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Just wondering how some of you would react to this latest reply I got today. 

I have been offered a place on a 10 day meditation course which I was really looking forward to.  According to the rules/discipline of the centre, no food is to be brought in, plenty of vegetarian food will be supplied, unless special food is required for medical purposes.


I have contacted people on this forum who have been to one of these courses to find out what sort of food is available (thanks for the info ednall :)

I wrote to the organisers explaining what I ate and that for me it was medical in that it has taken time and effort to get to this level of rebuilding my health (not that I was actually ill by normal standards but certainly not as well as I feel now!) and although I may compromise on one or two cooked meals during my stay (hopefully, I wouldn't have to but thought I would show willing) could I bring some fruit with me to share such as a case of bananas, a box of dates etc.

Basically, the email today says that "the course teacher feels that you should be able to accept the food that is provided. As you say, this may mean changing your usual diet to inlude some cooked food. It is important to be able to accept what is given - this is part of the discipline of the course.

If you really feel this will be a problem you should consider whether this is the right course for you at this time."


I'm still going through the..."how much do I want to do this" v "I know from past experience if I start on the cooked food path, for me it is like opening the flood gates to eating all and everything on offer" (I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of person) And I am still too underweight to fast (I'm still working on building up my daily calorie intake..and I'm over 2000 now yea!)

I will make a decision in a couple of days but was wondering what some of you would do in this situation... wanting to do something v compromising your lifestyle/health????

Much love to all

Helen x


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Dont go to the course. I meditate quite a lot with very very advanced people and they dont care at all what you eat or bring along (no alcohol or drugs of course). I find it ridiculous these restrictions. Try to find a meditation practice which accepts what you are and where you dont have to compromise on being lfrv.

I do kriya yoga, just a suggestion: kriya.org

All the best

Thanks for the replies, I haven't decided what I will do yet but I will definitely be looking to see what other courses are available and what their disciplines are like.

Cleansing/freeing the mind is a great goal but so is cleansing the body!


I will have a look at the kriya.org website - thanks

Hi Lana

Thanks for that.  I hope it is as good an experience for you as I have been told it can be.  Thats why I am so torn -- a great experience or feeling spaced out from not enough calories or opening the flood gates to eating cooked food (I know once I start it will be "oh well, I may as well enjoy this lovely cooked food while I am here etc" excuses excuses (I don't need many, so would rather not give myself the opportunity to find them!) Maybe if I had been eating this way for longer and had built my weight/muscles up more, I would be in less of a dilemma.  

Still, whatever I choose to do in the end I am sure it will work out just fine.

When do you go on your course? Mine was planned for mid March in Hereford, uk.

Hi Helen,

sorry to hear they're making it that difficult!
If I were you I would definitely NOT go.

You are used to your raw energy levels, your body would not feel that good when you're only getting vegetarian cooked food! I think it would make it harder to enjoy what your doing and to get the best benefits. As you're saying you're a little underweight...I could imagine that switching to cooked for 10 days and then back to raw might confuse your body even more and you might loose weight again.

And I don't like the argument "this is part of the discipline of the course". for a meat eater it might be discipline to eat vegetarian foods. but for a raw vegan to eat that stuff, that's not discipline, that's just stupid. sorry...

I'm sure you can find a better course, where you can stay true to yourself! Good luck :)

well. if she could bring her own dates and bananas, THAT would be simple! they wouldn't have to waste one thought on the food.

or they could do some water-/juice fasting. would save even more money and work....


I do appreciate that catering for all dietary systems could be very complex, time consuming and expensive but since I have offered to bring my own food which would simply need to be put out on the counter for me with no preparation needed it seems a bit harsh to say no.

If I do decide not to go this time, I may take up your suggestion of trying again another time to see if a different teacher has a different response, so thanks for that!

Love your answers El-Bo :) I totally agree its a beautiful course filled with love! I feel like it totally makes a difference in my life now and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to go and would recommend it to anyone!!

Thanks for that.  Yes I did wonder what would be said if the organisers (who may or may not be Buddhist/vegetarian) were asked to "accept" eating meat somewhere for 10 days.

But I thought it best not to bring that up. 

That is an EXCELLENT point, Helen!  ♥

Yes, this is exactly the dilemma.... which is most important to me at the moment - following this lifestyle, which I have worked at to improve my health and get through transition etc or the positive results from the course itself. I realise that this is something I have to work out for myself, but getting all this feedback of others' views has been very helpful - so thanks again everyone :)

I did email back after the first request and explained in much more detail the kind of food and amounts I eat and asked them to clarify that I would be able to get fruit in these amounts (they had previously told me that there would be plenty of vegetarian food for me without taking my own supply)

I also explained that to me it is a medical/health issue as I feel my health would be affected by not getting enough calories (from the right foods) over the 10 days. 


They were'nt moving on their decision though. Which is fair enough, it is their course after all I suppose, and it is simply up to me to decide if I want to follow their "rules" or not :)

I feel so strongly about things like this.


I find it almost impossible now to do things that compromise my health and well-being.  If something is not in my best interest and doesn't support all my needs and goals, then I am not interested.  I don't like other people telling me what to do.  Ha, ha.  Especially when you pay them money to do so!  I am outwardly sweet, but inwardly fierce about it.


I would prefer to make my own "retreat" which is just about what I do every day!  


Stay away from humans. ; )




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