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My twin sister, Mackenzie Carpenter (also on the site), and I are raw vegans looking to move away from the cold weather. We currently live in Wilmington, DE and are tired of the cold winters, poor air quality, power-plants/factories right around the corner, and general atmosphere of the area. We would love to move somewhere warm, preferably with hiking/biking trails, campgrounds, maybe a beach. Anyone know of some places like this?? Thanks! :)

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Wow! Thank you for all the information! We've considered LA, but I don't have a lot of knowledge about it except for the fact that it's the entertainment hub of America, but I'm glad to know that there's a large community of raw food/vegan people there! The fact that it's very bike friendly is a big plus. We've definitely thought of living overseas too, but were worried about the job situation, language barriers, etc., but you're right, teaching overseas would be a really good idea. And that's good to know about Houston. I would love to bike ride everywhere, but I wouldn't want to be riding on 2 lane roads with cars whizzing by. The greenery does sound nice though, and that's important to us. Sounds like we have a lot of research to do and a lot to consider! Thank you very much!!

Thanks so much for all the info! We definitely have some research to do. I would LOVE to live somewhere overseas for atleast a little while. LA would be cool too, maybe a little crowded and crazy for me, but we'll probably try to visit some of these places before making a decision. Thanks again :)

Good luck to both of you guys. Yeah, if possible...going overseas would be ideal. The reason I push this point is because you are two sisters, who appear to be pretty close. That isn't something that we want to take for granted...I mean if you have the opportunity to take a trip as sisters...I would definitely take advantage of that. 

Usually in life there are distractions that come up, that keep us from being able to spend as much time as we would like with the people we love. I mean, if one of you gets a job that ties you down, or gets married...etc...it won't be as easy to pick up and go overseas together.

I've taken a lot of trips... but the trips I took with my brother to Egypt and Spain were memories that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. I'll never forgot that day...we had decided to finally go on a trip together, but we had no idea what city to go to. So my brother asks me..."Where should we go?"

I got out of a huge Atlas map of the WORLD...there was one place that stood out...as being the most adventerous, exotic and MEANINGFUL place... "WE HAVE TO FLY INTO CAIRO, EGYPT! LET'S GO TOUCH THE PYRAMIDS! WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT EGYPT, IT WILL BE AMAZING!" We were just two African kids (I think I had just turned 21 or something) who grew up poor, and with low expectations, standing in our mom's living room...but for that one moment, we had just decided to go big.

He has a son to take care of now...and I'm a little older now and I'm in a little different place in life with different priorities so...that's not something that could really happen now. 

Snorkeling in the Red Sea, immersed in an underwater wonderland of thousands of fish of all colors...40 years from now I'll still be dreaming about that place...that was one of the most breathtaking and life affirming moments that I will ever experience...and I'm glad that I got the opportunity to share that with my brother.

I've lived in different states, and visited lots of countries... in my personal opinion, what is important are the practical questions. What are your goals in life right now? Where is the best place for you to be, to work towards that? What type of lifestyle do you want to live? What matters to you most in a place to live?

As far as "which city is best", I feel that a lot of that is your state of mind. The grass is always greener, and in general, people do not appreciate the good qualities of the place they are from. 

When I had zero attachments, and wanted to go on a trip that would challenge me to be a better person CHINA was where I belonged. When I needed to finish college and wanted to get motivated to study and surf, HAWAII was the best 3 years of my life. When I had been away from home for too many years, and missed my sisters, nieces and nephews, it was time for LA. To get more work experience and pay off student loans, I am happy to be in Houston, Texas.

Every few years, I like to ask myself a simple question: "Life is short, what am I trying to accomplish and what is THE BEST POSSIBLE PLACE THAT I COULD BE RIGHT NOW? WHAT IS THE ONE PLACE THAT I COULD GO RIGHT NOW, THAT I MAY NEVER GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO AND EXPERIENCE EVER AGAIN?" Whatever answer you come up with, as the best possible option...is where you need to go. 

No one travels too much, but a lot of us, see limitations on ourselves that don't exist. In general...when we're young, we should always try to go to the most MEANINGFUL PLACE possible, even if it is extremely exotic, remote, or challenging to reach. 

You are totally right. We tend to get caught up in the question, "what would be the best place for us to live forever?" but it's just not the way we should be looking at it. You've reminded me that I need to stay present and feel what is the best place for now, for my own personal growth. What's important to me is seeing the world and learning, and in a few years, it may not be as easy as it is now. It's helpful that the two of us want to do the same exact things most of the time, so we can travel together. Without each other, I can't say that we would ever make such huge changes in our lives, so we need to take advantage of that. I really appreciate your detailed answers and they've been so helpful! We are definitely going to listen to your advice. Thank you so much!

Priceless advice. We really want to explore and experience as much as we can. We literally just talked about even going to Thailand or heading back to Belize for awhile since we loved it but only spent a brief time there. You are so right..these are things we need to do while we don't have anything holding us back. We may never have an opportunity quite like this again when we have the ability to travel together just the two of us. I got so caught up in the thinking that it would be a permanent move! Thank you for reminding me that nothing is permanent, it's all about what feels right for now :) Can't thank you enough! 

Thank you! I had no idea!

Thank you! I'm not sure if that would be such a good fit, we want warmth and sunshine all the time :)

SF? Cold? No... haha.

The coldest during the day it has gotten pretty much year round is 55. The mornings, during winter, are the only drawback.

SoCal or Miami area

Thank you! We are thinking the same thing!

Thanks, that's what we're thinking. Can't stand the cold anymore!

Hawaii or Portland Oregon. Hawaii because of the obvious food supply, or Portland area because of the cultural  emphasis on accepting a huge variety of dietary needs. Not only are there various restaurants but also we have several groups who meet weekly for raw pot lucks and discussions and various health food conventions and summits.

oh ya, not to mention also the huge amount of organic local produce farmers markets every week and typically one for every day of the week



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