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I have been transitioning to LFRV over the past year.   My kids by default, have been to.  Though only one of them wants too.  Actually, he just wants to be vegan, and has been for over a year now.  But he eats lots of fruit and salad with me.  The other kids are receptive, and eat a lot of fruit and vegs.  Partly because I have taught them all that I have learned over the years about diet and nutrition, and they trust me, and partly because that's what's in the house to eat, because I refuse to buy meat or dairy for them.

Unfortunately right now, my kids aren't eating enough fruit and salad to get enough calories.  Fortunately though, they do eat more of that than probably 99% of the kids out there.  I'm one of those parents that came to this later in life.  My kids are teenagers now, and have been eating SAD for about half of their life.  They will fill up on rice, but only with a bunch of salty and/or sweet condiments, or fried in oil.  They'll eat potatoes, but only with a lot of condiments.  I made sweet potatoes the other day with a little bit of vegan butter and cinnamon on top.  I liked it, my daughter liked it, but the others hated it.  one son spit out his first bite and wouldn't even swallow it.  He's never done that before.  What can I put on tubers besides salt and fat?  any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  This part has been really hard.

Also, my son gets a lot of crap from other kids and the teachers at school about being too skinny.  They tell him (and me) that it's because he's not eating meat and cheese.  IMO, he only seems skinny standing next to all those fat kids.  The only thing I worry about is him getting enough calories.  he's in situations (at school, at his mom's house, at friend's house) where there is nothing to eat but meat and cheese, so he just doesn't eat.  I try to pack him fruit to bring, so that he has something to eat, but he won't bring it.  I think that it's because he doesn't want to draw attention to himself, and get even more crap that he already is.

and another thing (personal rant here), what business do the teachers have giving him sh*t about what he eats?!  That's not their job!  and why do they worry about the one skinny kid (healthy weight actually, I looked it up) when half of all kids in the US are overweight?  They don't call up parents with concern over then taking their kids to McDonald's, but they're concerned about the parent that feeds his kids fruit and vegetables!

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To get extra calories for your son, maybe try making more recipes with dates. Even your kids who don't want to be raw probably couldn't resist a bowl of date pudding :) Back in my cooked vegan days I ate a lot of sweet potatoes. I used to bake them in the oven like chips (french fries). I didn't use oil, but if your kids are not keen on the whole healthy eating thing then maybe add some oil (olive oil) to persuade them. I used to make a great recipe with regular potatoes to. Boil potatoes then chop them up and add to a pan with haricot beans, mushrooms and dried herbs. It's really tasty. Or coriander (the spice) potatoes are great. Smoothies are usually popular with teens so you could try making these for everyone. Also, use cooked carbs as a base for veggie sauces: e.g. rice topped with tomato, aubergine, courgette, peppers and beans. Hope this helps.

BTW I'm not promoting cooked food here, just giving some advice for making kids eat healthier than the sad diet ;)

Thanks for the ideas!  I have done sweet potato fries, and they went over well.  I was trying to find things without oil, but what I have done, most of the kids didn't like.  But I have gotten some great new things to try from the people on this site.  Great idea about the dates.  I'm going to try sending him to school with a bag of them to snack on.  Much more low profile than a bunch of bananas!

Great! Glad i could help :)

yeah, I do the smoothies most days, and the kids are into them.  Most nights I make everyone a big salad.  My oldest takes his, dumps it in the blender, and adds some fruit.  I've got no problem with that at all.  If it makes it go down easier, great!

Nothing wrong with a good old green smoothie ;)

Maybe try some fruity salad dressing too - I really love those. Also, I have a recipe book coming out in the next few weeks which has some good ideas for meals to tempt non lfrvs into eating more fruit and veg. I'll send you a link when it's out if you like :) Take care, Esperanza xxx 

Regarding your "rant", let me rant a bit too...LOL

It seems in the USA (and by extension Canada where I'm from) there is no fear about too much.

"You can never have too much"

"better too much than too little"

"Go BIG or go home"

"Supersize Me", etc

There is some fear that because in the past people were lacking in things, and because there are "children starving overseas" that you need to stuff your self with as much as possible "just in case". So teachers and other parents don't need to be concerned about people eating too much, they have to make sure little Johnny is getting enough "protien".

Besides, I thought you'd have figured out by now that everyone and anyone can do a better job at raising your kids, all you need to do is "x" and definitely dont' do "y"...the only person who can't raise your kids is you! LOL

And everyone knows the solution to having too much, just eat less - which is a choice anyone can make at any time, so we don't need to worry about "healthy" overweight people, they have enough of everything and if they wanted to lose they could, but since they aren't lacking, they are ok. 

(ok, I know people get worried about the morbidly obese kids, one rant at a time folks! LOL)

Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head.  Funny though about "just eat less".  It seems the largest preoccupation among US adults is losing weight.  I think you're right, that's what they think, but the reality is something else.  US, Canada, UK, and Australia, where people are overweight and malnourished at the same time.

My Raw Story began when my son was 4 or 5 months old. So he's been high raw for most of his short life. Well our doctor was concerned about his weight. One of the checkup he was way off the growth chart (below) and the doctor gave us looks of fear/condemnation and was rather worried. Now worried enough to do anything, but worried. Well, three months later he's back on the charts and doing great. We are lucky though because our transition time means that is what he'll grow up on! He mostly does mono meals, with some diluted green drinks and a banana-date-hemp mixture that sometimes has chia/sesame/spinach added in. (hey, I'm still worried he won't get enough "x, y or z" to grow big and strong so that mixture is my micromanaging his nutrient intake! LOL)

He loves his fruit, not so much veggies...but is totally addicted to rice! We don't make it often, but its an event for him. But I see how it effects him (gas and a little hyper) and regret the decision after - but it makes him so happy...so I'm torn in that regard.

Ha!  Thanks for sharing your experience.  Glad to hear he came back on the charts.  I don't think I'd like to have to deal with condemning doctors.  When my kids were that age, they all eat pretty much ate the same things.  Some where at the top of those charts, others at the bottom.  I don't think those charts take into consideration very well the variety of people out there. and if they did, what could you really do about it anyway?  I don't think it was anything to do with his diet.  and I don't think that doctors really have any idea what's best for children in terms of diet.  I say this as not just a random opinion, but someone who lived with a nurse for 5 years, and hung out with doctors and nurses.  You wouldn't believe the shit they do.  They get almost no nutrition education in medical school.  Some get one credit, some get none.  And what they do get is the usual dogma, which is not scientifically based.  I have read though, that Dr. Graham says that kids need more fat that adults do, like 30% of calories I think.  maybe look into that. adding some coconuts or avocados? 

For me, I'm just trying to improve on a train wreck with my kids.  But I feel like it's going well.  Good on ya for raising them like this from the beginning!  I wish I had.

I know it sounds cliche, but make sure you are eating 100%.  Kids are very receptive to hypocrisy, and will let you know, even if they are not ready to eat it, when you are cheating.

Keep lots of fruit and greens salads in the house, and instead of assuming they will want the sweet potatoes (I don't like them either and do not know why they are called sweet:) offer them the fruit, and calorie dense fruits like bananas, papayas, and mangoes. 

If they are willing to go 99-100% let them and do not hold them back.  If they mix two or more diets together, they may end up with indigestion, blame the fruit,  and then be turned off by it. 

I have people in my family that initially made fun of my monkey diet and called me a monkey.  But now, with the passage of time, they of all ages are  respecting my choice.  Some of them are increasing their fruits and greens too.  One teenage guy is officially vegetarian now (although he likes pizza:)

Hang in there and just give it time and patience. 

I also get what you mean by kids being called too skinny when compared to fat kids.  I watched a movie recently made in the 1960s and was shocked at how thin some of the actors were and yet looked healthy.  What we call skinny nowadays looks fat historically.

Peace, PK

Thanks PK.  That's a good point.  I have not been 100%.  I do always have lots of fruit and green salads in the house, and they eat it most days.  But then they tell me that they're tired of fruit and salad, so I make them something they like, like fried rice or pad thai (I make vegan versions of both).  Then it looks good to me, so I have some too.  Then I feel like crap.  I don't expect them to be 100% at all, and I'm not even.  Just looking for things to serve that are not fried or grains.  I don't have much experience with tubers.  I grew up on meat with sides of rice or pasta.

Yeah, maybe I just need more variety of fruits available to them too.

Thanks again for the help.

I totally agree with everything pk says :), it is right on



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