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It was recommended of me to watch Earthlings. I did that very day. I was not prepared for ANY of what it entailed, but it sure did open my eyes.

I thought it would have given me nightmares. No such thing has happened as of yet.

I was crying for a good 3/4 of the entire movie though. How anyone could do that as a job and ENJOY it is beyond me! A lot of the people seemed to be doing just that! It sickened me, and really made me realize how serious I am about being a fruitarian/Raw Vegan.

I can't eat a single piece of meat now without thinking of Earthlings.

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From personal experience I know that it's a devastating viewing.  

But I congratulate you for have the courage to watch the truth.  May it serve to fortify your mind and choices throughout life.  Be sure to pass it on where appropriate.  

Slaughterhouses have the highest turnover rate. I've also heard on some podcasts and elsewhere that it causes real psychological stress to the workers who work there and also makes them more violent outside of "work."

I've watched it several times now over the past 4 years. The first time was when I was just experimenting with vegetarianism. I had read up somewhere that it was something EVERYONE should watch (and I stand by that statement as well). It was heartbreaking… I never once considered any of that stuff could happen prior to watching it. It made me immediately decide to go vegan or at least give it a month trial. But I pretty much knew it was no going back.

I commend you on watching it. Not many people can or will ever want to lest it spoil there dinner. It is meant to be an empowering film though (according to the director) and I think it is in the end. We have the power to change the world and it starts with what is on our plates.

My friend told me about it, she had just gone vegan and mentioned it to me once; however she had not seen the film yet and so I had no idea what to expect. 

I cried through most of it...I actually had to get a towel&tissues because I was crying so much. It was the first film I had ever watched that made me cry!

I was trying to go vegetarian at the time and that film was the push I needed! But even when I became vegetarian I knew that I was still causing lots of harm by consuming eggs&dairy. So eventually after lots of trial and error I became vegan.

I can't look at meat,dairy,eggs,leather,etc. the same. I've been vegan for over a year and I plan to NEVER go back to eating animals.

I need to watch Earthlings again though because I can't remember a lot of it...probably because it was traumatic; but I must not forget! 

I'm really glad this film exists because I probably wouldn't be vegan if I hadn't watched it. It's hard to still consume animal products when you have the film Earthlings fresh in your mind.

I cried when they were euthanizing the cats and dogs and skinning the fox alive :|

I think the most frustrating part for me is all the meat eaters I know REFUSE to watch it. They don't want to "spoil their dinner", "upset themselves", or see something they "aren't doing so can't be changed" :/

I believe that if you are going to choose to eat it you should have to watch it. Too bad that can't be enforced :P

I AGREE! I asked my family that as a birthday gift could they please just watch it for me, I told them I don't expect you to change your life, but you should be informed. Resounding NO's filled my ears, as well as, " I know what happens they kill them..." so frustrating coming from my family who supports my eating but doesn't want a thing to do with it. I've slowly but surely gotten my fiance to watch a few things the first time he was so angry at me, ' You KNEW that was in there why would you show me that?!" And that was only the clips in Vegucated... I personally watched all of Earthlings and cried the entire time. I remember my fiance asking me, " Why do you keep watching it if it's making you cry, you get the gist of it turn it off." My response was, " Because I want to be informed and for it to be so deep into my mind I'll never crave anything animal again." I NEEDED to know, and I do now.

that's what my mom says. She'll make jokes and say she won't watch that stuff because she doesn't want to be "turned off" meat.

Thanks so much for posting this, I'm new to the raw vegan lifestyle and I watched this last night with my boyfriend who was still a regular meat eater and this has totally changed his views. Only after that video can I now say I will be vegetarian for life. Thank you again, I too was crying threw almost the whole thing. So happy I watched it though.

I just started my hcrv life 2 weeks ago, and before that I was eating what I thought was a "healthy" sad diet, so im definitely in transition but its been easy so far. I've been loving my hcrv diet,  i have no reason to stop. Its easy for me to say I will never eat meat again, but never touch dairy is harder, one step at a time.

You won't need to, there are plenty of nut milks out there.  I don't drink them and they're not recommended here in more than small amounts because they are high fat, but they are still cruelty free.:)

I could not get past the trailer to the movie, the animal being skinned alive was too much for me.  So I put off watching it for a year and a half until I finally felt I could do it.  The live skinning was by far the worst part of the movie for me, I had seen everything else in other films except for the skinning.  So the trailer was much harder on me than the film itself.  When I pass people with furs on I always try to make eye contact but I notice people who wear furs don't make eye contact with anyone around them.  I just think, Lord forgive them, they know not what they do.  I was very happy when the Seinfeld show brought up the fur issue.

pradtf just shared this awesome role playing exercise for talking to a fur wearing person:

I cried throughout the entire thing. I think the part that got to me the most was when the garbage men throw the dog in the back of their garbage truck, and then activate the thing that squishes the garbage down, and hes just sitting there helpless... SO SAD.

After i finished watching that, I was ashamed of humans, ashamed to be part of the human race. Absolutely HATE what our society has become. Just a bunch of !@#$%^&* that think they own everything and are better than any other species on this planet.

I wish it was mandatory to watch that movie in school. I wish most people on this planet werent so ignorant.



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