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what is your favorite way of exercising (without the use of gym) and why?

looking for ideas here.

What would be the best for the body?

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I heart running, but really any activity that gets me into the great outdoors, with the natural sounds and sights (even in an urban setting) enlivens my day.
Walking, hiking and golfing.
when do all of you eat in relation to exercise? how long before or after and how much?
When to eat?
refueling glycogen is crucial in keeping fitness high. restoring glycogen is crucial in keep immune system from crashing. restoring glycogen is key in staying raw strong.

i rarely get to super hunger, i try and eat way before then but sometimes im out riding and just gonna go out for an hour and then i run into a tour de france team/mates/new riders etc that is lost in the adelaide hills and doesnt know where to go and i end up tak'n em out until i run out of glycogen and totally bonk when the hammer gets dropped up a hill or they start swapp'n off turns etc. :)

when i get home from a normal training session i drink straight away or ideally get water in me before i get to fruit. putting carbs on a dehydrated system is a great way to make us not want to train again! why? it just dehydrates the heck out of us. just look at the crew in the raw world that dont drink water or much of it..they are nice people but really really poor examples of raw eating. i make sure im piss'n like a race horse before im having a big fruit meal.

anorexia athletica is when people go and train and come back and dont eat or drink anything cos they are trying to cut weight. its a great one for eventual adrenal fatigue conditions like addisons etc. its a great way to have our body connect exercise with starvation and eventual death.

i leave minimum 3 hours between a fruit meal before intense workout. but i might have a piece of juicy fruit or a good mouthful of gatorade. so to be more objective, lets say im doing a hard 1hr ride in the morning at 6am. i will just grab a liter of water and a banana and go out and rawk'n roll. but if im going out for 2hrs plus i will have a decent meal. if its gonna be a real hard 2hrs plus then i have a smaller meal and make sure i ate enough the day before.

if i have a race in the afternoon i just have a good lunch of say 10-15 bananas or equivalent calories from datorade and then my race is at 6pm and i a banana or something 30 mins before. this is stuff i learnt from lance armstrong, cadel evans, asker jukendrup and any sports nutrition handbook. it works. its simple and it applies to anyone and everyone.

after exercise and after hydrating so we are piss'n clear, eat as much as possible, as slowly as possible, as soon as possible, as frequent as possible and as sweet and juicy as possible.. :)

Getting enough carb calories is vital.
Getting those carb calories from fruit makes us most vital.
thanx :)
I agree with Duriander.  I eat to run and run to eat!  Running and 811 have literally saved my life and given me life of fulfillment and happiness. I do still struggle with times of eating my fruit.  I am hungry before my 10 mile runs on Saturday morning but if I eat a whole pineapple it jossles around and I get GI problems if you know what I mean and have to hit an alley or deserted area REAL FAST.  BUT if I don't eat I lose energy.  Fruit is my friend but I just need to know how to use it.  Now I usually eat a ton of fruit in the day at school (I am a teacher) and then I run home 9 miles but I can't seem to make it home without almost having an accident.  Any tips?  Sorry, I hope I am not being too transparent!

MAN! that is the exact reply ive been waiting to hear for a long time. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! you are a master of LAYIN IT DOWN! 


what do you mean by 'start swapp'n off turns'

gettin in the racin mode?


Ashtanga, trail running, beach/dune running, mountain biking, Jiu Jitsu, push ups, pull ups, jumping squats, jump rope

the gym is a very odd place to be! I cannot do it. :/


My favorite way of exercising is biking.

In warm weather (and cool), I bike everywhere and all day.


Also, do Yoga everyday no matter what. in summer, or in warm places, swim as much as possible, climb trees as much as possible, run up mountains.


Right now I am in deep snowy weather, So my second favorite way of exercise is Yoga, and extremely fast pace walking for really long periods of time. I walk fast and even run, everywhere I go.

a couple hours wild uninhibited dance freak out!

I go to things like this




I just dance my ars off like a nutjob for 2 or 3 hours once a week. Everyone is having fun. So thereputic!

Every part of my body moves, even my neck!

Every town should have one, if you don't START ONE!



Watch this video if you want ideas for excercise outside of gym.



The only thing now is Just do it.


Go to a local animal shelter walk and run with the dogs get larger breeds and watch your upper body strength go up and up.


Take Care,


Riding my bike to go get something to eat/drink.


Smashing the local cyclists up climbs wearing my 'Go Vegan' cycling kit.


When you infuse fun and purpose into your workouts, you take care of motivation.






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