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It was recommended of me to watch Earthlings. I did that very day. I was not prepared for ANY of what it entailed, but it sure did open my eyes.

I thought it would have given me nightmares. No such thing has happened as of yet.

I was crying for a good 3/4 of the entire movie though. How anyone could do that as a job and ENJOY it is beyond me! A lot of the people seemed to be doing just that! It sickened me, and really made me realize how serious I am about being a fruitarian/Raw Vegan.

I can't eat a single piece of meat now without thinking of Earthlings.

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i decided to go vegan about 30min into the film. changed my life. everyone who eats meat or dairy or whatever should be forced to watch it. it is their responsibility to be informed of what they are contributing to. 

That documentary was one of the things that made me want to eat vegan, in my opinion it is disgusting what is done to those animals in that documentary and all around the world!  

I can't watch it.  I'm already vegan, and have been for a few years now.  Just watching short clips of animal abuse makes me cry way too much, so there is no way I can get through that movie.  I wish I could.  But, I figure, I'm already vegan, so the only thing it will do is upset me even more than I already am.  I do suggest it to others, however.  But for me personally, it's not going to change anything since I'm already an ethical vegan.  Even if being vegan was unhealthy (thankfully, it's not!), I'd sacrifice my health and still do it for the animals.

So much injustice in this world has been prolonged due to willful ignorance on the part of people who do have the power to impact change.

This is what motivates me to watch and keep educating myself.  Because even though I am vegan already I know that those with the knowledge have the obligation to act and it helps me to keep in mind the hows and whys of speaking up for the animals/ being a voice for the voiceless.

I couldn't even watch the entire trailer.  I got as far as the cow being slaughtered.  I instinctively covered the screen but I could still hear it.  My heart started racing, I started sweating and thought I was going to throw up before I could stop the video.  I lay in bed trying not to cry for over an hour before I could fall asleep that night and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.  I have very strong reactions even just reading factual, nonemotive descriptions of abuse.  Not going to subject myself to the visuals.  Knowing it exists is enough for me.

i went from vegetarian to vegan within 15 mins of watching earthlings 6 years ago and NEVER looked back - i am permanently vegan.

I got to the clip where there was a dog in the garbage bin. That was enough for me. I couldn't handle it. I was in tears the whole time.

Crying my eyes out, rage, nausea... The film was the final straw for me to officially become vegan. I wish EVERYONE would watch it, although like many others have said, nearly everyone I've tried to show has said "ohh no I don't need to watch that.. I've seen vids like that years ago.. Just because you didn't know animals have to DIE doesn't mean I don't.." *evil, condescending laugh*

But then those same people have told me that dairy rape racks are just "vegan propaganda" and that "if it was really that bad the govt wouldn't allow it"!!!

I watched earthlings about 2 nights ago and for me it totally emphasised why I have chosen this lifestyle. Like quite a few of the other people who have written on this thread I really want my family to watch it.

I would love to see them become more accountable for their actions in supporting such an inhuman and unethical industry. When I asked them they just kind of shrugged it off and said they knew what happened but the truth is that I honestly don't think that they do.

I was educating my parents on the egg industry and chicken maceration and they did not believe me that it happened. I think that they were just ignorant and that they want to continue to remain ignorant. Does anybody else have some advice on how to get them to actually see what is happening?

I feel like that they just dismiss me saying that veganism is a'phase' that it will wear off but that's not the case. After 6 years of being vegetarian on and off with periods of veganism I am now 100% pursuing a vegan lifestyle. Not only is it the best for my body but it is the best for my fellow earthlings and our planet.

Melanie I feel the same way at times. I think sometimes the "habit" of eating meat is hard for people to break nor do they want to at times. But I think that's where appealing to the superficiality of being healthy and vegan can come into play.

I started out dabbling on/off with being pescatarian /vegetariansim/vegan on and off for years. But what led me to this site 30bananasaday (and now Earthlings) was watching Freelee and how fit and amazing she looked. 

By wanting to look better in a superficial way I have stumbled upon a greater resolve towards this lifestyle. I too am looking to change people around me now and I hope in time by looking and feeling healthier they too can see the benefits of becoming vegan

I cried and I cried ... and guess what ? I went 100% vegetarian and never looked back : 4.5 years ago !

I am watching this right now and as much as I want to turn it off I feel obligated to watch the whole thing. It makes it hard to respect the human race really.

I think what is difficult for me is that a lot of the food in my culture involves seafood and meat and my not being able to recreate these dishes I feel as if I am failing to carry on family recipes/traditions. But after watching this I j I will have to reconcile with that.



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