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what sort of nonsensical things does your doctor tell you ?

....other than "eat meat and dairy" ! haha, I'm pretty sure that we've all been told this at one point or another

I went to the doctors office yesterday to have my b12 levels checked out, and I brought Sally Pacholoks book "could it be b12?' so that I'd be able to show her the different symptoms and tests that I feel I need in order to rule out various deficiencies etc.

I ran into the common difficulties at the doctors, who generally are overly reluctant about taking samples and tests without you being sick or having fatal symptoms already. we ended up arguing for forever about whether it was best to prevent or treat illnesses, and she kept saying things like

'one of our jobs as doctors are also to keep check of the money register. its too expensive to test people that are not sick'


'if you have weird habits, thats fine I will not argue that, but then it is your own responsibility to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients that you need', we can't test you for these things every time you find it convenient" !!

What the fruit ?! I'm showing the signs of a responsible human being by actually preempting sicknesses and whatnot, and she's telling me the opposite !! how else am I supposed to make sure that Im actually absorbing these nutrients ? (it's my first bloodiest as a hcrv)

what are the things that YOU have been told, and what kind of come backs did you bring to the table (or wish that you would've said) ?

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I don't have a doctor but a doctor acquaintance of mine told me "the vegan diet is a therapeutic diet".   He was saying it's a good treatment plan for heart disease, etc, but not a good long term diet as deficiencies would develop.  I asked him what deficiencies and he could only come up with Vit A, B12 and D.   He seemed to be saying it's better to treat heart disease, then to possibly need to take supplements. Pure nonsense.

I know ! just like when my doctor says that one of her main tasks are to make sure that they are not spending money unnecessarily (on tests like b12 levels) but she doesn't take into account that if people fail to diagnose their deficiencies in time the PATIENTS will end up having to pay a lot of money (and time) fixing what could've been prevented.

My doctor went on a low carb diet to lose weight because he was borderline obese. . . . . . . Plus he got extremely angry with me (almost yelling at me) because I refused to take birth control (because it is the only way for women to prevent pregnancy apparently) and embarrassed me in front of his entire office. . I wish I could have said something but I just stayed quiet about it and walked out because I was so offended.  I'm going to be getting a new doctor soon lol :P

good idea ! I've changed doctors before because of their ignorance. yesterday was my first appointment at my new doctor, but even though she doesn't seem to be a whole lot better, I think that Imma get more stubborn on her ass. LOL Im gonna stay strong-willed and demand as many tests and such as I find necessary, regardless of what she says. I mean am I paying 45% in tax for THIS kind of treatment?? I think not ;)

You go girl ;) !!! 
I'm going to try and find a vegan/raw friendly doctor in my area.  I agree! I also pay tax for healthcare (I'm from Canada) and I definitely want to be supported and treated respectfully! Not only because I am paying for it, but because that is a basic right for anyone! :) 

Isn't that unbelievable?  I had a doctor actually yell at me one time in a hospital full of nurses.  (It was nighttime, so no visitors.)  My aunt was ill and I had the audacity to question the drug he was giving her (after I had researched it and found that it had some severe and life-threatening side effects).  What kind of "educated" "professional" does that?  What kind of "educated" "professional" would get angry with you because you choose not to take birth control?  What kind of "educated" "professional" would refuse to order a B-12 test when the patient herself is concerned about a deficiency?  All it takes is checking off a box and believe me they don't care about the cost.  Most of these people are insecure because they started med school thinking they would become gods and ended up finding out how helpless they really are.  Medicine = guesswork.

Yelling at someone because they question things is definitely not professional... I don't take my doctor seriously anymore because of the bad advice he has given me (he also advised me to go on a low carb diet to lose weight!!!) And that is true that medicine = guesswork . . . prescribing drugs in certain amounts and seeing if things get better, and if they don't then they'll just put you on another drug and it just goes on and on ... I had taken at least 5 different kinds of birth control in the three years I was on it! If I don't find a doctor that supports me then I just won't have one LOL.

this made me laugh amelia !! you hit the nail RIGHT in the head!

wow ! I wish there was a danish doctor like that !!

I went once to ask to get blood tested. The doctor took 1 look at me, asked me how much I weighed (at the time, I was 120kg), and wouldn't stop talking about how I absolutely need to go through surgery NOW NOW NOW and wouldn't even listen to anything else I had to say or ask.

I did the only thing I could. I walked out, and never went back to her.

I'm exceptionally fortunate to have my doctor.

At first I refused to see one here in India--I hadn't seen a doctor for over 20 years--but my family handed me their folder of advice from this particular one. It included things like, "eat only fruit or go on a water fast for one day a week," "avoid meat, bread, processed foods, and all forms of dairy when possible." I agreed to see him, and he's great! He thinks cholesterol meds are the worst-ever, warns patients about radiology from certain pieces of equipment before-hand... so impressed. He also insisted I get vit B12 and D checked. 

I couldn't imagine a doctor turning down a patient's request for vit checks--that really IS crazy!

your post kinda soothed my worried simplicity. I didn't think that doctors like that excited at all. do you know what kind of school he graduated from ?



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