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When nonvegan goes vegan..its like a portal to an alternate dimension

hey everyone,

Im new here and ive been a vegan(98%) for about 5 months now (still it cooked food, and cutting off honey).

Now, The portal part was mentioned because before I was a vegan, I use to eat meat and dairy ALL THE TIME. Thought it was normal and perfectly healthy. Was raised like that and told that all my life. Then I stumbled across vegetarians..and man did I think they were dumb. How can you not eat meat? Thought they were crazy..I could never give up meat!

So down the road after some years have gone by, my diet changed to organic (still with meat and dairy included). Without GMOS it would be good right? So when I started telling my friends about it, they just kind of laughed it off and didn't really agree.

From that point on, during college I started to become a little more aware of health benefits. So I decided to go vegetarian. Cutting out the meat may reduce cholesteral right? So when my friends in college started noticing I wasn't eating meat, they thought I was going to be malnurished..and they started to rip on me from time to time (I'm okay with lol).

A couple months after vegetarian, my bro kept pushing me to become a vegan. I kept declining since I thought to myself.."How can I get any calcium, or protein?!"

Once I finally broke the invisible shell of awareness (for health), I finally looked into becoming a vegan. Once I saw the benefits and actual data, I immediatly changed my diet to vegan(98%) (cooked and raw food, and honey).

When I told my friends I went vegan, at first most of them didnt know the difference between vegetarian and vegan. I didnt even know a year ago! So they immediatly (and I mean IMMEDIATLY) started to bombard me with questions like "How are you going to get protein?", "Whats wrong with you?", "Arent you going to be malnurished?" and so on. They also started to rip on me (jokingly and sometimes bit violently) all the time...

So why am I telling you all this?

So the main reason why I joined is becauce one day I posted a nutritional post on another website and right away I was trashed and practically viewed as a nutjob/troll since I was vegan.
At that point I was just mad and sad. Mad that the people won't acknowledge the information and sad that they simply don't know they're being fed a gigantic lie!

So I just wanted to talk to other vegans and see what you guys and gals have gone through.

What kind of breakthroughs and frustrations have you gone through?

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This is soo so true -- "you can't change people's minds until they're ready to".

Codedarm, You are at the right place indeed!
I guess at the beginning everyone is willing to spread the TRUTH and share the Holy Grail of Health, I was like that too. Ofcourse now I'm looking forward to share my experience and knowledge too, but I really try to see if the other person is willing to hear me.

There's no need to make Yourself mad. Maybe at the beginning just observate, read books, watch vegan movies [those without David Wolfie he he], READ BOOKS! There is nothing more calming [for me] than education. I read "China Study", "80/10/10", "Starch Solution", "How To Reverse Diabetes", and others. + heaps and heaps of educational videos on YouTube [Dr.McDougall, Dr.Neal Barnard, Dr.Esselstyn, + others]. When You gain knowledge, You become a calm, knowing person.

All of my friends eat meat, etc., they all think I'm lunatic, stupid, etc. I assured only one friend + my cousin to become vegans. But I guess it was only, 'cuz they were ready to hear what I have to say. But otherwise -- I don't put out my knowledge to everyone anymore, only if I'm asked to and only if that person looks worth my words ::D

Get more educated about veganism so that You can debunk all those lies people are living in. And -- keep Your inner peace!

Great comment

Idk what it was, I usually never push my interests/opinions on others unless they ask..
Just seeing what I use to be..makes me wonder how much of a trance I was in..just going with what I've been told to do from birth.

It's very strange. Mass mind control at its finest..

Thanks for the welcoming Renee and ag :)
I'm on "banana island" right now as Freelea would say. Haha and u should see the looks and comments I get at work when I sit down with 5 bananas only on my lunch tray :) I just laugh, when they see my results then they will want to know more.

Keep on keepin on :)
I always find it funny when I'm talking to a SAD eater and they don't ask where I get my protein(only happened 2-3 times so far). It's sad that it happens so often that you only notice when people don't ask.
I think the most annoying part at the moment is so many close friends just not getting it, which means I'm finding it hard to talk to them at the moment. I know veganism isn't all I am but at the moment when I'm talking about what I have done lately, the book I am reading is the china study, I am finding it hard not to exercise each day, and weight is just falling off. I'm sorry but ATM being a vegan is actually a majority of what's new in my life.
I have seen posts and video blogs of having to learn to keep quiet sometimes, it's all new to us and we want to show the world, but we must remember when we too were shutting this all out and ignoring blatant issues.
Yeah. It is a wild phenomenon

I have the picking and questions from people at my work. The on going banana jokes are getting old quick. I have an older coworker who went around my work offering people the ripe bananas of my desk. Then I was asked when I was going to make banana bread for the office. Or come up and man handle my fruit. Which that has gotten some snippy responses from me. I don't go pawing over your sandwich and what not in your lunchbox so unhand my nanners! Grrrrr I have held my self back from saying I don't go around grabbing your banana so leave mine alone. I would end up in hr for that I am sure.

Then there are the people who have bothered to ask what's with all the bananas on your desk with sincere interest. I speak with them about it and a few people have even asked for a banana. I brought in a halves watermelon and ate it at my desk one morning last week. Prior to that I had been precutting it.  I got the wow that's a big melon. Lol 

I am still getting the dirty eyes from my mom and asked 10 times if I want whatever sad meal it is. Oh and the complete protein talk where I should eat lentils and rice to make a complete protein, ect. My grandparents have the odd comment comment when they talk to me as well. Who knew banana and dates were an unhealthy breakfast as my grandmother has commented it is so it must be fact. *rme*  She was very up in arms that my daughter chose to eat that breakfast with me instead of a cereal milk sad breakfast. I am such a bad mommy. 

I am printing my cron-o-meter to take to the Dr the next time I go for a checkup too. That way if I get flack, which I doubt from my doctor I can back it up.

It's funny how your whole life you are being told to eat more fruit and veg until that is all your doing, then look out, that's got to be unhealthy.

Turned vegan 5 months ago, coming from a standard diet. I changed it overnight, after reading The China Study. Now I still get a hard time from my family. My friends are beginning to accept it and even making small changes in there diets themselves. All I can do is give them living proof.

Keep up the good fruit ;)

I've always totally "got" vegetarianism.  I've always thought it was gross to eat meat.  I was addicted to dairy though.  I love being free of that now.  :)  I used to think 801010 was crazy and extreme.  It's funny how our perception can change.  

Yeah, it is frustrating sometimes, talking to people.  Nobody gets it.  I usually just keep it to myself, but of course food is such a big deal, so it is always going to come up.  But I'm used to it.  Even just being a vegetarian for all those years set me apart from everyone else.

Recently my family (my husband's family, actually) has been arguing diet with me.  I didn't bring it up - I am actually more of a peacemaker - really I am!  I hate confrontation.  But my sister-in-law has a blog and writes frequently about how good lard is for you, etc.  So my mother-in-law decided to start a discussion about health, fat, dairy, etc. with the family.  I expressed my opinions on the subject, but of course I was quite outnumbered.  Even so, I guess my sis-in-law felt defensive, so she sent an email out to the fam about her views.  Mostly religious - I think it is sad that so many people use the Bible to defend their meat eating.  

So I composed a long essay about my views on the subject.  I included religious and scientific reasons why I, personally, do not eat meat.  I sent it out, and now my sis-in-law has sent another email back as a rebuttal.  I just don't even want to be a part of this, but I figured I'd send one email out just to help them understand where I'm coming from.  And who knows?  Maybe it would spark a thought in someone.  And now she just wants to go back and forth debating this.  I am so annoyed.  I think I'm just going to leave it be.  I find that people have to come at it with an open heart if they are going to understand, and she doesn't have an open heart about it.  It's still annoying to me though, because she has a blog with thousands of followers, and I have nothing, but she still had to get the last word in.  I really feel it is pointless to continue arguing with her though.

I am pretty new to this whole vegan world too.  :)  I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do.  I'm new to the ethical side of it too.  So am I supposed to go around preaching my views?  I'm still trying to figure all that out. Maybe I should get my own blog or something like that, but disable the comments section, haha.  Because there is a very intense battle going on between vegans and Weston A. Price Foundation followers.


Glad to hear that a lot of you have made great decisions in your lives! Pulling through all the ridicule and hardships can be tough, keep it up!


My taste-buds have definitely changed since going vegan..it's awesome.



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