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So, this morning when I went out it was 43ºF (6ºC) outside, damp and gloomy. Not exactly good riding weather. What do you guys and gals wear when riding in cold and/or freezing weather?
I looked for wet suits earlier today but they are pricey. Someone told me they would perform well in this situation. I'd like to ride year round barring snow of course. It can get well below 0ºF (-17ºC) throughout the winter in New Hampshire with wind that seems to tare your skin off.

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Does anyone ride a bike I the cold?
Any good bicycling store should have winter biking gear by this time. There are different varieties of stuff. Most will wear long warm winter tights with butt badding. Shirts are usually something wicking with another layer over it for warmth. My hands will start to go numb so I wear gloves too.

I live in CT, but if you bundle up well it can be done.
I just add tons of layers but I find my feet get cold.
Same here. Its round about -3 to 0 degrees, I wear my biking trousers, a wool leggins over this and another trouser. I wear a wool longsleeve and another longsleeve over that and a fleecepullover over that. I have a hood under my helmet, I wear gloves under my biking gloves. I wear two pair of socks. I stay quite warm like this, I feel like an eskimo :-) but my toes get very cold nomatter what.
But I know there are shoes you can have out for your biking shoes.
And I consider to buy spikes for my bike.
I ride my bike 200 km per week and I want to do so to the end of october. Its very cold aleady now in Norway.
For the winter I ll buy me something to put my bike on to ride it in the house (dont know how to call it)
Its too cold to ride a bike when its -20 here the cold plus the wind ...brrrr.....
The cold wind hitting your toes is what is making them cold. If you use clipless pedals and bicycle shoes then you can buy winter shoe covers which will block the cold wind. These work wonders. You can also get waterproof/weather proof ones which will keep your feet both warm and dry. Proper winter cycling clothing is designed to keep the cold and the elements out without being too bulky. Definitely worth the money spent.
Thanks for all the feedback!
when you say wetsuit, are you referring to neoprene, like scuba divers wear? cycling shoe covers are often made with that material, however wetsuits are designed to seal in a layer of moisture and are therefore unsuitable for active wear on dry land, imho. the key for us to stay warm and dry is layering with lightweight wicking fabrics and wearing an outer shell to block wind and rain.

there's lots of cycling-specific clothing available like helmet liners and covers, balaclavas, vests, padded tights, gloves, shoe covers, etc. these work the best because they are designed to fit and perform specifically for cycling (extra insulation in the knees and front torso, long in the back, fitted in the legs, etc.). you can also get by with generic active wear if you are on a budget. just take a look at the cycling clothes available online use that as a guide.

tim offers a great explanation of how to dress for activity in cold weather:

Thanks! This is great! So what hat do you use? None of the hats I've been finding seem warm enough to me. Is it good to have some room on top of the head or should the hat be snug? Thanks!
I found this awesome balaclava. I plan on buying it.
looks great, thanks!
Thank you!



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