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In this picture is my 47 year aunt and her daughter or my cousin 9 year old bella. She is on a strict high protein high fat low carb diet. I feel so angry at my aunt that as a mom how could you let your daughter become prediabetic?  Ugh shes horribley teased in school and still my aunt says shes just bigger boned...are you kidding?!





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It is really sad/annoying and I can totally relate. My cousins are turning out the same way.. But definitely on SAD rather than paleo.. We went to the movies and as they ordered their Large soda with No Ice (whispered to me,"it's already cold, but when you get 'no ice' it gives you more!!") I was just staring at them, horrified. :((

I feel like this type of stuff is border line child abuse, no it IS child abuse.. I would love to say "forgive them for they know not what they do" but when it is an innocuous child who doesn't really have proper understanding of nutrition because of how our parents have fed us it is just unacceptable… 

Oh and I currently have a 5 year old sister, my mom feeds her pretty healthy, always vegetarian and mostly vegan but my dad could care less and let's her eat greasy fast food crap and meat and w/e and it pains me so much… I remember being the fat kid because of eating like that without anyone telling me otherwise… It was horrible and I never want that for my sister… Just have to be the best role model possible so she hopefully follows what I do when she can..

I know a few kids like this, high fats, lots of meats, lots of processed, lots of salt etc.. all the time.  
I know kids who eat bad like this and their parents don't give them a bedtime, they are up to early hours of the morning and they're 8 year olds.

It is sadly, too accepted and people come up against those who actually want to keep kids healthy.  Parents who are the opposite are pushing their dreams onto their kids by getting them into sports, or not giving them enough freedom of choice with foods.  It's all insane.

well the state took a kid away from me and accused me of child abuse for doing what we do here i am still fighting i have an appeal but i need a retainer for an attorney.    i feel sad that i bring this need of mine here but it all connects.


in time we will over come . those who try to over think us and hurt themselves the world and our relationships can't avoid it they have been suppressing movements such as ours for longer than we know but we advance.

SOS    it's only been a few days but not one donation,  any advise is more than welcome 

maybe durianrider and his 10k he talks about  (kidding/serious) 

Hey Sunshine, 
I just tried to make a donation, tried twice and couldn't click through to the check-out, so couldn't complete the donation.  

hmmm i was wondering what gives     try again now with this address? 


I'd like to know more about your situation, but the website you linked isn't loading for me. How did the state find out about your child's eating habits? Can you tell me more?

was the child obese before the diet? I dont want to advocate the diet as being a great choice. that being said i lost over 100lbs eating just like that and going for a walk each day. reality is it does indeed work for weight loss and for some people getting those pounds off any way they can is the lesser of 2 evils IE sitting there doing nothing or doing that diet well doing that diet is better then nothing.

In my case i've come to this diet But i could not have gone from SAD right to this all that easily i'm sure. Its tough everyone thinks there diets thebest and generally a lot of diets do indeed work when people follow through and stick it out etc..

But if you crunch the numbers the kinda nutrition your going to get calorie for calorie on this diet the numbers dont lie I'm not sure if theres a diet better. Assuming all the books I've read on this diet are true and we dont need rediculous amts of protein and fat in our diets I cant think of any better way to eat.

Good point Jim.  Studies show people lose weight on just about every diet.  The only problem is sticking to it long-term.  Having been on the paleo diet myself in the past, I can also say that you will lose weight, but it's impossible to stay on long-term and dangerous to your health.  That child is more than likely sneaking carbs at school, etc. because this diet is not doable for very long.  As an RN, I can tell you that just about every patient I treat in the hospital with diabetes, heart disease and renal failure is on a high fat, low carb diet!  I've yet to have a patient who is vegetarian.

sad. I'd think putting someone on a high fat/ high protein diet with renal failure wouldnt be a very wise idea!. Even heart disease it could be iffy.

I think the people that do not do well on these diets dont stick to them and dont exercise then wonder why its not working and give into there urges etc.. It takes a ton of will power to stick to any diet.

I think people look over diets as meal plans and decide which one they think they could manage to maintain and give that one a whirl. In the end weight loss any way possible can be better then none at all aside from the means used to loose the weight. Thats what people think. Thats what I thought.

I struggled just to eliminate proessed foods for a while before i started any kinda diet.

In the end its dumb the solution to many peoples health problems is SMACKING em in the face. All you have to do is get up each day move and eat these good healthy foods. And people have such struggle doing that I can have trouble too I'm no saint. But when you look at it from a very simple angle seriously how hard is it to just eat good foods and move yourself?

@Isabel my cousin eats carbs however her mom doesn't.....maybe I should retitle this "What paleo/SAD has done...." lol  

yeah i should post up a pic of me 2 years ago to show what SAD alcoholism and heavy smoking can do to an individual lol. It was rough I have a hard time looking at those photos! I'd get told oh a few drinks is ok (then go get hammered) oh a cigarette now and then is alright (tehn go smoke 2 packs) get told oh its alright to eat this food just eat some fruits and veggies now and then (as i'd pack on lb after lb and have trouble walking up stairs etc..)

yeah friggen death sentance is what they really advocate.



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