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      I can't find anyone to consistently buy in bulk with me and the local organic warehouse has a $150 minimal order.  That's an awful lot of food for one person at one time.  It's pretty overwhelming; I end up doing stuff you're not supposed to like freezing bananas.

       What's the biggest bulk order you can handle at once?  Any suggestions?

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Whats wrong with freezing bananas?

I'm not sure about your area, but mine has these groups called buyers clubs. They are literally people who get together to buy produce, trying googling that.

There are some but buy the time the buyers clubs mark up for their time and effort, it's hardly any cheaper than the health food store, which is so dang expensive.  I keep trying to form my own,  and it's been very challenging.  Like people will order, then on the day of pick-up tell me, oh I went grocery shopping, I don't need it!

Make them prepay, I thankfully have found people that want what I have. So I buy in bulk, pick up the produce and get to my friends and family. I didn't ask for payment first in the begining, and would end up getting stiffed, but now I get additional savings for my effort. Just do a little planing and treat it like a small buisness endevor. Good luck, and remember anything is possible with the right mind set!

You can buy some of their dried stuff like dates, raisins, or my recent favorite dried mulberries so that nothing goes bad.

What's your organic warehouse called?

Organically grown ......it's wonderful.  I thought about doing some dried fruit; they sell Bard dates but they are always getting mixed reviews here in this forum.  I should poke around their dried fruit section a little bit more.

Encountered a similar problem, but not because of a minimal order restriction. Luckily at my place I can order as little as I want, as long as it's a case of something. So 15lbs of tomatoes (35 count) for $24 bucks is fair game.

Still, I have to be careful what I buy for fear of it going bad but there are a few items I can still take advantage of:
Tomatoes keep well in the fridge and at 2 to 4 per day, there's no fear of them going bad. I still can't go through 30lbs of bananas though, without freezing, though many can. They do last awhile in the fridge if you like making smoothies. Medjool dates last a long time so an 11lb box works. I was also able to buy 12 x 1lb bags of grapes. Surprisingly they lasted quite awhile before threatening to become moldy. Pineapples come 6 to a case so those were doable too. I was also buying 113 count valencia oranges, juicing about 5 per day. None went bad before I finished them. So basically you have to pick and choose. Freezing isn't a horrible option if it means making it doable financially.

Yeah, can't oranges sit around for quite awhile?  I have a fridge to myself; stuff can last quite awhile in there.

A whole fridge to yourself definitely helps! I have one too :P
I should have mentioned I DO keep the oranges in the fridge. I've had mixed results keeping them at room temp. Some rot right away and others last for awhile. (And when you buy 113 you kinda don't want to take chances, hehe.)

I'm new to this lifestyle & there is so much that I do no know yet? Why are we not supposed to freeze bananas?

Im still waiting on the the answer to this myself. I definitely freeze bananas because they make a lovely ice cream :)

There's nothing wrong with freezing bananas, or eating frozen fruits. :-D However, it can take up a lot of room in the freezer!



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