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I would appreciate anybody's input on this one.
I guess it is hard to know what exactly one would do until one was in that situation.
I live in Australia and have never been bitten by a venomous snake.
But I have wondered what I would do in that situation.
I do not take any allopathic medicine, not for the last 28 years.
I know there are anti-venoms to snake bites, but in addition to being part of the allopathic medicine system, I don't know if they are vegan or if they are tested on animals.

If we were healthy, could we survive a poisonous snake bite?
Last year I was bitten by a Brown House Spider, which is middling poisonous. Though the bite was on the back of my neck, I got real pain in my leg muscles and felt very nauseous. I fasted and rested and was o.k in a few days.
I usually deal with bites by fasting.
I think we can avoid Snake bites by being careful and respectful, but if we do get bitten?

Any thoughts on this?

A purdy non-venomous Golden Orb.

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No anti-venom is not vegan unfortunately and is tested on animals. :o(

Its also very toxic. I dont know what I would do to be honest. If i was bitten on a place I could reach with my mouth I would probably try the hygienic method of tourniquet/venom sucking, along with fasting for a few days, but in truth, who really knows. I think its the kind of thing you only really can know until youre faced with the situation.

I wish I lived near the amazon. Although I dont like herbalism for general practise, there are heaps of herbs used there, which can be very effective against most forms of venom attacks. I think its good to have back up plans. It would be fun to do an internship with some amazonian herbalist for that purpose.

Take care

Adam x
Thanks so much for posting these Xerxes,
I really appreciate it
Good old Herbert Shelton.
It is amazing the power we all hold for healing. Reclaim our healing from others!
Taking responsibility for our own health is so empowering!
A very wise guy.
Merci beaucoup XX.
this is great Xerxes thank you so much for posting this! Lots of truth here...
Very good info! Thanks!
I'm not sure what I would do. But this thread reminds me of the time I was talking with T.C. Fry and he told me that when he was a kid growing up on the farm in Oklahoma,he used to try to kill rattlesnakes around the barn and he was bit several times. His leg got really swollen,but he eventually got better without treatment.

prevention, preparation, practise in that order.
the first is obvious. the second involves knowing something about snakes. the third requires a well-tuned body.

if one's body is up to it, very powerful healing is possible given the right environment - which you have already used (eg fasting). the post by dd regarding shelton is excellent.

there is a possibility though that some people are not as 'durable' for various reasons (diet being one of them) and they won't handle things well, so it may be necessary to get as much of the poison out as quickly as possible. it may be possible to suck some of it out in an emergency or even try to prevent the poison from spreading using a makeshift tourniquet. intrusive medical intervention may be necessary if proper natural healing mechanisms are eroded.

there are 3 types of venoms to keep in mind:
hemotoxic which affects the cardiac system (eg vipers)
neurotoxic which affects the nervous system (eg cobras)
cytotoxic which produce a local effect

obviously, the first 2 are worth greater concern. it is likely a good idea to find out what snakes are in your area and what sort of venom they emit.

i also think there is a possibility that a snake biting to kill prey would release venom differently for one that was startled and would probably like to just get away, so it is likely that the latter may not send in large doses.

here's another article that you may find informative (it's a long one, but a good read):
Alternative Healing...What Nobody Understands
(it appears to contradict something i said earlier but not really)

in friendship,
Very interesting! Thanks! :)
That is amazing! I'm not sure who said it but I have heard that a long time ago on earth there were no poisonous animals and no animals ate each other and that the consciousness of people moving towards darker and heavier thoughts brought about the dark or heavy eating habits and defenses including poisons, so, Hawaii must be a pretty sepecial peaceful place. :)
snakes rarely inject venom when they bite for defense. venom is hard valuable to a snake and often the first few strikes are warnings..

its an unknown area but me, im going with anti venom for now..

saliva contains lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme discovered by alexander flemming (penicillin 1928) way back in 1921, so i think you are right on!

there are studies done though they may not be as simple as examining the antibiotic properties of saliva. instead they'd be cloaked in mystery and confusion (more grant money that way) like the 3 items relating to saliva here.

it's likely a good idea anyway to lick your wounds, imho.

in friendship,
I have a friend who has made a small electric spark "clicker (from grill push button starters) and uses then to neutralize insect bites venom such as wasp, hornet, mosquito,etc... He has a slightly larger one (still really small) that he takes to the desert to do snake bites.
I have seen a $50 version to zap herpes cold sores on the lips before they erupt, I hear it works really well, and my chiropractor uses one on my acupuncture points as needed to stimulate them...
Does not hurt, since it is touching skin when "clicked" can barely feel it regardless.
Thanks for sharing, I've heard survival is the word, but can be fatal.



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