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I am following a course about Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on coursera.org just to get some more knowledge on things we often hear here and there.

Most of the time the lectures are in line with my beliefs, but the one about essential fatty acids pissed me off a bit as it promoted fish consumption to get omega-3 fatty acids, namely the EPA and DHA types. I learned that from plants we can get the so called ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) omega-3 fatty acid which our body can be convert to EPA and DHA in small amounts.

This lecture however says that we have to eat fish to get sufficient EPA and DHA and it suggest that you must eat fish or supplement it if you want to be healthy. I think it is common sense that the optimal human health is not dependent on fish as I cannot imagine anyone who could jump into the river and swim down a fish, catch it then eat it raw. And also, I have never ever had carvings for fish to get more omega-3. So it just sounds nonsense to me.

However, I don't know the science behind it. So my question is, can we make sufficient EPA and DHA from ALA? Do you know any reliable study about it? Do you have blood test results showing actual values of these fatty acid levels? Are they in range?

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romaine lettuce

dont forget that omegas are just fat - too much omegas means your fat

btw - there are omegas in mcdonalds fries LOL - the whole omega thing is BS

Our bodies make our own DHA and EPA from ALA found in plants and seeds.  I learned that from Dr. McDougall.

yes, the question is it is enough or not? Or do you really have to supplement with fish, lol ? It sounds ridiculous :)

our bodies were designed to correctly live on this planet without commercialism and big pharma pumping out poisons to us and this includes the poison of fish oil - of course we get enough lipids (omegas) from natural organic whole vegan food.

guess eating enough greens and a little bit of flaxseed would take care of it , otherwise they now have vegan EPA DHA supplements based on algae if you would really need it ...so there is definitely no need to eat fish or take fish oil anymore yay! :D

so none of you experiences the symptoms of EPA and DHA deficiency? Anyone fatigue, having dry skin or eczema, hair loss, heart problem, poor memory after going vegan or raw vegan? :D

Greens, just like most animals on the planet.

Fish oil is extracted with Acetone and is rancid.

Yes i had these symptoms before, is it EPA OR DHA deficiency, how to know? all

i can say is i feel good when i eat +- 2 pounds of greens a day + slow release carbs foods

like (3days)sprouted kamut, blueberry, bell pepper, yams etc.

hemp seeds!  also called hemp hearts.  they're a great source of both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.  also a complete protein :)  of course if you stick to this lifestyle long enough you really learn to trust that you don't need to worry about those things the way we've been taught to.  but there you go!

yeah, I get enough omega-3, that is not the problem. Plants contain ALA fatty acid and don't contain EPA and DHA. The lecture suggested that our body cannot make enough EPA and DHA from ALA so you have to eat fish to avoid all sorts of diseases. I don't agree with this and I believe that our body knows better how much EPA and DHA should be made than whatever scientist who measured something.

Probably most of the people have never heard about EPA or DHA at all so I guess it is not an issue in HCRV diet.

Sure it does. According to this lecture "if you have documented coronary heart disease" you should increase EPA and DHA from fish oil. And you need it anyway for brain and cognitive development. Generally the course prefers plants over meat, it was just sad to hear that in this case fish or fish oil consumption is promoted for something that I is clearly unnecessary.

Researchers find correlation between things like EAP/DHA and coronary heart disease and they conclude that you have to supplement it. From fish oil! Imagine 7 billion people supplementing omega-3 from fish! I think we would deplete our oceans/rivers whatever pretty quickly. Unbelievable that it is taught in a University these days.

this has been true for me  2 months ago i was worried about filling various boxes on cronometer 

and now not all i have really begun to trust this lifestyle on a much deeper level simply because of the unsurpassable health

fish oil =more marketing with scare tactic you need this or that   tell it to a gorilla



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