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what is your favorite way of exercising (without the use of gym) and why?

looking for ideas here.

What would be the best for the body?

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Yoga is my number 1 - as a spiritual practice it nurtures my mind and heals my body and makes me strong.

Dancing with my ipod I also love, just dancing untill the sweat runs.

and hulahooping with my powerhoop I love too.

I love all the above because its fun and not a chore. It makes me happy.

And walking as well, I love walking alone and with my friends, - just walking and walking for a whole day.
gardening!!! its exhausting at times but it really makes me feel good - i'm outside in the sun, fresh air, in the dirt (hello good bacteria) and i am planting things that will make this place better :) what more could you ask for?!
Speed walking for sure, with a good audiobook, I download a lot for free at MIT's open courseware website ( http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/ ). Also I do "walking" meditation.
Also freestyle dance in my living room :)

definatley tribal dancing and belly dancing very gypsy style bit flamenco to.....its so earthy....and so much fun......a good work out too....also zumba..yoga. bike riding all gets the blood pumping...You definatley do not need a gym......
What's BEST for the body is really subjective to what your goals are.

I want to build functional muscle, thus, I train gymnastics.


In my opinion, I think that as a LFRV, it's a good idea to at least incorporate SOME form strength training, especially to maintain and gain weight. Because of my training, people have finally stopped saying, you need more protein! And now, at least they say, wow you look so much healthier, it must be all of those bananas you are eating! (regardless of what fruit I've actually eaten, even though sometimes this statement is true)

It's important to remember that endurance training is catabolic (with some exception), so if you choose to be an endurance athlete, no doubt that you will have very health organs, but you may end up with weaker muscles. However, if this is your sport then you're going to have to train it a lot.

While I'm building more muscle and getting better at gymnastics, of course I'm getting worse at long distance running and cycling, but I've chosen my sport, am sticking with it, and am getting the results I desire.

So, what are your goals, and what do you enjoy?
My favorite two ways to exercise outside of the gym are definitely bicycling and hiking! I like these because they're fun while giving me a good workout.

Buuut one of my all-time favorites is step aerobics! Yeah, it's an in-gym workout, but I love it :)
Right now I enjoy max intensity intervals coupled with functional fitness mostly bodyweight moves.

Www.Bodyrock.tv fits the bill (pls note this site is frequently down as it's currently being reformated)

Another source without the workout explanations:
Stationary Bike, at least 90 minutes a day when I wake up, before work. This guarantees that I have done something for myself, no matter how the rest of the day goes. I can do it while it is dark or if the weather is bad; no excuses, ever.

Run or racewalk, at least 25 laps at the high school track after work. I reward myself for a good day or console myself for a bad day. Doing laps helps me practice maintaining a constant pace.

I am generally training for an upcoming race.
Yoga is the best for me - the ultimate exercise if done properly.
I'm working on her :)
Sports -> soccer's my #1, basketball's fun too. and dancing. i like these because i'm not exercising just for the sake of exercising, not that there's anythingwrong with that, it just makes it easier for me to push my limits when there's other motivation involved, like "must get ball, must be faster, must cross in front of net" you get the idea lol.
zuzanna's workouts are pretty fun too (their really short but sooooo intense!)
My favorites outside the gym are cycling, hiking/climbing and swimming....and just chasing the kiddos around.



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