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I want to share with everyone strategies that I have used to have more fun in mainstream society while staying true to the 811 lifestyle.

Involve yourself in mainstream activities that are non-detrimental: If there is something fun (mainstream) to do that doesn't compromise my heath then I will do it. These non-destructive activities come around once in a while and I tend to capitalize on these opportunities so that I do not feel too left out of what others are doing. I further benefit from having the opportunity to meet people while I’m in a comfortable frame of mind because I am not, say at a bar and feel awkward. I do not get involved in mainstream activities where I am uncomfortable as I will not attract those whom I am tying to attract and if I were to partake, this typically leads to either the lack of attraction or having to fake how I am feeling which in turn attracts people whom I am not trying to. If I am with friends and they want to go to a bar, I go home. What I try to do is offer them fun daytime activities to do with me on a consistent basis so not missing out on bar hoping won’t hurt their feelings and instead I can show them things that are healthful and fun on terms where both friends and I feel comfortable. One thing about drinking in general is that most people don’t remember all that much from their experiences and hardly remember that you were not there.

Use the internet: Most of us here know how to use the internet for simple research purposes. Go online and find fun things to do in your area. I have an example list of fun things to do in NYC that I complied for “NYC and vicinity.” I will have completed one for Miami soon to further show just how useful a little research is. Once I started taking my cooked food friends to these places listed below and showing them just how many things I ad to do they began taking a page from me rather than being bored. If they continue to enjoy these activities you may even suggest your friends go to sleep early so they can wake up and do said activity instead of drinking the night before. I have had this work.

Link: https://arawconnection.ning.com/group/nycandvicinity/forum/topics/ac...

Learn a new skill: We’d like to have a lot to offer would we not. The more things we can do the more situations in which we can feel comfortable and participate. Seemingly everyone I imagine has thought, “wow it would be great if I could” dance, sing, play the piano, basket weave, paint, bike ride… etc. All these things can utilize that excess energy you have from eating well while allowing you to explore yourself further. In the past I have over extended myself in this arena. Maybe pick one thing first and do it. Try salsa dancing or something mainstream. It will help you have more in common with mainstreamers around you. You may find yourself in a comfortable place there and develop friendships. But, you may not.

Self work and laws of attraction: Self work. I personally spent so many year lying to myself that I found out a few years ago that I really didn’t know myself nor really what I wanted. Spend time in whatever means necessary to start telling the truth. Otherwise you will continue to attract things that you have been faking that you do not really want. Furthermore, I believe your false persona will contradict your true intentions and you will end up sending out confusing messages. What do you expect back Being actually honest with myself was the first step towards getting what I wanted. Further self-work can lead you to attracting the right friends and mate. Read up. There is a lot to know and so far on my journey I can tell you everything has been well worth it.

Turn nighttime into daytime: Shift your paradigm. My thinking is that really we as a society have it backwards. Nighttime should be quiet while daytime buzzing with activity. If you do many fun daily activities you can tire yourself out and not feel bad you’re not “doing things” at night. Sharing nighttime conversation is fun, but if you’ve been talking and not playing during the day you will have excess energy and want to play at night. Are you with me?

Meet other 811’ers: I really enjoy this. Don’t be shy; attract these people into your life. It may seem not realistic but conscious people are worth meeting for your personal growth and can keep you anchored to the diet.

Attend spiritual events: Consider attending events and meeting people who are interested in conscious living. They may get into your diet. If not this is an interesting path that I am just beginning that is worth looking into.

Read about how to make friends and influence people: I used to be quite shy. I do not have specific strategies on how to become more outgoing but practicing does really make you better at it. Beyond that if you are a shy person in transition you do not want to find yourself alone because that can lead back to your previous lifestyle.

Farmers markets and local farms: Go. It’s the best ever, even if the market doesn’t really have all that much you are interested in. Talking to the farmers is fun too. I always make a point to let these guys know just how much what they are doing means to me. Good karma around good food cannot hurt.

Something with animals that doesn’t involve eating them: Consider doing something with animals. Caring for one or maybe getting one as a pet. They are fun and won’t judge your lifestyle. Actually they will love it, right?

Activities that involve exercise: The more you exercise the more you want to exercise. Find a way to either make it a routine or find a way to play vigorously. It’s fun and leads to more playing. Also, get a bike. This changed my life. I now do more exercise and people in the mainstream see me as athletic. Good conversation starter for my lifestyle.

If you are single looking for connection go on a “play date”: If you find someone you may be interested in and you would like to further get to know do not take them to a raw food restaurant or a movie or any other cliché dating idea. No romantic spots either on a first date. Play with your date. Teach them to surf, tell them you want to go shopping and want their opinion, paint with them… etc. . Just play. Tell them you want to play with them. It works J You can get to know someone well when they are comfortable and official dating makes people uncomfortable and overly sub-conscious.

Send time and find true friendships/relationships: You may not have this in your life, but you are worthy of this type of connection. I am not alright with flaky friends. You can keep your friends as a transition but search for these people. We are out there and we do care about our friends.

Service: This is something that I feel is very important in changing our world and allows us to see ourselves in the best light possible contributing to our self-confidence. I have heard that treating others well pays dividends. So far so good.

Do not over extend yourself. These are all just ideas. You do not need to do them all at once. I see a lot of people saying how they’re going to do all these things and then after trying 1000 things they end up back watching TV 5-6 nights a week burnt out. Make conscious decisions with your energy. Everything I do is about sustainability.

Finally: Check out the “ raw house Miami” thread for inspiration

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I feel I have more variety living this way for sure. I will get back to you as far as the summer in a PM. Thanks. I want to write more specifically about each topic at a latter time. I might be starting a blog soon.
fantastic Jourdan, I might put a link under FAQ's for newbies needing ideas
I would add volunteer work, it can be very rewarding.

My thinking is that really we as a society have it backwards. Nighttime should be quiet while daytime buzzing with activity.
- fantastic point! Im ready to curl up as night time falls.

Great ideas Jourdan
Cool, thanks dude!
You know Freelee, I thought about volunteer work and I do agree, but I do think you want to not over extend yourself. You have to be emotionally stable and in a happy place to help others. If so then yes. I could elaborate on these points/make it more clear if we want to permanently add it.

yes I agree it can be challenging extending oneself at times.. but I find the 'karmic' payoff cancels out any negatives. Giving is one of the most powerful energy-generators there is.
This list is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing, Jourdan!
Well, I agree Free! Thanks Alicia and Rachel.
I have updated this post hopefully it is now FAQ worthy.
yep its up there, check it out...
Great list Jourdan.

Once one looks past his or her conditioning, the possibilities are endless. An ongoing metamorphosis into that which you already are.
I am learning remote viewing



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