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Someone, PLEASE!!!! I just don't understand!!!! I have the will power of a bull, I'm stubborn and disciplined and hard working. Whatever I put my mind to and focus on, I tend to achieve!!


EXCEPT THIS!! I have gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off gone raw and fallen off literally for YEARS!!! I cannot seem to commit 100% for even a week!!! The first frigin day Ill decide "rice isn't that bad" so I have a TINY little concession made.... and before you know it, 6 days later, I have an entire CHEAT DAY..... feel like hell, and START AGAIN.


its driving me crazy! How do some people just decide and DO it? Just go for it! Is it food addiction holding me back? Not neough calories? lack of perseverence, lack of support?!?!


can anyone please please please share their tips for getting on and STAYING ON???? Do you pray first thing in the morning? A mantra? Tell yourself why you're doing this? journal? connect with bloggers daily? any tips....... ill take em.




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Excellent. Now that we've nailed the problem, anyone have any suggestions for a solution?

I tend to pore over fitspo pics and phrases like crazy to keep me focused on why I do this, and remembering that it won't last long until I'm over the cravings! I 


A lobotomy would have probably saved a lot of us some trouble, right? 

Anyhoo many of us have struggled (including me) and I can tell you that as time goes on it gets easier.  What was a cheat last year is unthinkable today.  What a cheat is today for me is plain rice or organic corn chips.  Not so bad when I get right down to it. 

Stay carbed up.  Hydration has always been key.  I feel so good when fully hydrated.  Figure out your 'trouble time' when you might cheat and find something to do during that time that you really enjoy.   My trouble time is late afternoon and I find that doing a strength training exercise, even just 10 quick sets, gives me the energy and good feeling to last the day.  It's challenging when the foods you cannot eat are around you because others eat them.  But after a while of not having them, you do get a new mindset to help you say, No that's not food for me.  And you will come to prefer sweetness.  Set yourself up for success by splurging and having all your favorites fruits surrounding you in abundance.  

Get rid of all the cheat food from your house if possible?

Absolutely. I can and will do that immediately.

how did you guys do it??? just decide and that's it?!?! did a buddy join you for support? How did you handle cravings?

Do you have any motivation beyond how you feel after having a full cheat day? 
For me the cooked food or high fat raw/nuts wasn't worth the acne I'd get and the fat I'd gain. That was motivation enough!

Are you eating enough? If you're getting enough calories it makes it significantly easier to live this lifestyle. 

The information and support I get on this forum is CRUCIAL. I was high carb low fat for years, then I went vegetarian for six years, and then vegan for one before coming here but I still didn't believe that one could healthily eat SO much fruit until I came across Freelee's videos.

But the number one reason that I can stay on this protocol is the way I feel and look.  I'm slimmer and less puffy, my digestion is excellent, I have ENERGY that is almost crazy, and my brain fog has finally lifted.  If I didn't have these results pushing me everyday, I'd soon resent the trouble I go to shlepping bananas home all the time and washing vegs and not being able to eat out anymore.

While it would be nice, I don't need a diet buddy.  I can ask questions here and read about the experiences of others - which is all a buddy would do for you, anyway. 

Instead of looking at it negatively (I keep slipping) look at it positively (you keep coming back!!!!!) - which indicates that you, too, are getting some important results.  If you follow the advice of others on this thread and try tweaking your regime to it's optimal for you, then you'll be able to to do it!

thank you SO SO MUCH!!! its awesome that i get thes responses right to my blackberry! constant raw veagan coaching! thank you! and I love your list of results... that's what I want. I dont care about fitting in or being normal anymore, lol

Thank you!

Thank you! Perhaps we can come up with a "plan of action"... tools to use when cravings come, starting our day with raw priorities?


send me an email if interested!! barrhavenyoga@gmail.com

Honestly, from my own experience, I have found that I go back to food when I am not happy about something.  And I'm doing the best I can to do something during the day so I don't have to eat the cooked food for comfort.  I mean it's simply cooked rice mixed with a raw salad.. and it numbs me from some kind of emotional pain.  It's hard to overcome, so I'm looking for places in my life where I am not happy, trying to figure out why, and what I can do to find happiness..

I don't know if this is the same for you, but if it is, please don't feel alone.  I think the best thing to do is to never give up, and not really beat yourself up for not being able to lift 100 pounds when you are only used to 50.



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