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What's the most nutritious form of spinach? Juiced or raw salad?

Reading about spinach and can't seem to get a straight answer off the net about what form of spinach (raw, juiced, cooked) gives you the most nutrition. Some people say cooked, but I primarily would like to know if it is more benificial as a juice or raw salad. Trying to come up with a HCRV meal plan. Thanks guys

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Yes you're right, DR and Freelee advocate fruit juice ... which has also no fiber by the way, but with green juices it's different? I don't think so..

DR and Free says drink fruit juice instead of eating junk food when you have no access to fruit.

That's not advocating, it's for emergency situations.

Maybe I should have said they consume juice rather than advocate it.

DR has a bunch of ripe fruit on his bike here while he's drinking sugar cane juice.  Doesn't look like an emergency.

Sure wouldn't.  But I wouldn't pass up the sugar cane juice simply because it doesn't have any fiber either.

I actually grew up eating sugar cane and thats exactly what you do. chew it and spit it out. lol there's a cultural/social element to it, as in the west indies you sit and do this with your family. growing up I never realized it was sugar..... ah youth!



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