30 Bananas a Day!

Simple, affordable, attainable - What are your favorites? Post them here! :)

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Bananas with frozen mango and coconut water.... SO good o_o

Bananas, fresh or frozen strawberry, coconut water. Or just bananas and coconut water, or bananas with half orange juice, half coconut water.

Banana blueberry oj smoothies are SO yummy!!

Frozen mango with coconut water (+ a little bit of the coconut's flesh)... tastes like heaven and is very refreshing!

These are all insanely delicious: 

1. My absolute favorite: Cantaloupe. That's it. Blend it, no water needed. Diviiiine. (Galia melon is also nice)

2. My second fave: Blender 3/4 full of fresh bananas, 1/2-1 bag frozen blueberries, handful of blackberries (water or coconut water to your preference)

3. Blender full of half frozen bananas, half fresh bananas & handful of frozen strawberries, vanilla bean optional (water or coconut water to your preference)

4. Blender 1/2 full of fresh bananas, fill the rest with frozen mango & cherries :) (water or coconut water to your preference)

5. Half fresh bananas, half medjool dates, cinnamon optional (water or coconut water to your preference) 

6. "Chocolate" Raspberry Smoothie: Blender 3/4 full of fresh bananas, fill the rest with frozen raspberries, carob powder to taste (water or coconut water to taste) 

7. Fresh juicy peaches and frozen raspberries (water not really needed)


bananas and a bunch of greens. 

Wow - apparently I'm not the only one to love banana and frozen mango smoothies (the fresh ones are inedible right now - bought a bunch and they all turned to brown mush before they ripened).

I wonder what kind of coconut water people are using - fresh or bottled. I'd only be able to get bottled.

Ripe plaintain + raspburrries = delish!



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