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My boyfriend and I want to move out of Upstate NY. Our original plan was to move down to Wilmington, NC. This was before we decided to become HCRV and live a more active life. Now we want a place where it will be affordable to live this way. where we will have a lot of options to chose from food that we can eat. Where we currently live it is very hard to get enough fruit because our town and surrounding towns do not have very much to chose from. where in the US is it the most affordable place for a young couple (23 and 25) to live HCRV and be active (running, swimming, surfing, hiking etc) I am having a very hard time finding a place that will be suitable for us, any suggestions?

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I live in California, and it's GREAT for a HCRV, but of course I'm biased.  The price of living here is a bit higher, but not every town has to be.  It's more expensive to live in a big city like San Diego than other towns.  I'm from Sacramento, and I was just thinking today how LUCKY I have it here.  For example, there's a small "Fresh Market" about a mile from my house that sells ripe bananas for $0.29/lb, avocadoes 2 for 1, apples for under a buck a pound, etc....and then a guy has a fruit stand one one corner and is selling cherries, while down the street another stand sells boxes of the ripest, juciest strawberries for $12 a flat (6 baskets).  We have great grocery stores and lots of farmers' markets.  Produce abounds :-)  Also, California has a very diverse terrain.  We have mountains (skiing, snowboarding, hiking), lakes, beaches, and beautiful national parks, including Calaveras Big Trees, Yosemite, etc.

Wow that is  a lot cheaper than what we pay just for non-organic. We pay $0.54/lb for bananas, $1.25-$1.50 an avacado, bag of apples around $3.99 and our farmers market include romain some greens and meats, cheese and dairy, no fruit not even apples and we live in a state that grows apples like crazy. One carton of strawberries cost us $4.00. I have always been interested in Cali I might have to start looking it up and checking it out :) thank you for the advice!

yup south west is the 'best'

i got bananas 25 cents a lb and 5 avocados a $.

$ for strawberries carton too.

 I imagine Phoenix being allot cheaper than most other places .   even if nowhere in america has a good economic situation  just be glad your not as bad off as vegas i guess.. 

low natural disaster was my reason for moving here.

Sunshine, I'm assuming those bananas weren't organic, is that assumption correct?  I made a killing at a local organic produce store.  $.29 cents per lb for bananas that the regulars though were too ripe!  LOL LOL  They were yellow without spots!  I bought 20 lbs - in fact all they had out.  I need to drop by that store today in fact. 

South Florida is the best because it's the only tropical climate in mainland US and you can grow/buy most of the tropical fruits there.

I'm moving there soon to start homesteading on my 5 acres!:)


Oh yeah, clean air, nice and humid just what we need for good health vs the dry air in CA..

As far as hurricanes.. I don't ever worry about stuff that 'could' happen..:)

My tolerance for heat and humidity has increased a LOT since giving up all animal products.  And I'm imagining it will get even better when I am 100% raw and lose the excess fat.

humidity is more water in air so less oxygen. therefore less energy. i was trying to figure out why i felt lethargic in humid areas, i wanted to do an experiment where by i drank liquid oxygen or h2ho to see if that helped as i am hopless in humidity, but wow to all those fruit prices seem amazing!

makes me want to move over there...

But of course humidity is a good thing Melissa!

Humid air is hydrating to your skin, hair, sinuses, etc. and it helps detox too!

Dry air does exactly the opposite of course.. so it's a no brainer!!!:)

Thank you guys this has helped a lot got my mind rolling! :D

Where in upstate NY do you live? I'm from NY too and have been looking at both CA and FL to move. They definitely seem like the best two options in the US. My move will probably be determined by which grad school I get accepted to. I have been to FL many time and love it, but never to CA- though from all of the research I have done CA seems like the better choice.  

Oneonta Ive been here since i was like 7 im ready to get out! lol



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