 

Could anyone give me any tips on where to buy large quantities of fruits?? 

I know about farmers markets but usually they have more veggies and local produce, I'm looking for lots of tropical fruits!!

Also if anyone loves Durians lets meet up! I need to find some when I'm there! Wish to have the Malaysian durian (frozen its fine) but I know its hard to get :(

Anyways if anyone cold give me some tips it would be very appreciated and if you want to meet up just send me a message

Ciao! :) 

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I don't live in Houston, but that's where Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has her organic produce co-op. You can buy tons of organic fruit from that co-op in various parts of Houston.

Thank you! :)

Hey, man! I would recommend going to one of the asian markets in town. It's called Viet Hoa. They sell some Durians! Tastes pretty good, but it really does not compare to fresh picked ones!



I think I've been there already! :) they have the frozen ones but these are all from Thailand and usually the standard quality ones.. I'm soooooo craving D24!!!!! 

Malaysia is the only place I've been so far where they have the best varieties! Loved it over there!! :)

I found them frozen last month when I was in China but no where else!! I paid like $25 for 500gr.. crazy!

The ones I find here are about $6 for that same quantity but have little taste.. :((

Some guy from Wholefoods advised me to go at Ranch99 market but hadn't tried it yet.. 

You are going to be sooooooooooo happy in Houston (well, fruit-wise, anyway, lol).  I used to shop here 20+ years ago and if the yelp comments are anything to go by, the prices are even better.  Actually, this store is just a tiny part of the actual markets that extend around it. All the green roofed buildings are established sellers.  From memory, a lot of the trucks around the periphery and down the aisles are also sellers.  You have to find parking where you can, out of anyone's way.  Again, this is from memory so they may have tidied things up since then.

If it's too far to travel from where you'll be living, try these links.

Thank you so much Eva for the link to the market! I'll check it out this week! :) 

Wow!! This market looks so much like home!! :) In Italy I always bought my fruits at farmers market, I love it there! :)) I left everyday with a smile.. grocery store shopping is just not the same thing ;) 

Thank you again!! :)

Ciao ciao! :)

Did you ever make it out to the markets, Dustin?  I'm curious whether the setup has changed and don't know anyone in Houston who could tell me first-hand. 

Hey Eva, yes I did make it to the market.. Canino Market is very fun to buy at, makes you kinda feel you're out of the US for a moment ;) I did find some good deals there (mangoes and tomatoes mostly)

I also visited some Asian supermarkets which are loaded with cheap tropical fruits.. I was buying young coconuts at Central Market for 3.99 each, not I get them for about 1.20 each when I buy a case at Ranch99.. I've also found the whole ones at Hong Kong Market along with asian mangoes and other good stuff.. :)

I still mostly shop at Central Market, since its near to where I live and the quality is very good there.. Still I guess fruit season hasn't started all the way, peaches, apricots etc are still pretty expensive.. 

oh well.. I'll thrive on coconut water and bananas for now ;) hahah just kidding, but yeah coconut water is THE BEST! :)

Thank you again for the excellent tips you gave me!

So glad it's worked out for you, Dustin!  I love bulk shopping and don't mind traveling to do it.  We lived in Alief when I shopped there. 

If you're feeling adventurous and there's something in season (I'm living on Aussie time now, lol) check out these links to pick-your-own farms.  Most are probably within driving distance to make a day of it.  Definitely check ahead of time if a location is still open or if hours have changed because I know King's Orchard is gone (and I cried a bit about it because it was a dream to pick at - plenty of variety, clean, organized and HUGE value for money at the time).

I live here hit me up if you need anything!



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