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When you just started on HCRV, did you find that you were exhuausted?

I am attributing this to detox but for someone who is just starting out of HCRV, did you find that you felt worse at first? I am exhausted, my back hurts, my skin is dull etc. What was your experience when you first started HCRV? How long did it take you to notice an improvement? Prior to this, I wasn't really SAD in my eating. I was vegetarian for about 2 years and "clean eating" by american standards since 2011. Thanks for any insight friends!

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hmmm, I find that working on the 'wheel pose' seems to help me out with reducing my back pain.

I pretty much eat a watermelon a day with lemon juice sprinkled on it + some nuts/seeds/avocados and I don't seem to be having any energy problems.  My energy went up.

I save the watermelon seeds to eat, but elaborating on that would be a discussion for the raw till 4 forum...

There are some off days, but my energy levels are pretty consistently higher than before.

Maybe that also has to do with having an mp3 player (with a ton of music on it) to walk with as well, as music sort of makes me feel pumped up.

you must be missing some part of the lifestyle, you should feel very good right away!  have you read through the 30BaD welcome wagon to make sure you are on track?

I'm new to this site, so I'm sort of wondering what I can & can't bring up.

I mentioned avocados above, but I was worried that I wasn't allowed to mention that I tend to have avocados in the form of avocado rolls (usually about 60 avocado rolls with lemon juice sprinkled on them + ginger), which adds in the carbs factor.

Are there some exceptions that can be brought up in the High Carb Raw Vegan section, like when people don't really want to mention avocados on their own, and would rather mention having avocados with carbs in the form of avocado rolls?

I could say to have avocados with some other raw fruits, but really, I think when it comes to avocados, people tend to like avocado rolls a lot...

Welcome Bones Dragon!  :)

You can read the 30BaD guidelines here: Forum Guidelines: Read before posting!

It took me a solid year to truly feel like I was consistently enjoying the benefits. I went from being diagnosed with a chronic joint deterioration disease and being told "you will be in pain the rest of your life" to riding my bike over 150 miles out in the country side, feeling joyful, alive, and peace in my heart, to the point where I was so happy, and my body felt so good, that I felt like crying.

It takes time...but its worth it.

In general, I think what ednshell said makes sense to me... benefits right away, as long as it's being done properly.  I personally felt benefits right away.

But yes, there could be medical exceptions, that keep people from feeling 'full' of energy, such as Lyme disease, etc, but even if that's the case, a healthy plant-based lifestyle is one of the best ways to help fight such diseases, so that one can eventually feel the 'full' benefits of the lifestyle. 

Not to mention, it may feel even more draining on the body to not be on this lifestyle and to have an energy draining disease at the same time.

I'm also thinking that aiming for as many plant calories as possible when one is pregnant and/or breastfeeding is a good thing to do as well (mothers instinctively eat more when pregnant/breastfeeding, but I think it's good to aim for as many calories as possible regardless). 

Putting habits in place that encourage a higher calorie intake, like bringing food with you when walking, keeping an abundance of food beside your laptop/desk/etc, wearing fruit shirts, having fruit posters, having a reminder system going off every hour that sings some random fruit/plant food songs of some sort, etc.

I have at least 4000 calories a day, and I'm not even pregnant or breastfeeding.  I can only imagine how many calories I'd be having if I were pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Eat enough tender greens a day, eat enough calories, get early nights and have long sleeps and so on :)

Lots of energy...it's been five 5 days...almost feel wired :); however I feel BLOATED!!!! and always hungry.

You sound like you have stomach acid issues, also are you using correct food combining and eating 1-2lbs of tender greens a day?

4 months for me. I "glow" the most when I have the most fresh green+fruit juice and after exercise. Always eat 2500+ calories and exercise daily! Sleep, water, sugar, sunshine, and sweat!

Thank you all! I think I need to up my sweat factor :) Overall, I am already feeling better. My back no longer hurts, I have tons of energy. I get up without an alarm clock at 6 am (used to be 10am if lucky and always groggy). Will keep you posted!



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