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When would simplicity bring nutritional problems?

I've always had a nice variety of foods on my nutrition, but due to budget, I just started to eat only bananas as the main source of calories. For the veggies I get one or two heads of romaine lettuce with oyster mushrooms. Like them raw!

Im hitting 3,300/4,000 calories a day. 

Like this I will be 2,5 months. too long?

From time to time I could get some mango or papaya and change the green leaf vegetable.

But I'm curious (and worried) about the health consequences of this lifestyle. 

Where can I read/study about it? 

Any opinions, suggestions, warnings, criticisms.. please?! :) 


-In the picture.
A good variety of bananas at the traditional market. Jakarta, Indonesia. 

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seriously i have no idea, but my diet is basically everyday the same.. these days the first meal is 1-1.5 kilo of conference pears OR 1.5 kilo of clementines second meal is always 2-4 bananas and half a kilo of (dried) dates and at night it's always the same kind of lettuce (a green kind of lettuce) 50-125 grams usually and either brown rice, brown rice pasta, corn-rice pasta or pizza, the first three with just some tomato passata with some italian herbs and stuff and the pizza always of the same composition (tomato passata, italian herbs, chestnutmushrooms (or oystermushrooms if available) spinach, bell pepper and sometimes some zucchini.

Don't know if it's healthy or not i get most of my stuff on cronometer at least.

Yeah, thats good! 

Love dates! Quite expensive here tho.

What's your "Nutritional Targets Achieved" value with in a week at the Cronometer? I get 80-88… 

when i look at the days that i have completely filled everything in it's usually around 75%, i eat 3000-3500 calories a day. though it might be higher cause the dates have a higher calorienumber on the package then cronometer gives, maybe on cronometer they're talking about fresh? better be lower in count then reality then higher.

The tomato passata and what i add to it (herbs and bell pepper) i never fill in. it probably won't make much of a difference anyway.

EDIT: when i have a pizza day i get around 85%

more leafy greens variety would be great! it's not only about calories :) it's also about minerals, nutrients, vitamins - alkalizing the body! so cucumbers, tomatoes, celery stalks,  some herbs such as cilantro, parsley, dill, basil would be beneficial as well! 

after a week of watermelon island, i don't like bananas anymore.. i may eat 2, maybe 3 but that's it, maybe because we don't have the "real wild" banans here ?! also dates - not ideal as a staple food, i am more into high water fruit & veggies now :)

-I guess you don't like drinking water anymore… : )

So, I was wondering if the variety would be better on the fruits, but makes more sense to have it on the greens. Thanks for that! 

I was eating 2 big watermelons per day a few months ago, as where I was living it was the local bestseller and cheapest fruit and… Love them! Painful stomach was normal because I couldn't stop eating them. 
I was impressed when I knew the kcal in a 3kg watermelon… 800kcal!! 


I still enjoy pure spring water :) it's winter now, so am drinking more warmer herbal infused water though

i think you just have to see what works best for you.. keep it balanced :) some days you eat more fruit, other days you eat more greens or more fats, especially now in winter i tend to eat more coconuts, avocados, soaked/sprouted seeds, almonds with lots of different lettuce varieties

regarding watermelon.. i have noticed that the purer/simpler you eat, the better your body feels, so i had no issues with watermelon this year, another thing if you have a good bowel movement -  watermelon should be no problem ;)




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