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My boyfriend and I want to move out of Upstate NY. Our original plan was to move down to Wilmington, NC. This was before we decided to become HCRV and live a more active life. Now we want a place where it will be affordable to live this way. where we will have a lot of options to chose from food that we can eat. Where we currently live it is very hard to get enough fruit because our town and surrounding towns do not have very much to chose from. where in the US is it the most affordable place for a young couple (23 and 25) to live HCRV and be active (running, swimming, surfing, hiking etc) I am having a very hard time finding a place that will be suitable for us, any suggestions?

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haha I hear ya! I've lived in the BInghamton area for nearly 27 years (my whole life). It's time for a change!

Riight! thats why I am glad Im leaving come next yrs tax returns

I'm in the East side of LA living with my SAD boyfriend. Every Tuesday I checkout the supermarket ads for the next day, and with the smaller supermarkets I can typically eat for about $50/week (non-organic). I can almost always get bananas for $.33/lbs often get manila mangoes 4 for $1 (picked up 100 yesterday). When watermelon is in season 8-10lbs/$1 etc. Then I get my dates at Costco $2/lbs.

If I wasn't living with my boyfriend though, I'd probably be more inland like the high desert or inland empire because the rents are so much cheaper, and I'm not a social butterfly who would make enough use of a bustling city life (someday maybe).

I know there's a bit of rivalry between FLA and CA. Though I'm not fan of humidity especially at night while trying to sleep necessitating the use of a/c.. But who knows where life will take me.

I have no idea what would freak me out more, probably the earthquakes theres nothing you can do about those.

one day we'll fly haha

Jon, you are correct.  I am from both Southern and Northern Calif.  I lived the majority of my life there.  During that time there were 2 major earthquakes.  None that effected where I lived, but close enough to shake, rattle and role me.  I want to move back to the Sacramento area ASAP. 

Dude, no way!  I've lived in Florida all my life, and at least we get warnings with hurricanes, so we have plenty of time to drive away.  I didn't think you got warnings with earthquakes?  What if you were in a really tall building and the earthquake made it crumble down to the earth?!  That sounds horrifying!  LOL

those are both reasons why i say AZ

I love the heat but miss green and regular rain!

Over the last year I was set on moving somewhere (was thinking Colorado or maybe Austin, Albuquerque or Portland) but was unable to make a decision! So I'll be staying in Tucson until I get a plan together lol.

Good for you:) I wish you luck!!

Right! you too if you decide to leave too haha Live life enjoy new places!

Idaho actually is great for this lifestyle.  All the items on your list correspond with what we have available here.  It still costs money of course.  We just opened up 2 new grocery stores here in Boise that have organic produce available year round.  My downtown co-op just switched their produce to 95% organic selection from 70%.  A big step.  Whole Foods is being built now and should open shortly.  We have a very active out door lifestyle here. 





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