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Hey Beautiful Person, (yes, that's you of course) =)


I was answering these questions myself and had some astonishing insights.  I found my main weakness and have some approaches to strengthen it now.


These revelations in my diet and lifestyle came to me while I was filling out the, 80/10/10 Survey.


The questions poked and prodded and gave me the opportunity to see myself from a third person perspective.  After you fill it out, comment below on the insights you have.  They will more than likely help someone else out, too.


Take the survey here.


In love and abundance,



P.S.  It is my intention to deliver the results of this survey to Dr. Doug Graham, himself. With the aim that he can create content that address our issues.





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who is this survey for?
To be relayed to Dr. Graham.
I would be willing to share the results as the entries are all anonymous. =)

My insight:

Upon reflection, I recognized that my biggest challenge was overeating and eating the wrong types of foods (namely almond butter).  I was specifically doing this late at night.  The key point for me; I made an action step.  My step was to be in bed by 9pm each night. I have been doing this and it is working beautifully.  I am no longer waking up tired and with bad breath. My sleep is now restful and I am starting to wake up earlier. So, I replaced my habit of overeating with attempting to oversleep.  Which has turned into waking up earlier and with more energy for the day. =)

I also realized that my list of reasons for loving myself and following 811rv had grown stagnant; no more.  Now I am adding to my list of reasons at least once a day.  Huge help with self-esteem, confidence, and persuasion.  Yes, persuasion.  I am able to use my list to see what others truly want as well. It is easy to come up with reasons for taking care of yourself, but just as easy to forget.  Write your reasons for pursuing health down and place it on your fridge. Your list can be your motivator and guardian. Now, try to go for that almond butter at 11pm! =)

Here is a response entered just yesterday that suggests some very good (IMHO) ideas for starting and maintaining 811rv and the lifestyle that accompanies it.


I've been doing it for 5+ years without a problem. It is more than just a diet, however. Natural hygiene, the school of medical thought behind the 80/10/10 is about so much more than the diet. Your daily active-exercise, fresh air, sunshine, rest, sleep, emotional equanimity, etc.; all play a role in how your body uses or struggles to handle the nutrition you give the body. Like Dr. Graham says, you only as strong as your weakest link. If that weakness is your diet, then focus on that until you get it down and then move on to the next weak area of your life. I see a lot of people struggle with addictions, an unknown lack of understanding of how to apply the diet, or over thinking or fear driving them to focus to much on micro-nutrition vs. macro-nutrition as well a "just trusting their body", but unknowingly making up and believing the story of what their body's messages were. No judgements. We're all just trying to do the best we can. We all want to live a long and as health a life as we can. All I can recommend is hang in there, keep educating yourself, go to one of Doug's events to immerse yourself in an educational experience of hygiene, keep trying, you will eventually succeed. You have to want it though. More than all your attachments that are getting in your way.



I realised, after doing the survey, that I believe that that a 48 yr old menopausal woman cannot possibly need the same amount of calories as a 20 year old of the same height. It allowed me to realize that I believe that eating more calories than I am using will just add more work to what feels like a tired body.

Feed back would be gratefully received...

Hi Sarah, I think you will find that is more about your energy use, mental and physical, than age.  It is more about your weight and the number of calories you need due to your weight and activity.  Age really is not much of a marker for caloric needs.  If your body is tired that means it either needs more sleep or more calories(energy), it has nothing to do with your age.  Many 20 year olds of your same height and weight, might be sicker than you, do less activity, sleep less and eat more unhealthy foods that tax their bodies, their bodies might be more tired than yours...so you see they may have prematurely aged their bodies past the age 48... this is happening a lot these days.  Many 20 year olds and younger are physically sicker and have aged themselves past your age.  Find out what your caloric needs are based on your weight and activity and try to eat that much and see how you feel.  At least try it for a while before you are sure you don't have those needs.

Thank you for such a considered answer. It seems so obvious when you say it but I am finding this is happening a lot as I begin to understand 811, I get caught in some redundant way of thinking and I feel there is an easy logical answer but I cannot get past my way of thinking to find it. So thank you for pointing out what is clearly, now you say it, logical.

Whilst I am still fuzzy headed, presumably for years of undersleeping and under carbing can I ask you a question?

As I am struggling to eat enough at each meal I consequently seem to eat many times a day to get in enough calories. So the question is will my body sort this out and find a rhythm as I get used to eating so much or is cutting down how often I eat something I need to really work at?



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