30 Bananas a Day!

Someone, PLEASE!!!! I just don't understand!!!! I have the will power of a bull, I'm stubborn and disciplined and hard working. Whatever I put my mind to and focus on, I tend to achieve!!


EXCEPT THIS!! I have gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off literally for YEARS!!! I cannot seem to commit 100% for even a week!!! The first frigin day Ill decide "rice isn't that bad" so I have a TINY little concession made.... and before you know it, 6 days later, I have an entire CHEAT DAY..... feel like hell, and START AGAIN.


its driving me crazy! How do some people just decide and DO it? Just go for it! Is it food addiction holding me back? Not neough calories? lack of perseverence, lack of support?!?!


can anyone please please please share their tips for getting on and STAYING ON???? Do you pray first thing in the morning? A mantra? Tell yourself why you're doing this? journal? connect with bloggers daily? any tips....... ill take em.




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oh thank you Keith...thank you so much... you're absolutely right!!!! That's why I say... I can do this if only I had rice... I dont understand! Unlimited fruits and vegetables is an abundance of food!!! It's totally emotional... but to just sit there, alone, with the thoughts.... wow. I know this journey is going to be full of growth. Im looking to connect with as many aspiring rawbies as I can.. would you like to email me?



Why do you start eating rice or whatever it is? Are you hungry? Do you have cravings? Is it social pressure? Is it the initial detox at the beginning of eating raw and cleaning out? Maybe if you can figure out why, you can address that and be successful.

For me, my biggest challenge is cravings for salt, fat and savory food. It's not a lack of fruit calories, so the usual advice here to eat more fruit didn't help. But eating lots of greens did. If I eat greens at every meal, then I don't get overwhelmed by salt cravings and my blood sugar stays steady and I can easily stay HCRV. I know that's not typical for folks here, but it's been key for me.

See if you can figure out why you go off your plan. If you're hungry, eat more fruit. If you have cravings for savory food, eat more greens. If it's social pressure, skip dinners out with others for the first couple weeks. If it's discomfort from detox, keep notes about how uncomfortable you feel when you eat sub-optimal food, and keep telling yourself that this will soon pass and you'll feel amazing! There's a way you can do it if you really want to. Good luck!

this is so insightful... thank you.... I really think its emotional.... feel lonely or upset... and I just can't DEAL... so then my brain says "its rice for gods sake!!!!!" Know what I mean? Just to get through it. Maybe if I can just write write write everytime I want to put something in my mouth.....now I just have to REMEMBER that it's the most important thing!

and I get sick of fruits I think.... thank you!!!!! im printing off this response.

I think this has something to it.

woah. thats all I can say. wow. yes. nailed it....

what's on the other side of the pain? why fight? that individual nailed it.  . . . so why do we tell ourselves to keep going....

Yes, that's a wow moment for me as well. Sums it up really. This lifestyle is all about getting honest with oneself, without the crutches. 

No wonder many of us have busts. Life in its unvarnished state can get pretty painful, scary and lonely.

This website is a fantastic resource for communicating with other 30baders. And it's even better to meet in the flesh, as I did last weekend with two members of the Sydney rawers. Amazing to share honest experiences and swap tips. We could have talked all night, but it did get a bit cold!

Raw is hard. I gave up on %100 and stick with %80 raw.  Good luck

Sounds to me that you're not getting the amount of carbs your body wants. And maybe you're being too hard on yourself with very strict goals and perceiving the tinniest flaw as a huge mistake rendering everything else obsolete... seriously don't be so demanding on yourself, take it easy.

1. Throw away any animal products, processed foods, fatty foods, oils, salt, .. anything that isnt LFRV811

2. Fill yourself with enough* calories from fruits... seriously stuff yourself with bananas and dates to begin with, and vary other sugary fruits and some vegs so your body gets what it needs.

*3. Use cronometer to make sure you are not screwing up step 2 (as a rough guide, go with 3000 cals a day).

On this: Your mental clarity will rise, your happiness and motivation to go and do something active or productive will rise. Again, don't be too hard on yourself, it's a transition and NOBODY IS PERFECT... especially not instantly. So take your time and set a realistic long-term goal.

(given that you don't have any serious mental issues locked up inside, when being carbed-up your mind will being to function correctly.. but any past damage could be unleased so you'll now have to deal with that, but it's okay because you now have the energy and clarity to do so.)

Hey Marie, I have been going through the same thing for about 18 months.I used to eat a lot of junk food, mostly because I'm single and it can be a real pain cooking for one all the time(OK that's BS, I think I'm addicted to the crap).I heard something a couple of months ago on an ebook that said the better approach is not to change anything, just add better food to what your already doing.I know it's working, who says its easy to change 42 years of bad food choices.I'm eating a lot more fruit, it's just hit spring in Australia so I'm feeling reinvigorated and banana prices have come back down to where they should be.All I can say is if I'm having a binge out on crap my body doesnt need, I'm only eating half what I used to and it doesnt taste as good as it used to, I start craving  a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice blended with some frozen strawberries, sooo refreshing!! Just keep telling yourself it will work if you stick at it,I don't have great will power when it comes to food, but I know if I get in 30 bananas for breakfast and lunch then I'm not going to be thinking about a hamburger at tea time.It will work just believe in the lifestyle and yourself!

Peace and love

My advice is to take it one step at a time. Instead of trying to go 100% raw at once, try to do a little more each day. For one week (or even longer if you need) commit yourself to have a raw breakfast, and then cooked vegan for the rest of the day (preferably low-fat). Then do raw breakfast and lunch for a while, slowly add in raw snacks, and THEN try eating 100% raw. I was in the same boat as you, when I first tried eating raw I was good for maybe 2 days and then fell off completely and it would take me a week to get back on, or longer. It takes time to change habits, and it doesn't happen overnight. Take it slow, as long as you need, and see how it goes. You CAN do it!

Hey Marie,

I'm just going to tell you my reasons for going vegan and hopefully when you read them you will see where my conviction comes from.

First and foremost, animal cruelty. Watch Earthlings, and you'll have trouble eating anything or even wearing anything made from animals. Secondly, every animal byproduct or meat is infused with either natural hormones(which don't belong in your body, just theirs) and/or are injected with fake hormones which promote growth, weight gain, and other side effects like tumors. A lot of factors are also at play. Like what dairy products do to your skin, hair, intestines, arteries, etc. Addiction. Most animal byproducts have so many addictive substances they basically force your body to crave it. Caso-morphin in cheese, opiates in chocolate, dopamine inducing chemicals in milk and everything else. It's not only healthier to break free, but it gives you piece of mind that your mind is your own.  Lastly, feeling great! The HCRV diet is the only one which makes people feel really fricken good, all the time :D 

I'm 100% vegan, but I sometimes choose not to go raw. I still have grains 2 to 3 times a week, which requires cooking them. But as long as you stay vegan your body will detox very quickly and go back to normal in a matter of a few hours if you do choose to eat grains. So if you're having a craving, be sure to counteract it! Knowing what does it for you is the tricky part. My sweet cravings are nonexistant with a lot of fruit in my diet, my cheese craving I took care of with my recipe. Shred a whole carrot, cook with earth balance vegan butter and a half of teaspoon of yeast! it's so much like cheese I put it on everything that day! It's full of vitamin A, and you'll detox vegan butter so much more easily than any animal byproduct in your body :)

This is a weird another weird tip, but exercise a lot! Sticking to HCRV is much easier when your body constantly craves the best nutrition possible! So I exercise a lot and eat a lot of seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies! At least 3000 when I burn 1000 from exercise that day. :) 

Anyways, best of luck to you, and hope this has helped!

Thanks so much for all of your responses and support. . . . Today... Day 1... EXCEPT... I can't give up coffee yet. Im doing 8 hours of teacher training and just can't go through with it with a migraine..... I WILL deal with that..... but just want to get raw first. I'm already vegan..... and I haven't had meat in 18 years, having seen some information about it.


I've struggled with eating disorders my whole life, so naturally I'm worried that this huge amount of calories will make me turn into a massive blimp.... but now... I want raw more than anything else. Thanks again everyone!!!



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