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What do we need to know about the government that we don’t already know? Well, one thing is for sure. Individually we know governments lie, steal, and cheat the public, but then we go ahead and vote, for another politician or president thinking that this is going to solve our world problems. We watch president candidate elections on television and all the mass-media programming, news, and commercials, and even though yes we know what the governments say, what the commercials sell us and what the TV brainwashing is doing to us is awful. Though, we tend to still be complicit and follow everyone, like robots and zombies. Why?

Why do we trust and follow the government? Why do we vote, when it does little to nothing to bring about true peace and freedom? Why do we eat the way everyone else does? Why? Why not live another way? It is so because we all think it is hopeless, that humanity is doomed to failure and destruction. All this mass-hysteria and fear is what governments and mass-media are laying on us. Only when we take control of our own lives will we at least start to gain some of our freedom back.

And by no means are any of us free. No matter what we think or how we put it, virtually every human is enslaved by the government, which in the larger picture is run by a smaller group of people called “the Illuminati”, “shadow government” or “cabal”.

Our Western culture is good at deceiving and programming fear and violence in us. It is in fact, happening all over the world. We fear and thus fear to make changes in our lives. We fear to eat another way, move to another place, or fear others and bar our doors and windows. We fear to such a degree, we pour money into fighting terrorism, when terrorism is constructed by the government themselves. They created ISIS and other organizations to put fear into us. They create all, or at least most, of the green screen mass-media and news stories. Most of the mass-media news is either pre-fabricated or exaggerated. We believe their lies and are duped and coerced into their world. But it is not only the government and a few selected people at the top that are to blame. Individually we are to blame as well. Our culture’s tentacles far-reaches all of society, our world, and lives.

We think we are free, non-violent, and peaceful human beings. And this is far from the truth. Even though I would love to live in a utopic paradise, how can we when the majority of us are causing tremendous suffering and violence at every moment of our lives? Can we really achieve a world of peace?

We don’t realize the extent of the ramifications of our buying choices that our herding culture is responsible for. It’s turning us into consumeristic and materialistic, ego-driven beings. While what we ultimately are, are unique individuals, all interconnected to every other lifeform. We were created and evolved into who we are today. And it is our uniqueness, as well as the interconnectedness that shapes our path and journey in life. We are not just a spec of dust in the universe, but the universe/god itself.

However, we are still a part of this culture, a one world government dominated by the wealthy elite. Though we continue living our dreary lives, with blinders on, we view ourselves in a very separatistic way rather than spiritual one. We are all spiritual in nature. But unfortunately, our emotions of kindness, love, compassion, tenderness, wisdom, joy, etc., have been hidden and suppressed by our herding culture. No matter what type of culture we live in, because we are all interconnected to each other, whatever we do here affects someone on the other side of the world.

It is therefore vital that we try to break out of the chains of slavery that our culture and the government forced us into. It is difficult to do this, as we are bound by human laws and police enforcement that don’t take a fancy to anarchists and non-conformists. We are shunning and forced into their rules and authority. Otherwise, prison is the unfortunate result. Which again, is a part of the enslavement and indoctrinated world that humanity lives in.

So, how do we escape the prison that nearly all of us are born into? Is there a way to just leave it all behind and build a loving community out in nature? While it is somewhat possible to do, again, there may be legal consequences in doing so. Governments and law enforcement don’t want people building alternatives communities of sharing and love. They want us under their control and domination. They want to control us, just enough to think we are free while having us conform to the status quo. I certainly don’t want any part of that. Let’s work together to make this world a heavenly paradise for all. Love, light, peace, and freedom for everyone.

To Learn more get my newest book Our Path to Freedom: How We Can Live a Freer and More Peaceful Life and visit my website.

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Very well said...I agree with you totally!

With you on this as well :) Peace and freedom for all beings.



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