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What's the most nutritious form of spinach? Juiced or raw salad?

Reading about spinach and can't seem to get a straight answer off the net about what form of spinach (raw, juiced, cooked) gives you the most nutrition. Some people say cooked, but I primarily would like to know if it is more benificial as a juice or raw salad. Trying to come up with a HCRV meal plan. Thanks guys

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Rawbert, I do not agree with your statemant! There are just too many people who healed from horrible desease on green/what grass juice feast. Of course the removal of junk food is ESSENTIAL for a great health, but you have to feed your body with lot's of nutrients then, especially if you're ill. And green juices are very powerful then. I don't understand why advocating fresh raw foods (which I do 100%!) and then being totally against the juice of these wonderful leavy greens..  I don't get it

Oh Sam you don't get it. Trevor and I just said that juicing IS beneficial! Or did we say you have to avoid blending? NO! Blending is OK and Juicing is OK, but YOU are the person who says "One or the other!" Why not being a little bit more open. If you want researches on benefits of juicing then google it. You are the person who said juicing is HARMFUL and now you want reason why juicing is BETTER? I did not say this or that is BETTER - I just state my opinion that juicing is GREAT and NOT harmful!

"Oh and try a little research yourself, saying that removing the fibre gives you more nutrients is ridiculous! You understand fibre is a nutrient right? "

Don't put words in my mouth. No one said removing the fiber gives you more nutrients, or that fibre isn't a nutrient. Jesus man, you are continually twisting this whole conversation around and confusing yourself. 

"Why are you trying to consume more fruits and veg thant you ordinarily could in their natural WHOLE form? Fibre is beneficial to the digestive system! As a healthy person why would i remove this vital nutrient? Fruits and tender veg are not harsh on digestion! your reasoning makes no sense to me."

From this its just obvious you don't know what you're talking about in regards to juicing. No one said fruit/veg are harsh on the digestive system, or that fibre isn't good for the digestive system. I stated that the digestive system obviously processes juice easier than it does whole foods.. Which makes it good for things such as detoxification, but also people with digestive problems.

If you want to ignore all the people claiming they've benefited from juicing..then thats fine with me, but i don't see any point in continuing this redundant debate. Adding some juice to my diet works for me and many others, and whether or not you think it does is irrelevant to me

Sam, don't worry I have done a lot of research myself (and own experience) on juicing and that's why I advocate it! I know that green plants from mother earth have a strong power to heal, also if they are juiced.

Honestly I don't have more time and nerves to discuss why drinking a green plant juice is bad..we are talking here about the most nutritious food on planet eart and to me it is ridiculous to say that it is harmful, sorry.. Maybe I've read too much about people who healed and improved their health a lot with the power of plant juices.

Sam, I don't know why you are so aggressive, but I tell you one thing: I do not accept the way you put me down and say I write SILLY comments. Krystal asked for some answers about her post and I posted my opinion, what's the problem? Do you really just want to quarrel and be offensive to others? I tell you ONE LAST TIME: I did a lot of research, I know people who benefit a lot from plant juices, I feel that my digestion and absorbtion has improved a lot and and green juices have a LOT of nutrients! One more time: I drink smoothies and don't say they are harmful! One more time: I don't think juices are harmful! Do some research on REAL science on the affects of green juices.

And one more and LAST time: I don't want to spend my time to quarrel with you and read your aggressive comments.. SORRY, but I have better things to do.. I'm not here to discuss such ridiculous things

Hi Trevor :) Thank you so much, you speak out of my soul!! I totally agree with you and it really has been shown that green juicing can be very beneficial for someone (I remember Swami Sri Nabuji - a lovely member here) who healed cancer with wheat grass juices. If someone drinks green juices it is additionally and it doesn't mean that someone doesn't get fiber if the rest of the diet consists of whole fresh foods... I also don't make a religion out of juicing and HAVE to have a green juice everyday, but I think my body can absorb the nutrients much better, maybe others have a better digestion :(

I think smoothies and juices are both super good for us and we should not be so strikt and  say "NO, juices are forbidden"

Peace from Desi :))

Raw of course :) If you get tired of eating spinach in a salad form you can do what I do to switch it up. I juice some oranges and then put the orange juice and fresh spinach in my blender and voila! Total yumminess in a cup. 

I do that too, it's so good.

It's so gross juiced!  Doesn't anyone else get those blobs floating around?

thanks guys, this really helps. I haven't read the 811 book but I have read up on the basic concept; plan to get the book this weekend. sidenote--- if you put something in a blender (food processor) rather than a juicer, you're keeping the food whole correct? 

Krystal, you are correct.  I blend soups, smoothies and many salad dressings.  I have a BlendTec, a Vitamix - which I love above all else, a Kitchenaid which is wonderful and many other raw tools.  LOL  It helps in my Rebooting mentoring business.  LOL 

thanks sooooo much! this answers about 5 zillion questions I had at once!

Is there a difference between green juices and fruit juices?  One helps get greens in the other helps get carbs in.  Don't DR and Freelee advocate fruit juices to help get more carbs in?



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