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Hi everyone!

Before injecting B12 in my body, I would like to know if there are brands/manufacturers you would recommend? I went to the pharmacy yesterday and the guy was unable to say anything about it.

I bet there are different ways to synthesize B12 and it comes inside different products. Or is it completely neutral? Are they all the same, or are there important differences?

I checked many B12 conversations but couldn't find an answer, so I am now opening this new topic. Please feel free to link to any past conversations about it that I may have missed.

Thank you so much!


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Je sais que le DODECAVIT est un très bon produit. Il s'injecte en intramusculaire. Tu devrais trouver ça en France. Je comptais moi aussi m'en procurer bientôt.

Pour les comprimés en sublingual, je cherche moi aussi, donc je ne peut pas t'aider plus. Il faut juste être sûr que ce n'est pas de la cyanocobalamine. Vérifier aussi les autres composants, si tu es HCRV (comme la maltodextrine par exemple). Mais l'efficacité en sublingual n'est pas aussi certaine que celle en intramusculaire. Cela dépend surtout de ta capacité à assimiler la B12 après ingestion. Et en général, quand on a des niveaux de B12 faibles, c'est que de ce côté là, ce n'est pas nickel. C'est clair que je recommanderais plutôt les injections.

Tu as été testé pour la B12?

J'espère que cela aura pu t'aider.

Merci beaucoup ! Qu'est-ce qui t'a amené à dire que Dodecavit est un bon produit par rapport aux autres ?

Eh bien c'est en trainant sur des sites français de crudivores que j'ai vu que beaucoup de monde le recommandait pour son efficacité. J'ai aussi cherché la liste des composants et je ne vois rien de trop inquiétant :

Excipients : sodium chlorure,acide acétique  qs pH 4,eau ppi.

Merci !

J'ai également vu passer sur les sites végétariens/végétaliens les marques Delagrange et Solgar. Mais ce sont sur des forums, et il est toujours difficile de recouper les informations.

Voici également un excellent article sur la B12, traduit de l'anglais.

Cela fait plaisir de voir quelques francophones par ici !

Merci beaucoup pour l'article! Très complet!

Je suis bien contente aussi de pouvoir un peu écrire en français...

I didn't take the time to read the entire article in French, but what I know from my experience is that
Cyanocobalamin does not actually help the body. When I visited a doctor, she prescribed me Cyanocobalamin, which made all my symptoms even worse... I read on the internet that many other people have had these experience. Cyanocobalamin rises the B12 levels in your blood when tested, but doesn't influence your actual performance. Cyanocobalamin is like the chemical version of B12. The Pharma Industry makes a lot more money by selling this type of B12, because it doesn't work so well and is needed more...The other type of B12 I've used is Methylcobalamin, which is the easiest for the body to absorb and use; it's the most natural form of B12. It takes away any of your symptoms directly. I've ordered 10x 1ml and inject them myself.
It works so well though that it isn't sold by the pharma industry here in Germany and Switzerland anymore. It's only sold by a small Drugstore that imports it from Japan. The funny thing is: in Japan and Sweden, one is only allowed to use Methylcobalamin, because it works so well that the other variations are not allowed to be sold in these countries...

Please correct me if you've found my information is incorrect!

Thank you so much Leonie. So your experience says that it would be very challenging to find Methylcobalamin in France, as every form I have seen seems to be Cyanocobalamin, the industrially produced form. But it seems it can be ordered online in tablet forms through amazon. Further investigations are needed.

Leonie, your information seems quite correct. Thanks again, this is very useful!

Hey Jean-Francois

Have you been tested for B12 deficiency? There is no point in taking a B12 supplement until you have a baseline for comparison. So if you haven't then you don't know whether you even need the supplement.

If your levels come back ok, then don't bother with the injections. Order a sublingual methylcobalamin B12 supplement online (these are absorbed under the tongue and go straight to the bloodstream...its like an injection, only without the needles).

Take care

Adam x

Dear Adam,

No I haven't yet, and this is my intention. As my favorite doctor (very open holistic one) is on vacation, I was starting my investigations myself. But I definitely want to test my level. Thanks for asking and advising!



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