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I've been following this lifestyle for nearly 2 years (will be 2 years in May). I've exercised rigorously, with cardio and strength, I do sprints and other HIIT sessions, I ride my bike wherever I can, I take rest days, I sleep an average of 9 hours a night, though occasionally I'll get 7 or 8. I get loads of sunshine, plenty of water. And, up until three months ago, I was averaging 2700-3000 calories a day. My weight hit the 135 mark when I was doing that (a gain of 45 pounds), and then went down to 130 for awhile after I lowered it to 2300-2500. But now, as of today, I weigh 147 pounds and my body fat percentage is 25.2%, though I've been doing everything imaginable to lower it to 17%.. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not losing the weight? I can't stand my body now--I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore, I have a hard time running now, I haven't had sex since September.. I'm not happy. I'm extremely frustrated: here I am, eating the best, healthiest diet in the world and my body resembles that of someone eating McDonalds at every meal. ANY advice would be welcomed. 
Thanks in advance. 

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That definitely is something to consider, since I rarely eat overts. I've been avoiding them for so long that I'm almost terrified of eating them regularly. Thanks!

What is going on is your body is crying for calories and it is under stress.  Exercise is great but it can be stressful for your body especially if you are not eating adequate amounts to support that activity level.  Compounding the issue is the fact that you are recovering from and eating disorder.  I too am in recovery from severe anorexia and let me tell you it totally wrecked my body.  Understand for anorexia recovery you actually get better results if you stop all exercise.  Additionally the minimum calories you should eat for anorexia recovery is actually 3,500 calories a day and that is with no exercise. 

Sadly I sense that you still are not fully healed emotionally from the anorexic mindset you are trying your best to manipulate the scale be it through exercise or not eating enough calories or both.  Your body is struggling now and it just wants to get the calories it needs to repair and get to the point where it is comfortable enough to allow your body to release excess weight if anything.

Sadly the thing I feared most about increasing my calories was to gain weight.  It got to the point where it was either my life or eat more and I chose to live and therefore eat more.  I eat up to 5,500 calories a day and I did absolutely no exercise up until a few months ago when I started casual walking for about 3-4 miles around 3-4 days a week sometimes less.  

Right now your extreme workouts are stressing your body out and you will not loose weight when it is in panic mode.  Exercise is wonderful but if your body needs a break please don't be afraid to give it what it needs, including more calories.

Now the thing with anorexia recovery the more rest you get and the more you slam in the calories the faster recovery will be.  By denying your body what it needs and by causing stress because of over exercise you are actually dragging out the recovery process and making it longer.  It will take longer for you body to repair your metabolism and  not to mention what you are doing know can be causing further damage and that will further cause delays in the healing process.

I understand the fear of weight gain, I struggled with that so much but please try to put things in perspective, weight gain is a small price to pay for a truly healthy body, mind and spirit.  Please don't try to manipulate your body do be a size that you deem appropriate.  Nourish your body and respect your body and let it do what it has to do to repair.  You might have to deal with weight gain and not being the size you want for awhile but isn't it better then sacrificing your health and potentially always having this issue because you wont give your body the chance to repair?

Please fear the damage you are doing to your health and happiness more then you fear gaining weight.  Decide you are worth more then a number on a scale.  Don't worry about what other people think, what matters is you and your health.  This is your life don't waste it being afraid, it isn't worth it. 

I know it isn't easy but please learn to love yourself enough where nothing matters but what is best for you and your recovery and your health.  A number on the scale isn't worth your life.  I learned that the hard way please don't let yourself suffer because you feel your only value lies in the size of your clothes and being at a certain weight.  You are so much more.  You have your whole life ahead of yourself, please don't spend it suffering.  You can do this.  Scale back the exercise, stop entirely if you want, and please eat more calories. 

Thank you so much Fruit for Life <3

What is your Bmi?

Do you eat fully raw or raw till 4?

Cooked starches clog your colon over time and absorption issues arise.

You may have absorption issues due to the effects of eating a bad diet previously that needed to be sorted out prior to eating a low fat raw diet.

Do you have thyroid issues that could be affecting your hormones?

My BMI is 23-24 (I'm 5'5). 

I typically eat raw, occasionally I have some potatoes. 

And I just got my blood drawn to be submitted to test CBC, Thyroid, triglycerides, B12, and cortisol levels. So thyroid issues are TBA

BMI means almost absolutely nothing. You've been doing lots of strength training lately, so who's to say that much of that extra weight isn't muscle?

Let me know what the test results show. (:

I can't really give you any advice because I'm new- but I can say I have had a look through your photos an you are in no way someone who looks like they eat McDonalds for every meal. You look vibrant and not big at all. 

Thank you! Those pictures were taken at 130 lbs, though. 

you dropped after you went down to 2500 but as of today you are 147.  im confused as to how youve been eating the past 10-12 lbs?

Hi Alexandra.  I've just started this way of eating and would be interested to know how you're finding it now.  From what I've heard on this site, especially from females, is that initially they gain weight and then things balance out and they find their body adapts and they look great, so it;'s a case of not giving up and sticking with it.  I think everyone should listen to their own body as we are all so individual and what works well for one person will not necessarily work for you so maybe try things that you feel will work the best for you; trust your instinct :)



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