30 Bananas a Day!

What's in season in your neck of the woods? Find out here...

Freelea has been kind enough to help me develop a diet to transition off of bananas. She asked me what's in season in my area and I was totally stumped. Guess I've never actually thought about it...I just buy whatever's at the store.

So if you're like me or you're new, check out the following links...they will tell you what's in season in your area. I'm researching the regions one at a time, so if you don't see your neck of the woods listed, let me know where you are and I'll make it a priority:)



The UK:




United States:


Have fun!

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nevermind i figured it out. =)
* Apples* (from hothouse/storage)
* Onions *
* Pinto Beans
* Popcorn
* Potatoes

laugh~ not much in season in Colorado these days!! the lavender and sage in my yard are still alive, however, as is the wild geranium (whose greens i have recently discovered~ yum!!!)
Okay all the links are working now...sorry for the technical difficulties guys;)

Hey Free can you double-check that the link programming is all the right code. I don't mean here. I mean the link to make a link. It's forcing me to do it twice in order to appear, and sometimes I have to tweak it myself. Is this happening to anyone else?
yeah i can't seem to use the link, but i can't on GITMR either....i don't have the knowledge to change the code but all u have to do is copy and past the link like this and it works....


is that cool?
wow...that is totally cool. I just erased all my script and recopied them...looks so good thx;)
Awesome this is such a good resource Crabbles
The only thing in season in Connecticut in January is Mushrooms, ha ha.
I hope your not smoking them lol



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