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Someone, PLEASE!!!! I just don't understand!!!! I have the will power of a bull, I'm stubborn and disciplined and hard working. Whatever I put my mind to and focus on, I tend to achieve!!


EXCEPT THIS!! I have gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off literally for YEARS!!! I cannot seem to commit 100% for even a week!!! The first frigin day Ill decide "rice isn't that bad" so I have a TINY little concession made.... and before you know it, 6 days later, I have an entire CHEAT DAY..... feel like hell, and START AGAIN.


its driving me crazy! How do some people just decide and DO it? Just go for it! Is it food addiction holding me back? Not neough calories? lack of perseverence, lack of support?!?!


can anyone please please please share their tips for getting on and STAYING ON???? Do you pray first thing in the morning? A mantra? Tell yourself why you're doing this? journal? connect with bloggers daily? any tips....... ill take em.




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Many Many things.

HAHA! :)

Nah mate no one here can help you besides you. You needa stand up and say What do I want?

Failure is when you fail to pick yourself up again.
Get a buddy motivated to start this with you. Place yourself in a supportive environment. Spend time on the internet with people interested in HCRV (us) and watch durain riders, freelee's vids there's motivation right there.

Don't set goals that are too high, i.e get into the lifestyle but have some backup brown rice in your cuboard so when you do fall back, you fall back on the healty stuff rather than pizaa etc... You can do it man!!!!

thank you shiven!!! feel free to friend me!!!!!!!!!

For so many people getting enough calories is crucial. Many have problems if they do not get 2500 - 3000+ calories. 80/10/10 and calorie restriction just do not seem to work well which is why there are minimum calories recommended here. Not only are you more hungry if you do not get enough calories, but you wont get as much nutrition either.  Sign up for an account on a service like www.cronometer.com and log all your intake. That way you can be sure you are getting enough calories as well as what your macro breakdowns are.

Listening to your body is fine, as long as you have data to be sure you are on track. So many body-listeners without enough experience hit a wall, binge, etc. But once you've been doing it a while, you will have a much better handle of what you need to eat, how much, etc, to stay on track.

Also, with logging, you'll be able to track what you are eating and how you are feeling. So if you have days you go off-diet, I think you will start to see patterns in the data that will help you figure out what is gong on. Like maybe the day before you have a binge, you are not getting enough calories. Or maybe you are not getting enough greens/minerals for a few days prior to going on a savory binge. It may show you that you need to up your calorie target.

I've got a food journal and my ipad . . . . im gonna do this. Have you been 100% raw, Chris? For how long? What benefits have you experienced?

Hi Marie, yes, well it slid because I thought I was 100% but then realized some things at the time I was eating were not 100% raw, like canned beans, etc. Then my focus became being all raw and yet I had some problems with digestion and then I looked at HCRV and that seemed to really do the trick for me. Going raw vegan I lost weight, lowered blood pressure, lost chronic aches and pains and had my energy go way up. For me, it's pretty easy to be more or less 100% raw vegan. I do not stress if I go somewhere and someone lovingly prepares cooked vegan food for me, I will eat it. But for all meals under my control, I like them low fat, raw, fresh ripe fruit and tender greens. Those are just what I seem to run best on.

How long? hmm... It's been hit and miss, but I started in spring 2009 and was probably 90%+ raw for a good year and a half, then I started on low fat and pretty soon after had diverticulitis which was not from going low fat, but probably caused (the acute attack) by eating LOTS of watermelon seeds and years of abuse plus a family predisposition to digestive problems.

Then I went off the rails for a while when healing. I followed doctors orders, I sort of knew better but the pain was such that I let myself just go along with all their recommendations, which was a mistake. After that I sort of had to go through a new round of "beginners detox" but this time around found it was much easier eating according to site guidelines here, trying to get at least 3000 calories a day, at least 8 cups of water, good sleep, etc. I also was more deliberate about logging my food which really helped me since the every now and then salad oil-dressing cheat, handful of raw nuts on salad, etc really added up to a lot more fat than I would have thought, particularly on days I did not eat enough calories.

Hey Marie :)

Well I have not read all the responses, so sorry if I'm simply repeating others...

But, what make it easier, for me is:

I log onto 30bad daily,

1) because I enjoy talking to certain people in general

2) because it reminds me of what I'm trying to achieve

If I literally surround myself with like minded people, it helps, a lot!

I don't have many fruities in my area, but having people online for support and advice makes the world of difference. Especially because we all come from different corners of the Earth, meaning, there is always someone online to talk to.

Another thing that helps me, is to always have fruit in reach, everywhere ... you're less likely to give in to other food that way.

I keep fruit at home.

In the car.

In my bag.

In my draw at the office etc.

There are all the usual things too, like eating enough calories, eating a varied diet to stop you getting bored, but also, having fun with it! There is so much more to this lifestyle than fruit itself!

Love & light

nope! not a repeat! thanks for the tips Kitty Kat!

Try hosting a raw-vegan potluck in your town to meet other people. Post a flyer at your food co-op.

Schedule meals.  I try to schedule and plan what I will eat the day before or in the morning.  I divide my caloric goals up over 3-4 meals and snacks.  I try to eat those calories on time whether I feel hungry or not.  With a full belly, a whole buffet could be in front of me and I would not want to touch it.  However, if I start feeling hungry, tired and or weak, then my mind will drive me towards the unhealthy stuff.  

Peace, PK

Yes this is good, PK.  It helps also to plan a meal you LOOK FORWARD to.  Like, ooh, those 4 ripe mangoes are just awaitin for me...

For myself, the easiest way to stay on tract is to make sure you have plenty of ripe fruit of several kinds that YOU like.  If this week it's watermelon and next week it's blueberries or whatever, then make sure you eat plenty.  Next is getting enough water to drink.  If you are dehydrated, then most people think they are hungry and just eat what sounds good.  If you want to know for sure, drink water first then make sure you are really hungry - is your stomach growling?  Mine started to growl again after I was 100% fruity.  I was also expecting so I needed alot more calories than before.  If you don't feel painfully full, you probably haven't eaten enough and will get desires for cooked food.  There is nothing wrong with you, obviously, most everyone goes through this - even Freelee said she messed up tons for quite a while.  Hope you find your way to fruity happiness!

Hey marie, i feel you 100% . you have to eat enough calories or you definitely wont stay on.  your body craves and needs calories, so if it isnt getting enough, it goes into "dense calorie source searching" mode.  i cant tell you how many times i fell off cuz i had gone hours without any food (work related always).  i also learned recently something that helped me.  you cant focus on the big picture  like "im going to be 100% for life!"  too daunting and stressful.  you have to take steps.  first step, going to get the banana (for example).  once u get the banana, then take the next step.  before you know it youve made a banana smoothie and are drinking it!  then commend yourself on the small victory you have made.  then keep taking steps.  jump off of a cliff or take the path to get down to the bottom of the cliff.  hope this helps.  <3 



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