30 Bananas a Day!

I can only imagine how our professions and careers can have a profound affect/ connection with our diet and exercise. Considering it is several hours a daily every week!


What is your job?

How does your diet/ exercise mesh with it?


Personally, it's been four years and i have two jobs; both a mental health worker at two boys group homes with emotionally disturbed children. i work 16 hour days, and commute. I wake up the boys, mentor all day from school to sports, cook the preplanned high fat licensing and FDA regluated meals and snacks, then put them to bed. this leaves me no time to leave to pick up fruit, it must all come with me. I pack way more then enough to ensure it's always available to me. at first beginning lfrv i struggled with temptations being around food, it's been a tough halt  but now i bring my blender with me and share all the knowledge i can to the staff and clients and most of all live by example. i even share banana smoothies and daterade. I've  got quite a few on the hook now and i am reeling them in slowly but surely.

Sadly, due to safety regulations we are not allowed to do the sports with the guys, or we get written up. this doesn't seem humain, but im in the line requesting to be approved to do so. we can't run, and can only coach.  I'm always taking the boys long hauling hikes ( our facility is on a 1000 acre ranch) to get some exercise and good ole' vity D, and i usually sneak in a lil run here and there too. i wake up early enough to stretch in my yoga in the morning, and take breaks in the staff office to stretch when i need it. on my off days i go on runs, bike rides, do kick boxing, yoga, and belly dancing. I've also been spreading the benefits of yoga and breath for coping skills with the kids. so far it's going excellent!


i'm curious to know of others


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i work at a yogurt shop from 3-11 at night... on my feet all day on terrible floor and it kills my motivation to work out (not to mention worse sleep)... i'd love to have a different job.

wow, shoes make a world of difference, when i got new running shoes i wanted to wear them EVERYWHERE, i fee like im hopping on a cloud all day long when i wear them.

do you ever get temptations being in the yogurt shop and do you find a chance to eat lfrv


i wore vibrams there once. terrible. my toes also got all wet when they were washing the floors. i have insoles in my shoes which helps, but your underestimating the terribleness that is there floors.



their. ha.
i was have been vegan for a long time, so no problems not eating the stuff. i do stick to lfrv, i just bring fruit/salad with me for my break.

What is your job?

I've been jobless for the past few months, but I recently got a job as a Camp Manager for a camp with children with special needs.


How does your diet/ exercise mesh with it?

I've worked and/or been at camp forever, and I've always eaten what was given to me.  But the last time I worked for camp was in 2007.  I wasn't even vegetarian then.  This particular camp has its own private chef, but I will be bringing along boxes of dates and bananas.  I know that I won't be able to be sufficient amounts of calories every.single.day, but I certainly have the tools as I live in the town that the camp is in.  So...

good luck with the camp managing, sounds fun!  i'm sure there will be some fruit there too right?


Thanks!  I love camp!  :)  I'm pretty sure there will be fruit, but not the quantities I desire.

I'm on my butt all day in front of the computer. It does a number on my back, since I don't get up very much (except to use the bathroom). Even when I get to work from home twice a week, I still don't get up often enough to do pushups, squats, etc. I do get to walk my son to and from school on those days (which comes out to over 4 miles a day), and I try to go out on my lunch break and get a little vitamin D. When I have to drive into work, I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier, spend an hour on the road (each way), and I have to carry 25 bananas with me (which get mangled/squished in the grocery bag I tote them in). 


When I get home, I make dinner for the family, a smoothie for myself, then bathe the kids, and make myself a big salad. By the time I'm done, it's bedtime.


After reading one of Kevin Gianni's posts about some study that said the longer you sit, the sooner you'll die, I realized that I spend at least 12 hours a day on my rump when I have to drive into work. Not cool...


I'd love to be my own fitness instructor, and spend all day getting myself in tip-top shape, but I don't think I can afford my rates...

well you've got to start somewhere right, even when your sitting on the rump at the comp working the least you can do is make sure your posture is great, and breaks are good. i force myself to take them at work and i always thank myself at the end of the day, or hate myself if i don't.  that four mile walk sounds nice and relaxing as well.

I feel you on that one, Ben!


I get the computer/butt experience too, and hate it. I try to fit as much activity into the surrounding time as well, and cycle to and from work and on the weekends. I get an hour of running or calisthenics in after work, but unless I am as conservative as possible with my time I find that I don't get enough sleep or I crowd my digestion time before bed, or between eating and drinking, etc.


Getting up earlier is an option, but that would be what, 4, 5 am? And that would mean going to  bed even earlier than I am currently trying for, and in broad daylight. Even still I am laying awake at night for hours. I am trying to get away with eating all of my meals besides breakfast at work, but the comments about my office looking like a fruit market are increasing daily...as are the summer fruit flies :S


Morning is always tight, and I often find myself riding on a full stomach. Not optimal. I'm starting to feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of working, sleeping (fitfully) and digesting. I hope it comes together soon.

im in a similar position, 2 hour commute each day and work in front of the computer. I get up and do pushups and lunges and stuff like that, but not nearly often enough.



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