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Hey guys.  Just thought id ask what everyone's opinion is on zoo's... I mean, I love animals and being able to go and see them is awesome, but thats us humans putting ourselves first, locking animals up for our own enjoyment of getting to see them,

Also when I watch on TV shows lions and elephants in the wild ect. There all full of mischief and energy.  The last time I was at the zoo the elephants where just standing there, it looked as though they had been tranquillized or something :(

And if I walked past a lion in wild I dont think id be here to tell the story although at the zoo theres a little wire fence and I can come 1 feet apart from a lion and it will just look at me then walk away and lie down.... I just find it quite sad, always have and would like to hear everyone else's opinion on it! 

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Zoos make me very sad.  Any animal in captivity, including a crated dog, is being treated unfairly imo.  My kids are always asking to go to NY to the Bronx Zoo someday.  I don't mind so much when it's a park for injured animals to live out their lives and help people learn about wildlife (like Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, ME).  We went to a circus last year (and I thought they had taken the animals out because of huge elephant protest years before in our area) and they had tigers 'performing' and it was just about the saddest thing I've ever seen.  I was shocked at the small size of the cages and their drugged demeanor.  

One of many problems for animals in a zoo is the lack of an emergency plan in case of a fire or a flood.

Lots of animals had to die a painful death because there was no way (or no interest) to get them out of a flooded zoo.

While I do admire rescue facilities that seek to preserve and restore species that would otherwise diminish or go extinct, the holding and display of animals for our own amusement is not something I can condone. 

I remember once attending a zoo featuring a sun bear where all the poor creature did was shuffle from one side of his pen to the other, over and over.  Clearly the confinement had wrecked havoc on his behaviors and mental status, and it was a very sad thing to witness.

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I feel bad for all of the animals in captivity, especially gorillas and other great apes.

Zoo's  aren't vegan. Don't support !

zoos exist to make money.

some try to justify their existence stressing their educational value or their preservation of species utility. however, the first is just pure anthropocentrism, while the latter is a foolish and ineffective bandage.

if you want to learn about animals, do it on their territory the way marc bekoff or jonathan balcombe do:



we can engage in this sort of activity even without the resources of that the above scientists have, since there is plenty of material available already and one can engage in various forms of field work at an amateur level. interestingly enough, amateurs often make discoveries that the professionals eventually write above - this sort of thing happens in astronomy as well as biological fields such as zoology.

if you want to help preserve species, get the industrialists to stop destroying the planet and the human population to get a grip on their out-of-control reproductive urges. (the two actually go hand-in-hand).

animal sanctuaries and reservations, however, are a different matter and should not be confused with zoos. the key idea behind those are not merely that the animals are free to roam in a mostly natural environment, but also that they are free from exploitation and abuse (in theory).

(btw, someone may want to change the category here to speak up for the animals).

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oops ive posted in the wrong section, sorry.  and glad to hear im not the only one who feels this way :)

you can change the section yourself, neo.

just go to the top (above your thread title) and pick

Options > Edit Discussion

at the bottom of your own opening post there is a Category box through which you can select the section you want.

welcome to 30bad too!

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thanks for the advice prad, changed it now:)

and thanks for the welcome too

appreciate it neo! and your thread.

i've added it to animal rights on 30bad

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Good comments  zoos are completely corrupted 

Last year when I jumped into 30BaD, I went to the Bronx zoo to view the Gorillas and they seemed to be happy , amazing experience   making eye contact with them ---i do not go to zoos  as an adult   -- yet i went this once cos i was curious because of my diet change wanted to see my brothers in this

I noticed they were eating celery and playing around with some young ones some sitting relaxing 

I noticed the people viewing were later eating ice cream , hot dogs and french fries  at the snack bar 

 Some zoo Gorilla in some ways in this corrupted world have it better then the people surely for the diet alone .

I wonder how  much quality  land is available  for animals to roam as they should & and zoos are of course wrong   WTF choice does a gorilla have     makes me sad  world is a big enough place for all  

Zoo's make me very sad too... The animals develop institutionalized behaviors and are stressed out.  They pace in their cages and have self injurious and self stimulating behaviors... Same exact behaviors the children that I work with who have grown up in a hospital/nursing home develop after years of neglect and lack of a normal life.  We are more like animals than most realize...



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