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I've been following this lifestyle for nearly 2 years (will be 2 years in May). I've exercised rigorously, with cardio and strength, I do sprints and other HIIT sessions, I ride my bike wherever I can, I take rest days, I sleep an average of 9 hours a night, though occasionally I'll get 7 or 8. I get loads of sunshine, plenty of water. And, up until three months ago, I was averaging 2700-3000 calories a day. My weight hit the 135 mark when I was doing that (a gain of 45 pounds), and then went down to 130 for awhile after I lowered it to 2300-2500. But now, as of today, I weigh 147 pounds and my body fat percentage is 25.2%, though I've been doing everything imaginable to lower it to 17%.. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not losing the weight? I can't stand my body now--I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore, I have a hard time running now, I haven't had sex since September.. I'm not happy. I'm extremely frustrated: here I am, eating the best, healthiest diet in the world and my body resembles that of someone eating McDonalds at every meal. ANY advice would be welcomed. 
Thanks in advance. 

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From October until now. I never eat overts. I used to supplement with sunwarrior but I don't anymore. My macros have been around 90/3/7 carbs/fat/protein since starting this lifestyle. 

Definitely no fat binges.. As for stress, my body is the only thing that really stresses me out. I'm having blood work done soon to see what my cortisol levels are, though.

Your body "resembles that of someone eating a McDonalds at every meal"???

#1 calm down a bit, drink some water, have a banana or something.

#2 according to lvl of your activities, it sounds like you eat way not enough

#3 girl...you ain't gonna look like a super model after just 2 years

#4 you need some 3d person perspecting up in here. How about you post your recent picture where you look like "someone eating McDonalds for every meal", and we'll tell you whether it's true or not.

#3: She shouldn't look like how she does, either. 20 or so extra pounds is a bit much to hold onto in the long term. Just saying.

Alex: I've told you before that all I can think of is that you've been consistently not eating enough, so your body never got out of starvation mode. But I hope that this thread helps you! (Sorry for gettin' in your bidness, as usual--it's only because I care.) <3

I guess you are right, i was just making a point that trying too hard to make yourself look the best (in your own eyes at least, that's why i want to see her recent pic showcasing her phisique, because in all her picture right now, she looks no less than fantastic on my opinion) too fast should not be a concern

It's all good--didn't mean to sound harsh or anything. (: The picture is a pretty old one, but I do think that posting some new pictures is a good idea.

Eat more! I eat 2700-3000 calories a day and my only form of exercise is walking dogs. I'd need 4000 calories if I was exercising as much as you!

It can't be body dysmorphia if both of my parents hint that I need to lose weight...
Are your parents really fit? If you are healthy, i don't see why would anyone be hinting you to loose weight, unless you are like obese or something.

My mother has always been fairly fit.. She's not a runner or cyclist or anything, but she did a LOT of walking and some weights here and there and she's always been slim & toned. She has followed a low-carb diet for as long as I can remember (granted, she's an alcoholic... which I think lack of carbs has a part in). She is warming up to carbs, but she still is hesitant about them because of my weight gain on this lifestyle. And my father isn't very fit but he's not overweight. He lifts weights occasionally but has an active job as a handyman. He has recently lost weight by going pescatarian (yay!). My mind may make this up, but he seems to always prefer thinness. When I was anorexic, he didn't try to get me healthy again in any way, really. I remember I was frustrated with eating so little and I told him that I was afraid to eat more and he said "you don't have to eat more, maybe 500 calories is all your body needs". The only time I remember him resenting my anorexic-ness was when he told me I sounded like a "weak, frail old lady". 
I could have distorted what they've said in my mind, though. Idk. 

Damn... people are f@#ken obsessed with weight loss and have such disregard for health, vitality and strength. It's like everyone is narcissistic, they can't stop looking in the mirror and at the scale. Ugh...

I can't believe there are parents out there that get shit for feeding their kids vegan (and kids are fit strong and healthy and smart), but when someones kid is anorexic, and parents are totally cool with it, nobody blinks an eye.

There are many people that are skinny, many of my friends are skinny (they aren't vegan), and they are out of shape, and as unhealthy as everyone else. I don't know where i am going with this, but this lifestyle is about health, vitality, love for yourself, the animals and the planet, your dream body comes along after work and long term dedication, it shouldn't be a primary focus and #1 goal.

It sounds like you are doing a lot to the best of your ability. Give yourself some credit! It's important to realize that everything is going they way it is for a reason. I highly doubt your body resembles that of someone on the SAD diet because everyone on SAD is STARVING. You are eating consciously and exercising more than most would ever even consider to do. I've gained weight on this lifestyle, haven't had sex since February, and have a difficult time motivating myself to exercise any other way than riding bike. I'm as happy as I've ever been. Take life day by day. You are doing everything you can just by giving it your all and making the effort to be smart about taking care of your body. I'm sure everything will fall into place just as it's supposed to. Much love :)



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