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Hey!  I usually eat dinner pretty early (5pm) because I want my belly to have time to digest before I go to sleep, and it seems to be working out fine!  But after dinner I've been snacking on dates (I'm thinking of ordering them in bulk they're so awesometastic) and was wondering how long of a "window" people leave between the last thing you ate at night and breakfast.  I'll usually snack on dates (like 4-6 or so) around 7pm and I usually eat breakfast around 9 or 930 depending on how late my morning workout goes.  Is there a certain time we should stop eating at night for the best digestion?

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I actually don't have set meals throughout the day -- my stomach cannot take eating an entire watermelon in one sitting. I just eat throughout the day, I never stop. I will eat a few persimmons (what I have at hand right now), go work on a paper or some studying for 30 mins, and then take a break to eat a few more. I get my calories in this way and I just keep munching in small quantities until I fall asleep. Since there's not a gigantic baby in my stomach my body can process it diligently during the night and I wake up with a concave tummy. It's what works for me, anyway.
does this stand true for all humans? what if you go bed later and wake up later on a daily basis, would the body cycles change perhaps? i usually go to bed around 12 am and wake up at 11am to 12 pm.

do you have a source for this? i would like to read that study


Me too. I would love to learn more about that.

I thought that this was one of the dangers of eating raw vegan - grazing, and is best to be avoided because if you eat constantly during the day, the saliva in the mouth doesn't have tie to alkalize it properly and bacteria will rot your teeth?

I definitely read this on some site about what not to do on a fruit diet.  So just be careful what you do and maybe have your teeth checked once in a while if you continue grazing =)

Interesting post Carlen. and totally what was told when I learned 5-element acupuncture years ago.  Tho Chinese medicine would say elimination cycle begins 3am (lung energy time). 

Also explains why I am ravenous and eat 80% of my cals at midday!

So if I'm eating at 8AM I'm eating too early? Is Noon the ideal time to start eating?
I like to stop eating at 4 PM. But that is because I get up early. It depends on your sleep cycle what is appropriate. My friend Robert from this site works nightshift, and so is probably eating breakfast shortly after I have had my last meal :)



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