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What's the deal with menstrual bleeding? Healthy, unhealthy...?

I just heard Kristina mention in a video that bleeding in not really natural, that it's a detox, and we should be getting just discharge monthly. I looked around past forums and saw some mention of this. Thoughts, knowledge, experience, anything would be appreciated.


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Hi I read something similar somewhere a while back, ever since i went vegan (about year and a half ago) i dropped water weight and whatever tiny bit of fat my body had i also stopped having to deal with the regular cycle. i haven't had to use or buy any girlie products in well over a year.
i recently read that under 10% body fat your body stops having to shed it's lining, my level is appox 4% body fat...
my doctor is worried about my lack of menses but i do see the tiny spotting when i use the toilet at the end of every month.
i feel fine, no bloating, no cramps, no fatigue, no dryness, no lack of sensation during pleasurable moments...

now you look at a "normal" "average" woman who has her period monthly, thick, heavy, taking midol to relieve cramps, bloating fatigue etc... who do you think is doing something right or wrong? :)

I am fine with how my body is operating. just because i am not miserable and bleeding profusely for 5-7 days does not mean i'm not normal. if you feel anything that concerns you see a doctor and explain as best you can. but trust your body, feed it the best you can and keep it strong and active and i think it will do what it needs to do to live a very long time.

as long as you ovulate, your girlie functions are fine. I did the mistake and thought that when i lost my period, i had automatically lost my fertility too, but menstration and ovulation are 2 different things. I gained weight (damn me for doing that) to get it back and a few months later when i was talking about it with a friend, she said that i should've checked ovulation while there was a lack of menstration, and maybe if i waited a few more months, my body would've adjusted itself. Now i'm "fighting" to lower my body fat again.

I have a possible theory I came up with. Animals pick seasons to give birth so that they can feed, protect and have a proper environment (warmth, food and protection from predators) for their young. 

What if in the past woman weren't meant to have those cycles the entire 12 months out of the year. What if they were limited to only certain seasons where fat content in foods and body-fat were higher. Maybe in the past periods were seasonal depending of nut's and seed availability and the body's body fat content. It happens now with roughly under 10% body fat and under 10% fat intake so while it might seem unusual now it might have been natural in our past.

Maybe women with low iron were rare in the past because they didn't bleed the entire 12 months out of the year? The magic number of percentage of fat content in food is not set in stone. Men might do fine on a lower 5 or 10% fat diet where some women might need 10-15% to have monthly cycles. Loosing those cycles intermittently "might" actually help with replenishing iron stores and restore Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels at the cost of fertility. 

makes sense to me!

You also gotta take in regard human life span, how many offsprings per birth, dependacy -time of newborn to parent, pregnancy lifespan, successful ovulations/average egg count of females (women are born with a specific egg count that through out her life they mature and release, when all eggs are gone, then the woman enters menopause. Which is why some women enter earlier and some later, some women are born with more eggs than others) and possibly other measures to figure out if we indeed have  a mating season which your theory would agree too.

she might've been, why wouldn't she be able to be born with twice as many eggs? there are cases where girls go into menopause at the age of 20, and some go into menopause at the age of 60. Releasing/not releasing doesn't affect the overall numbers of eggs.

how do you know if you are ovulating? do you have to go the doctors for that? and if so, whats the procedure to finding out if you know... i haven't had a menstrual cycle in over 5 years and have been to see the gynocologist , who wanted to put me on the pill but i said never. he didn't actually say anything was wrong with me - just that i wasn't mensturating. never mentioned that i wasn't ovulating though which would have helped =/ last time i checked my body fat, december last year it  was 17%, but i haven't gone since starting this diet... which has been almost 6 months now (with cooked food on occassions.. but i have been raw for two weeks now)... any help is much appreciated =)

To know if you are ovulation you can check your cervical mucous daily (either internally or not) and take your basal temperature (temperature upon waking) daily. During the month when you notice your cervical mucous being stretchy, like egg white, is when you have ovulated.

I think every woman should own Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.
This book shows you how to track and chart your cycles to know just when you are ovulating and how to use that information to avoid or achieve pregnancy. This is my form of birth control.

I hope you check it out!

I didn't say that if you have an obvious basal temperature rise, then you have ovulated. You would have ovulated right before the shift. Also, the position and feeling of your cervix can tell you when you are ovulating. If it is high, soft and open you are ovulating. Low, firm and closed you are not.

link to that video pls?

Grazie Ruby! You know, I stopped caring about periods two years ago when I read this: http://debbietookrawforlife.blogspot.com/2009/04/periods-they-may-b...

Hope it helps you! xxx



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